Open Forum #005 - Gematsu
Open Forum #005
posted on 08.15.12 at 12:00 PM EST by (@salromano)
Open, off-topic discussion.

Our fifth Open Forum is ready for discussion. What is the Open Forum, you ask? Why, it’s anything you want it to be. Whatever you don’t feel is appropriate to speak of in other posts, you can speak of here, as it’s your domain for anything and everything. Want to talk about sports? Here’s the place. Have a random question? Ask it here. Want to poll the community? Do it here.

Discuss away!

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  • zakou

    Da question: How are you getting all that money for the 1000’s of releases over next 10+ months? every month you will need to spend at least 200-250 dorra unless you want to get the best edition of all the games then we are talking 400-500 dorra!.

    I will whore out myself, my body is ready both for games and the job for getting money to buy all dem games.

    • Malcolm Reynolds


    • 浪黒雷 (ro-kurorai)

      There is a reason God gave us a spare for some organs, I heard they sell quite well at the black market, no?!
      Ok, I’m serious now: part time work is the only solution to that or biting the bullet and keeping some games on the back-burner cancelling pre-orders.

    • Easy I always buy game on discount at Play-Asia or Zavvi.
      If the game is what I really want to play and can’t wait for it I’ll buy them at launch.

    • Haruya

      Same as @ro_kurorai:disqus: Part-time work. I even avoid public transport fares and walk from college to my house every day… and it sucks.

      …But, in the end, it’s so worth it.

  • PrinceHeir

    been waiting for this :D

    it this Nami from One Piece??

    it this from the new Code Geass or just a reference???

    i just finished 3 episode of Black Lagoon Roberta’s Blood trail.

    this is definitely one of the best action gun shooting anime ever.

    im surprised Madhouse doesn’t do the same quality Roberta’s Blood had in other titles like the Devil May Cry anime(looks good, but Black Lagoon is better)

    • The second one is Astraea from Heaven’s Lost Property –

      And yes, the first one is fan art of Nami from One Piece –

      • PrinceHeir

        thank you soo much Sal :)

        appreciate the effort to find it, plus with evidence :P

      • PrinceHeir

        thank you soo much Sal :)

        appreciate the effort to find it, plus with evidence :P

      • PrinceHeir

        thank you soo much Sal :)

        appreciate the effort to find it, plus with evidence :P

    • zakou

       Lol seriously if Code Geass had a main characters as a female who can use the Geass and have an attitude close to Zero then i’d buy 10 copies!

      • Haruya

        THIS! I’ve always thought the same thing. I even got to the point where I was debating which seiyuu would be the best for a character like that… but I could never reach an agreement, haha.

        • PrinceHeir

          Romi Paku :P

  • So it’s game expo time (which I hate), and you’re probably wondering, “Hey Sal, what in the french toast keeps you going during these long hours? It must be coffee, yeah? An energy drink?”

    You know what I say to that? Heeeeeeell to the nizzaw.


    I’ve been blasting this non-stop since yesterday (well, not as I was sleeping). But yeah. PUMPED.


  • Locksus

    So, I bought Dust: An Elysian Tail (nice pun) earlier today and have played it for an hour or so but I decided to give my early impressions to @gematsu-cb953f6ca5923f7517125db46ed1293d:disqus as he wanted to know what are my thoughts about the game.

    I’ve only played the game briefly but so far the story seems interesting, following the story of Dust, the main hero on his journey to recover his memories and find out why he gained possession of the legendary sword Ahran, a talking sword who has a flying guardian foxcat(is that even a word?)whose name is Fidget.

    As you’ve probably seen, the graphics and art style are simply stunning for an arcade title as every character is hand-animated and basically everything is hand-drawn so the game looks stunning. The   screenshots don’t do the visuals much justice and you have to see it in motion to see its beauty.

    The musics are handled (to my understanding) by the guy who composed the music for original Deus Ex and thus, in my opinion, is very beautiful, sets the mood perfectly and fits the game’s fantasy setting.

    I’m playing it on normal difficulty (The game has 4 difficulty settings: Easy, Normal, Hard and Hardcore) but even so, the game has been fairly challenging even though I’m at the beginning of the game. 

    The combat is very fluid and beautiful and while you can certainly beat the game by smashing buttons if you’re not the kind to memorize the combos but for the player who wants to string combos   it’ll obviously be more rewarding. So far the combat has been loads of fun, for me at least.

