Sony Gamescom press conference dated - Gematsu
Sony Gamescom press conference dated
posted on 07.19.12 at 06:45 AM EST by (@salromano)
PlayStation media briefing kicks off Tuesday.

Sony Computer Entertainement Europe will host its Gamescom press conference at Staatenhaus am Rheinpark in Cologne on Tuesday, August 14 at 7:00 p.m. CEST (find your local time here).

Earlier Gamescom press conference have typically been the stage for Sony’s hardware revisions, including PlayStation 3 slim in 2009 and the new PSP last year. It’s possible we’ll see a reveal of the rumored PlayStation 3 4000 series.

Gamescom runs from August 15 to 19.

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  • KingKelloggTheWaffleHaggler

    Come on Ps2 hd attachment!!

    • Revorse

      Y’know I was just thinking about backwards compatibility for the PS3. I thought it was a subject people stopped caring about. Glad I’m not the only one.

      • Malcolm Reynolds

        My launch 60gb upgraded to a 500gb still has BC.
        I have used it twice in almost 6 years.
        I never got rid of either of my 2 PS2’s as they are stored in my gameroom closet.
        I also own over 150 ps2 games.
        Still have found basically zero use for BC.
        Truthfully, after years of playing PS2 games I had no problem moving on to PS3 games to which I own about the same number as my PS2 library.
        I have no doubt, regardless of BC on PS4 that I’ll be focused on PS4 games.
        BC is a bullet point used as ammunition in the console war. Nothing more.

        Its nice to say I have it sure, but in reality its not a feature I or anyone else I know have utilized on any console.

        • Revorse

          Okaaaaay? Well, I never got a launch console and things happened to my original PS2. But there are great PS2 games that I liked to replay, regardless of what generation of gaming we’re in. Also having it in one device is more convenient that hooking up a bunch of stuff to one TV.

          • Malcolm Reynolds

            While true…fact is that the PS2 BC models are long since dead. That option was available for those that could afford to take advantage of it and there was plenty of prior warning that the feature was being phased out.
            Sony gave plenty of reasons why it was removed for instance in the launch models the Emotion Engine from the PS2 was also on the PS3 mother board.
            To reduce cost they released the next models with SW emulation for PS2 BC.
            To further reduce cost as the emulation was glitchy at best anyway, they removed this under utilized feature altogether.

            So what was once a $600 console people now want to purchase for $200 with all the bells and whistles of the $600 model. Meanwhile those bells and whistles were removed to provide you with that $200 console.
            A bit of a conundrm yes?

            If your PS2 died go snag one on the cheap.
            It doesnt solve your “all in one/less clutter” issue but you’ll be able to play your PS2 games again.
            If BC was THAT important, you truly could have gotten a model that supported it.

            I think this “PS2 BC” falls under the new guidelines of Port Begging does it not?

            Not that I care. I’m glad to chat with you about it but I know I would get reemed for bringing something like this up on this site but only if I were talking about the competition.
            : /

            Long story short….C

            • Malcolm Reynolds

              Sorry, stupid Disqus and iphone just will not work properly after 3 paragraphs.
              Or if you dare open a page with more than 40 comments you can forget it! The open forum will never be a place I can visit b/c of this. Not after the 1st hour anyway.

              Back to what I was trying to say to you:

              Full console BC will never come back to PS3 for PS2 games.
              Especially since you can now purchase PS2 classics on the PSN store.

              • Revorse


                • Malcolm Reynolds

                  Thanks for a riveting reply and such a thrilling point of view.

                  /makes note of who not to waste his time talking to ever again.

                  • Revorse

                    Well I figured it’d be better than to just ignore you. I mean, you took the time to write so much. The least I could do is say something.
                    But your post really had nothing to do with what I said. I simply stated that I didn’t know other people cared about backwards compatibility still. Then you proceeded to explain things to me, more than likely under the assumption I did not know any of the information. Then you said I was “Port Begging” never did I ask for backwards compatibility. Like I said earlier I simply said I didn’t know there were other with an interest still. So I’m not sure what your whole point was. And we can all make notes.
                    /makes note of who to avoid on this site.

                    • Malcolm Reynolds


        • I’m going to agree with @gematsu-cb953f6ca5923f7517125db46ed1293d:disqus

          (As for the off topic part of this. I don’t see it as a bad conversation. I’m also not sure I would call it port beginning. You make a great point though. It’s ok for now, just so long as this conversation doesn’t start to pop up in every sony article. If so, I’ll be asking people to please take it to the open forum from now on.)

