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Grand Theft Auto V ‘business’ screenshots
posted on 08.24.12 at 09:14 AM EST by (@salromano)
This isn't your standard 9 to 5.

Rockstar Games has released four more new screenshots of Grand Theft Auto V, dubbed the “Business” set. The game will be back “in a few weeks” with “more to see,” according to Rockstar.

View the screenshots at the gallery.

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  • Cool sentence bro

  • bebestorm117

    I Love Rockstar!

  • zakou

    INB4 = The negative comment, don’t kill me it’s only my opinion.

    Something tells me that second picture is taken straight from a high end PC, or not even a strong PC…i mean there are 4GB graphic cards and even 16GB of ram with Quad cores packing 2 or more GHZ.

    So a weak PC today is about twice or x5 times stronger than current consoles.

    ….the consoles are about 512 MB ram and what 256MB graphic cards?  with decent CPU.

    Im not trying to be a spec whore or a PC fanboy but “Just Cause 2” really showed huge difference being on PC versus consoles…but this is going to be even more of a low blow to consoles, this is 2012 possibly 2013 and we are talking big! Rockstar!…

    I have a feeling that this game will be very downgraded on the consoles and i am not trying to be a graphic whore but even if the graphics are good on consoles the frame rates will be very bad. alot of games strugle on consoles these days i mean just look at BF3 on consoles vs PC almost looks like a totally different game visual wise.

    Not to mention the console exclusive? FFXIII-2 can frame drop to 10s at some points, there is even a whole city in the game that just frame drops like crazy and that’s just because of the “Scale” another thing consoles suck at is AA.

    I know people here will bash me again like the last time (few months ago) that i post (only negative stuff lol) but this is really one of the times where i really worry and from the looks of it, it’s almost certain that the screenshots shown will be nothing like on consoles, the consoles we have a really old the specs didnt change in about 6-7 years think about it.

    Yes hate me xD but im only worried because i don’t have a good PC so IMO if this game comes out in 2013 i would rather like to see it on PS4/720 i can wait one extra year for 7 years of advanced physics/AA/rendering and visuals with long play without frame drops and pop ins due to bad AA.

    • xMCXx

       When I played FFXIII-2 the frame rate never dropped. Don’t know what you mean.

      Also, it’s a GTA. Who cares about graphics? San Andreas looked horrible and I didn’t care.

      • zakou

        Im sorry but that is wrong, because even in the FFXIII-2 trailers you can see massive frame drops when light fights with Caius using odin climbing that building in Valhalla and specially when you see Academia 4xx AF low drops. Also saying it never frame drops is a lie as the game runs at none-solid 20-30 FPS, it’s been analyzed but i don’t even need analyzers for that, it’s very noticable to eye.

        True the game doesn’t frame drop every time but it you can notice “compared to FFXIII” alot frame drops.

        Graphics and downgraded graphics with downgraded visuals/frame rates/AA are two different things, im not getting into detail but i already said im not a graphic whore i even play NES games from time to time.

        • xMCXx

           Seems like my eyes don’t notice unless it’s a slideshow. ; P

          • zakou

            It’s actually a good thing, you are not spoiled by 60fps or even 1xx fps games. I think because i saw triple digit frames in some ultra setting high end PC’s i got spoiled a little.

      • rockman29

        San Andreas graphics were frigging awesome on PS2, I don’t know what you were playing man! Seriously, I appreciate those graphics for what they were running on. PS2 had no business running San Andreas, and it did it wonderfully.

        Emulating San Andreas is even more amazing, those Emotion Engine and ED RAM framebuffer effects…. gorgeous in HD!

    • rockman29

      That’s just how screens have been rolling since the start of this gen, not hating on you at all.

      It’s just the truth. The current gen consoles have no business running at 720p for some games that have come out which just run piss poor. It has done good and bad at HD resolutions.

      Here’s to hoping these problems don’t continue with 1080p on PS4 as you say.

      As Zero said in a comments section earlier, I would hope that more companies other than Nintendo starts shooting for consistent 60 FPS in more games. It’s just more responsive and better for gameplay in almost any regard. Nintendo has been great with consistently offering responsive games. They just feel better to play.

      Anyway, these screens look like the sex.

      My dreams would come true if PS4 could run PS3 games in 1080p and 2160p resolutions… I mean… how amazing would that be for the longevity of PS3 games? Just allow PS4 to run them with SSAA or a downscaled 2160p…… *salivates*

      • zakou

        Yeah 60fps feels like its made for games, however there is still hope for 30fps games if you have minimum 100hz tv, it makes 30fps game play almost like 60 but for those that dont have 100hz tv’s you will end up with 20-30fps fps and it feels like playing mmorpg with sometimes bad internet connection…lol

        Some Tv’s even have some weird engines in them to make everything look better, heck tv’s today have dual cores XD

        So in the end if you are rich enough you would probably play most of the multiplatform games on the PC anyways so this is like returning to my original point “im not rich enough to buy epic expensive PC”  and im sure im not alone here lol.

        • rockman29

          Bravia’s is called Motion Flow.

          It makes games appear like they are running in higher FPS, but the responsiveness does not change. If it feels like it changes it’s just illusory. It still doesn’t match when game logic is actually running at 60 FPS, not just the framerate or the imagined framerate.

          For example, Motorstorm Apocalypse calculates it’s physics at a rate of 600 Hz. When framerate and game logic are actually running at a fast pace, that’s what truly makes the difference.

  • rockman29

    Hot stuff.

  • The graphics look amazing.

  • GTA 4 was the best