    The game also has a some kind of crafting system which I haven’t been able to try but it certainly does have one and being an action RPG there is a leveling system but you only increase your attributes like Attack, Defence, HP and so on. You unlock different skills by advancing in the story and finding spells along the way.

    So my early impressions of the game are very positive and will write my impressions once I’ve finished the game. Maybe.

    Also, I’m not a professonal reviewer so this text probably ain’t written that well and isn’t very informative and also English isn’t my 1st language (Being a Finn and all that) so there might be grammar faults in the text but you’ll have to excuse me :p

    • Haruya

      That game definitely looks like a lot of fun to play. I’ve got it on my queue list for the next time I buy Microsoft Points, along with “I Am Alive” and “Deadlight”.

      The artstyle kinda reminded me of “Persona 4 Arena”. Is that just me?

      • Locksus

        Probably because they are both using cartoon graphics but I wouldn’t know because I don’t have P4A. 

  • z_merquise

    I’m thinking of getting Growlanser: Wayfarer of Time in PSN. To anyone who got it, is it good? Passable or highly recommended? Your own pros and cons would be appreciated if you got the time to type it. Thanks.

  • z_merquise

    After watching the new scene from the Metal Gear Rising trailer, the robot dog there instantly reminds me of the one in Vanquish:

    I was a bit sad that the cool-looking robo-dog assisting the player wasn’t used in Vanquish. Glad that Platinum is finally able to use that idea now in Rising.

  • KingOptimusOrigins111

    Who wants to see more of Killzone: Mercenary?

    • 浪黒雷 (ro-kurorai)

      That footage blew me away. That’s the way to do it: Sony’s A-Teams need to develop for Vita, not their C-Team like Nihilistic Software -_-
      Tearaway and of course AC3:Liberation are looking ace. I’ve just read an article on ign, btw. that explained that Criterion are developing the Vita version of NFS: Most Wanted in house, without cutting any corners. This is gonna be an amazing holiday season for Vita owners, especially as there are some very promising Japanese titles slated to release within the next weeks.

      After that GC-show I can’t imagine Sony to top it with TGS, I’m gonna remain optimistic though, looking forward to TGS.

      • KingOptimusOrigins111

        I can’t wait for TGS 2012. Hopefully we’ll see a lot of JRPG’s so 3DS fanboys can quit saying PS Vita has no JRPG’s. Don’t forget Sony says they still plan to have a PS Vita Heaven Event sometime this year.

        TGS 2012 Predictions:
        Metal Gear Solid (Remember Kojima showed MGS4 on PS Vita)
        FF Type 0
        Monster Hunter 
        Resident Evil
        Kingdom Hearts
        Level 5 RPG
        Atlus Persona Game
        Gran Turismo
        Sony Japan Title (Hopefully a RPG)
        & 3 more RPG’s

        PS Vita Heaven Event Predictions:
        Gran Theft Auto
        The cancelled Dead Space game
        A Star Wars Battlefront Game
        Tom Clancy Game
        Twisted Metal
        Jak & Daxter
        inFAMOUS (Alden could still be alive and SP could make it a prequel to inFAMOUS 2)

        I’m just being wishful I know some of this won’t happen.

        • 浪黒雷 (ro-kurorai)

          After Sony’s GC show your wishlist doesn’t seem that far-fetched at all. Once the software kicks in Sony will have a very powerful and compelling mobile gaming device to develop for (3rd party, I mean). 
          I do not quite understand, however, what you mean by FF Type 0. Do you mean an HD-remaster for PS3/Vita? Vita is unlikely as the PSP version can be played on Vita. Remember, all of those announcements are aimed at Japanese gamers primarily.

  • I haven’t had much free time. Still trying to catch up on all the Gamescom news coming out this week. I’m a bit surprised at how much new stuff is coming from the show.

    I managed to pick this up last night. 

    (Warning – Large file sizes. Probably best to view in attached files below.)

    I haven’t had much time to play it, I installed the game and patched it, but then I was so exhausted I had to sleep. =(

    I hope to find some free time for it and P4A here soon. ^^

  • Check_Mate

    Anyone here thinks Clannad is worth watching? Is it really worth “The ending” everyone is talking about?

    • Haruya

      It most definitely is. The show had over 40 eps (considering the sequel as well) and I never thought about it as “long” or “tiring to watch”. For me, it was one of those shows where you feel you can always watch “just one more ep”.

    • Anime10121

       Listen to Haruya, he speaks no lies :)

      Clannad is amazing!  And its music fits its atmospheric scenes so well!