          I’ll add my thoughts to what Malcolm said. –

          The thing to remember for everyone asking for PS2 backwards compatibility is that you are the minority.
          It’s not meant to be offensive, but the majority of consumers don’t seem to care about backwards compatibility.
          I would say it’s kinda a sad truth. I had a launch model that finally bit the dust on me, and I did use it to play my older games every once in a while. It can be a nice handy feature.
          If they do support PS2 games, they will (likely) continue to do so via downloads on the playstation store. I know, some of you already own the games. The same problem applies to the PS1 classics as well. It’s a smart business decision, and something that most have come to accept now.
          Another possibility would be using the cloud technology they recently acquired when they purchased Gakkai.

          P.S. Sorry to hear about your troubles with disqus, Malcolm. I’m not sure what to recommend to help.

          • Malcolm Reynolds

            Its like that on any site that uses disqus. Its the sw not any fault of Gematsu.

      • InternatlGamer3

        I still have my 60 GB PS3, and I feel that no matter what PS3 model you own B.C is something that everyone has a right to have in their console. I own a simple 95 PS2 games, all Disc btw.

        • Malcolm Reynolds

          I wouldnt call it a right by any means. Those of us that plunked down the cash at launch paid for the right to BC on the system but those that waited for a cheaper price point do not necessarily deserve the same features that the early adopters paid for.
          I’m calling an implementation of what I deem “the star belly sneech” rule. Those of us with stars on ours have got, those without stars, have not.

          Snooze ya lose folks. Its a fact of life.

  • InternatlGamer3

    ya know that the current rumored model since it has an open disc tray reminds me of a mix of the PS2 slim, and the Fat 60 GB PS3 by design.

  • KingOptimusOrigins111

    PS3 Super Slim, More PSABR reveals, The Last Of Us, GOW Ascension, Beyond Two Souls, Killzone 4, & 5 PS Vita Major Reveals. Calling It!!!

    • rockman29

      PS Vita needs games, STAT! I have nothing to buy dammit!

  • Fez

    for the love of god please show the Vita some love… i love my vita! gravity rush was brillant!

  • LordKaiser

    To many posts to replay so I’ll address my issue here. To those who say Ah if you wanted backward compatibility you should had buy a launch model. YLOD it’s not a lie it’s true and it can happen. My old PS3 who ran PS2 games died and my old PS2 it’s making noises. Also the information about why PS2 was removed etc. etc. It’s well known. It’s just to reduce cost, there i said it in 1 sentence. Not only to reduce the cost of the chip but also the development cost of including fixes on the updates. A PS2 hooked to a HD TV with the 5 color component cable don’t solve the problem. Lucky for me unlike most people it’s that my PC it’s powerful enough to run PS2 games on HD. Not all of them run but some like Wild Arms 5 looks extremely beautiful in HD. So i don’t have to re-buy my games unless they’re released on a HD collection. Sadly not many have a very strong PC capable of that. Also if you think those who wanted compatibility are a group so small go to the Playstation Blog Share.

    • I know lots of people want BC. For the record, I never said I didn’t want it. I admit, my post below is a little harsh. I’m only repeating what Sony themselves have said in the past. That backwards compatibility is not something the majority of customers care about.

      I also have a PS2 emulator that I use to play my PS2 games with. I will agree with you about the PC issue, not everyone has the luxury we do.

      I like to see HD collections, very much so. I rather enjoy re-buying those and playing some of my favorite games again.

      Truth be told, I wish they could come up with a service that links old games to a server, where users could use them anytime.

      I mentioned they purchased Gaikai. How cool would it be to register old physical games on a sony website or something. I’m not quite sure how they would do it just yet. You could register PS1/PS2/PSP games on this website.

      Then, you could boot up any device Sony has that supports the cloud service, and play any of your games via the cloud. I think that would be pretty cool.

  • incredibilistic

    Two words. Team. Ico. Where’s the friggin’ game they’ve been showing for 2 years??!!

    And while I doubt a game from us Yankees will show up but what the heck happened to that secret agent game (it’s been so long I can’t even remember the name). It was supposed to be this massive MPG with a dash of Playstation Home and constant updates.

    Anyway. I’m more interested in what yet another PS3 model says about the future of the PS4. Unless they intend to drop the price in tandem with this new model I suspect we won’t see a “true” (not counting fuzzy, UFO-like pictures and inside snitches) PS4 reveal until E3 2014 with a release before Christmas.

  • Okay so apparently the PS4 is going to be named the PS3 4000 now? I didn’t know that.

    • The PS3 4000 is just a new PS3 model. It will likely be lighter, slimmer, and have different Hard Drive sizes to choose from. Rumor is that the price will also be cheaper.

      • Oh, I thought that they renamed the PS4 something else…I feel stupid.

        • It really can get confusing with all these rumors of new consoles. Confusion is completely understandable, don’t let it bother you. ^^