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Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn has Limit Break system, beta this winter
posted on 08.16.12 at 09:42 PM EST by (@sqexgal)
New details from Gamescom presentation.

Final Fantasy XIV producer Naoki Yoshida shared new details on A Realm Reborn, the game’s upcoming 2.0 update, at Gamescom in Germany this week. Yoshida announced a PC and PlayStation 3 beta scheduled for “winter 2012” (Gamescom attendees can actually register for e-mail updates on this at Square Enix’s booth), and revealed a new “Limit Break” system, “Gear Sets,” and more for the update.

Find the new information below. Watch the Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn gameplay presentation here, and a new set of screenshots and artwork here.

  • About the new Limit Break System
    • The new party battle system replacing the battle regimen. When the gauge shared by the party fills, any of the party members can invoke it. Afterwards, the gauge becomes empty.
    • The gauge is filled by hitting enemies with standard attacks, but will accumulate faster with “Fine Play,” well-timed healing or blocks, which is judged by the system.
    • The more you accumulate in your gauge, the Limit Breaks have several phases. If you remember back to the Limit Breaks of Final Fantasy VII.
    • The same Limit Breaks have different effects depending on the player’s job.
    • You will be able to use a Limit Break to some extent even if your character level is low. A high level Limit Break can not be invoked if your character’s level isn’t high. The feature will be linked to their growth.
  • The battle concept was to have something that “ends with a speedy, uptempo sensation.” Since you start gaining TP when the battle starts, you can use weapon skills and abilities to fight right off the bat. It’s the sort of balance where you can defeat one monster in about 5 hits and the battle takes about 20 seconds to finish.
  • Since we didn’t want the focus to be on defeating monsters to earn experience points, they don’t provide very many points. But if you clear a quest, you’ll be gain a lot more experience that way.
  • A jump action has been added, but since it’s not an action game, there isn’t any topography that can’t be reached without jumping.
  • The “Gear Sets” let you switch out equipment in an instant. You can increase your number of sets by clearing quests. We’re still checking what the maximum will be. Since the things in a Gear Set don’t count as holding items, they don’t take up space in the inventory. (Previously called Mannequins.)
  • The small towns are being elaborated upon, too, and the NPCs will have unique actions.
  • The tutorials have been completely and are moreover revised. Now it’s structured so you can understand a variety of things just by playing.
  • You should be able to make a party and enter a dungeon at level 15, probably to give you time for understanding the system? Even without side-trips, it’ll take about 30 hours to get there.
  • You won’t be able to begin until your Guildleve level is 10. At level 10, your title will be “Novice.” (“Not Beginner.”)
  • Content is divided into party and solo types. There are also public contents that apply somewhere in the middle, but basically I think the ones intended for parties and the ones for solos appear on the Contents Finder.
  • At the log-in and area change screens, there will be a recommendation displayed. The recommended list will be based on how crowded the contents nearby are, if you are party or solo oriented, etc. Since there are so many things you can do in an MMORPG, you have a lot of options especially around level 20, so I think that’d be a good time to use it. Furthermore, the list displays 10 items, it’ll take about 2 hours to play everything on it.

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  • KingKellogg The Waffle Haggler

    I want this game so bad,but I cant make myself pay to play  a game every month

    They should make a F2p model where you buy stuff with real money or something,Id dish out money all the time fir cool equipment 

    • Taiho

      If you dish out money all the time like you said.. Isn’t it possible to spend more money in a month with microtransaction than it is to pay 10-15 a month?

      • KingKellogg The Waffle Haggler

        Oh I defintely would,but this way I can justify playing the game and wouldnt have to worry about wasting my Sub if I want to do anything else

        • whiteferrero

          Same Here. I’ve got very limited playing time, and have reservations about monthly fees. I wouldn’t mind paying for stuff I can use though.

          • KingKellogg The Waffle Haggler

            Exactly,sometimes I get stuck weeks without time to play games,I cant stand the idea of paying for time that I dont I cant play.

            • Taiho

               I guess it’s just two different sides then. I’d rather pay monthly for everything the game has than be locked out of a lot of stuff until I buy it.

  • Hinano

    I want to get into the PS3 Beta. D:

  • kmacd92

    I’m quite interested to see how this game will turn out. I played FF XIV when it originally came out. I did enjoy the mechanics in the game but it was just let down by being so horribly unbalanced. And also the fact that it was a mammoth task to craft a simple bow lol

  • It sounds promising, and it sounds quite good for new players. My question is the same one I’ve been asking since they announced 2.0.

    What are they going to do about the people who are already at the level cap? New players will feel behind when they see all these max level people running around all the time, it will be intimidating. The people who are max level will be looking for new content, which puts all the pressure back on the developers. When you take an existing game that has a playerbase, and you decided to build a brand new game and move the players from the current game to the new one… let’s just say the process takes time to really click, for it to feel right.

    I’m just not so sure they are going to have that time, they are going to have to prove to gamers right away why it’s worth sticking around, and that applies to new players and old players. Some who will play the old build right up to the transfer, and others like me, who plan to return and check out the new version. I think they are already trying to accomplish a monumental task, and this adds even more complication to it.

    So, what do they do? What is the solution? These are the tough questions, and I’m waiting for the answers to those tough questions.

    • Adi Wibawa

       You can start on new server, thats way you wont feel intimidated. as for new comer, they will have tutorial until lvl 15,around 30 hours playtime (if you are really new at mmo I guess), for capped player, they prepared Crystal Tower content.

      Still, new player or capped player, they will need to adapt to the new gameplay

      • Yeah, I know what the plans are for the content. They haven’t really showed us much of it, and no one has guaranteed all of that content will be live when 2.0 launches.

        In fact, I expect it to be a bit of a bumpy ride, like I said in my above post, they are trying to accomplish a monumental task.

        I mentioned the thing about new players because it does worry me. As does the transition period between the old game and the new game. I’m thinking big picture here.

        It’s all about the money, it’s all about getting people to play the game and pay the monthly fee. They need people to be excited, play the game and stick around. They need to find a way to remove the failure title from this game, to get people to take it seriously. The launch of the new version is crucial, and it’s very important they start making up for losses right away.

        I know the new dev team has worked incredibly hard, and the game is far better today than it was even a few months ago, but when the new version of the game launches, they need a big win. If the game isn’t making money it won’t matter how vastly improved the game is. In the long run, they need 14 to be at least half as profitable as 11 has been for the company.

        It has overcome so much, but the hardest part is yet to come, and I’m really pulling for the team, I want to see the game succeed. Currently, I’m worried about it.

  • whiteferrero

    i like how their add all this little details. May just sign-up for this as my first P2P mmo. but really I’ll be waiting for reviews still.

  • PrinceHeir

    wow FFXIV Ver 2.0 vs Phantasy Star Online 2 vs Dragon Quest X.

    if they make another Monster Hunter Frontier release internationally then all hell will break lose lol.

    im on a fence on this

  • SE, You’re still a long way from making me not feel dirty about playing the original, 

    *insert rant about how THIS should’ve been released all those months ago*

    • THIS didn’t exist all those months ago