  • Kobracon

    Because its early where I am currently and I am shamelessly lazy right now, Imma post what I asked in the last OF coz I would like to hear other pplz answer :L

    Whats your guilty pleasure game? A game you know is terrible but just love it for whatever reason. I suppose my love for the Koei’s Warrior series could count. They’re repetitive, its too hard to max every character, historical inaccuracies, terrible TERRIBLE dubbing, but goddammit Koei tries hard every time to improve. I find almost too much joy in slaughtering soldiers by the thousands, which is something I should probably tell my psychiatrist about….TL:DRWhat’s your guilty pleasure game? 

    • Check_Mate

       Mostly JRPGs since i played tales of graces f in front my friends was really acward :P

    • Haruya

       I’d have to say shooters, mostly COD games. They’re incredibly frustrating, very often… but, when you get that one kill with the sniper rifle that you thought wouldn’t happen, or turn the tables on the opposing team at the last minute on a Domination match… it’s so worth it.

      • Kobracon

        Hah I can relate to that. Feels good to actually win. Its not that the CoD games are bad, but just that its being milked for all its worth and is getting the spotlight every time.

    • Kobracon

      I’ll add one more of my other guilty pleasure games. Theres a game on the PS2 made by Enix before they joined with Squaresoft called R.A.D Robot Alchemic Drive. It had you control a human who is controlling a giant super robot with a controller that looks suspiciously like a PS2 controller.

      The graphics were amateur at best (although the robots were very clearly focused on the most, thus look fantastic) , the gameplay is repetitive with over 40 missions to play with not that much variety  and it has possibly THE WORST DUBBING I HAVE EVER HEARD!

      But in the end, I love it. The game accomplishes what it sets out, make u feel as if you are piloting a massive mech and boxing the crap outta aliens. The dubbing was so bad it was campy and hilarious. I laughed at every line coz it was just so overly bad. Its a game I look back to now and then as one of the few great robot games I have ever played.

  • Haruya

    So, after going through all the comments so far, I see no one has asked and I guess I’ll be the one this time:

    Mandatory “what game are you playing now?” question time!

    As for me, because of college I haven’t been able to play much lately. I did finish playing “Shadow of the Colossus” and man… what a game. Definitely deserves the spot as one of the best games for PS2.

    Continuing with retro games, I plan on trying “Silent Hill 3” next. Also, since “Darksiders II” just came out a few days ago, I kinda need to finish getting all the achievements for “Darksiders I”… yeah, sometime soon.

    And of course, I’m always down for some “Catherine”. I simply love that game and I’ve got to stay in shape and improve my Babel times. I’m Top 3 in America, after all.

    What about you guys?

    • Kobracon

      Wow top 3? You are a far better man than I. I was stumped on the later levels on EASY! 

      I’m done with Persona 4 Arena’s story mode and my internet is crap so I’m left with passing time with League of Legends with my friends. I’ll start Ar Tonelico 2 soon in preparation for Ar Tonelico 3. Despite what the trailers make it look like, its hard to deny the games have fantastic music.

    • Locksus

      I’m kinda playing 4 games at the moment. I’m mainly working on Dust but I also play Gears of War 3, Fez and FFXIII-2 from time to time. I should finish FFXIII-2 at some point, I guess.

    • I’m trying to start Sleeping Dogs and Persona 4 Arena. Key word is trying. (lol)

    • Anime10121

       Neptunia Mk2 and KH3D Critical mode.

    • FaithlessMr

       I love me sum “mandatory what game are you playing right now” questions :3

      Well, I finished The World Ends With You today….and I’m glad I invested my time in this game. It’s one of the most innovative, engaging games I’ve ever had the chance to play. Sooo good. So so good.

      I guess I’ll keep up playing it some more, for the secret reports and the secret chapter. I just can’t put it away like that. I’m also playing KH 3D, but to be honest, I’ve been all over twewy, and I haven’t been playing much else.

  • Anyone else see the The Street Fighter 25th Anniversary Chess Set? 

    Link –

    They are selling it for $300! Talk about expensive. I must admit, it looks very nice.

    They just released an unboxing video of the set.

    I do like Chess, but the price is just to much for most people. I most certainty can’t afford it. =/

    • Kobracon

      Wow…….but I am dissapointed. I expected all the pawns to be Dans……

      • That would have been awesome. =P lol

  • Adam Meadows

    Do you guys know these blog posts I do now? Well, I need a name for them. Like, a name for a ‘column’ of sorts. Any ideas? 

    • FaithlessMr

       I can only think of lame/corny names, lol.