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Tales of Xillia 2’s debt repayment quests are crucial
posted on 07.24.12 at 09:50 AM EST by (@salromano)
Pay off given amounts, or you will not progress!

Tales of Xillia 2 hero Ludger Will Kresnick is a man 20 million gald in debt. (I still can’t wait to hear how that even happened.) He will repay his damages through a series of quests crucial to the game’s progression, according to this week’s Famitsu.

At certain points, Ludger will have to repay given amounts to Nova, the banker who handles his debts, or else he will not be able to progress.

A new series of mini-quests, which we detailed somewhat on Sunday, are a new type of quest that earn players “Merit Points,” which can be used for purchasing character titles. These can be accessed by speaking to NPCs with a blue, thought bubble-like icon over their head.

Also previously detailed, players will have their own GHS (mobile phone), which allows Ludger to always know his location.

(The scan to the right is from V-Jump.)

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  • Revorse

    This reminds me of how you had get money for the Rankings in NMH. But getting Gald in Tales isn’t exactly hard. And with all those battles, you get more practice.

    • FaithlessMr

      Unless they come up with the stupid (albeit realistic) system that FF XII and XIII used, where no enemies drop Gil whatsoever, and you simply have to sell the loot you get from your enemies instead.

      It’s realistic, but imo a pain in the arse, and videogames are supposed to be fun now, aren’t they?

      • ekka4shiki

        So true …

        I still remembered the day i played FFXIII, pre-chapter 11, where earning good amount of money was kind of hard because the majority of loot at that time was not that valuable. Playing it normal maybe it’s that not much of a problem, coz it’s easy enough so you don’t have to buy anything. But on NCU playthrough that’s really pain in the ass. Missed the chance to fight easier enemy with decent loot, and need to put many many more hours dealing with harder enemies but with less decent loot instead. :(

        • FaithlessMr

          Yeah, I never tried out any special challenges in the game, but I figure that must be really hard for anyone trying to do it. It’s really unbalanced if you ask me.

        • I never ran out of money because I hardly ever bought anything in the game. The only times I bought stuff was before the final boss battles, Barthandelus 2nd battle, Cid Raines, Dahaka, and Hecotonchier boss battles. I only got poor after I bought accessories and materials, but I would always do a bunch of battles afterwards, so I was never poor in FF13!

          • ekka4shiki

            Me too, in normal playthrough i was never poor. I didn’t have to buy anything pre-chapter 11, and there was always Adamantoise to kill for great amount of money post chapter 11 :)

            But on NCU playthrough you better have money at the ready to buy decent equipments and the upgrades if you want to have a chance at all against the harder bosses. Unfortunately, because monsters didn’t drop gil and battles were becoming harder because of the nature of NCU itself, the efficient way was to look for easy monster with good loot to sell, but kinda missed that chance and i had to do it the time-consuming way. I know NCU is just user challenge so the game probably isn’t designed for that and don’t have to. But monsters dropping gils would definitely make my life much much easier lol

  • Alos88

    I always felt the “pay to get to the next stage” thing in NMH was an analogy for DLC.

  • Forcing you to do side quests in order to progress…..the worst idea ever.

    • zakou

      But think about this as survival instinct xD this is something new, give it a chance and im sure it won’t be so forceful as you may think.

  • DrForbidden

    Hmm. So you need to earn money to reay debts before the game allows you to progress.
    Ah. So Tales Studios is taking an active part in preparing gamers for real life, then…