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Silent Hill HD Collection patched on PlayStation 3
posted on 07.12.12 at 07:10 AM EST by (@admeady)
Addresses whole host of issues.

A patch has been released for the PlayStation 3 version of the Silent Hill HD Collection, which is said to fix issues caused by the use of incomplete code.

According to a post by producer Tomm Heullet on the Silent Hill Community forums, the patch will offer an improved framerate, improved voice synch, fix missing sounds, fix missing music and resolve the game’s much-complained-about fog density.

It will also offer “minor” visual and audio improvements, which are not specified.

A post subsequent to the announcement claims that a sound effect from one of Silent Hill 2’s cutscenes is still missing.

There appears to be no mention of a patch for the Xbox 360 version of the collection.

Released earlier this year on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, Silent Hill HD Collection released to mixed reviews amongst complaints of a glitchy and incomplete product.

It was later reported that Konami had lost the games’ original release code, forcing developer Hijinx Studios to both complete and port the collection.

Thanks, Eurogamer.

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  • zakou

    Im sorry but I laughed when it said that there is no mentioning of a 360 patch, 360 is really been treated like shit for past years and still is, sad.

    Edit: laughed not because I have something against it but it seems like “it’s a common thing these days to treat the 360 as shit” xD like it’s a normal thing.

    • Malcolm Reynolds

      Actually the Xchums can thank MS policies for the crappy “treatment”.
      MS has all kinds of rules in place that prohibit devs from simply uploading a patch to fix an issue. CoD gets map packs first on xbox but when hackers were ruining the multiplayer experience with the instadeath missle explosions or dropping under the maps and shooting people from beneath the floor….PS3 got these issues patched within days and yet that same patch took weeks to clear MS policies and guidelines.
      The chums love to bash PSN and brag about getting what you pay for and yet they get NOTHING sans X-game chat that PSN doesnt get and at the same time we get it with less hassle and no fee. Not to mention in the case of game fixing patches we ALWAYS get them quicker.

      No doubt their version of SH will get patched as well. Its just gonna be a while.
      JUMP IN!

      • Locksus

        Srsly no need to start a flame war here.
        Have a nice day ^_^

        • Malcolm Reynolds

          If stating facts about MS policies ruffles the feathers of their fans….perhapsthose fans and the policies are the problem no?

          Fact is those policies exist and they cause that particular fanbase to have to deal with buggy SW far longer than they should.
          If that is upsetting to some….NOT MY PROBLEM.
          Take it up with MS.

          • Malcolm Reynolds

            Or we can sweep it under the rug and pretend its not a problem in an effort to keep everyone fat dumb and happy.

            • Locksus

              Never said I didn’t agree with you because I do :)
              Just wanted to avoid a huge-ass flame war which luckily didn’t happen.
              Currently I’m enjoying playing on the PS3 more than I am on the 360 as Tales of Graces is keeping my happy and busy at the moment. While it isn’t as good as ToV, it is damn good and I’m hyped for ToX, Ni no Kuni and Toki to Towa (hopefully it’ll come to Europe).
              I’m not sure what Microsoft is thinking at the moment. Sure their retail exclusives are cool and all, especially Halo 4 but atm they are doing a far better job on the XBLA (see Deadlight, Dust: An Elysian Tail, Trials Evolution etc.) than they are doing on the retail exclusive (or whatever it’s called :P ) side. And now that they pretty much have US and Europe in a good shape console sales-wise, I think they should turn their eyes in Japan and start pumping out JRPG exclusives like they did 4-5 years ago with ToV, Magna Carta 2, Blue Dragon and so on.

              Japan would be a huge market for Microsoft if they could make some king of brakethrough and while they claim that they haven’t abandoned their Japanese customers, to me it looks like they have as the people over there aren’t that interested in Western shooters and other games.

              Yeah, I think that was a little Off topic but anyways, nothing serious hopefully ^_^

              • Malcolm Reynolds

                Well Locksus….as you can see here…its possible to discuss negatives without flaming.
                It only erupts if someone gets their knickers in a twist right?
                While I agree that MS has basically abandoned Japanese gamers….the pitiful near nonexistent release schedule for EUR and NA shows they dont care about any of their respective fanbases.
                Halo 4 is not enough. It certainly shows zero effort on MS’ part as it pertains to games.
                They simply are dialing it in at this point.
                Halo, Fable, Forza Gears.

                • Malcolm Reynolds

                  Simply time for them to step up their “game” or step aside.

                  • Locksus

                    Malcolm, have you also realised that we’ve been getting along pretty nicely as of late? ^_^

                    • Malcolm Reynolds

                      Haha! I feel like we have pretty much always gotten along.
                      We dont always have to agree to get along friend.
                      I always appreciate your POV.

                • Locksus

                  One possibility is that they might be making games for the for the Xbox 8/720/w/e it is and are just catering to the casual crowd as the 360 is nearing the end of its lifecycle.
                  I certainly hope this is the case or otherwise the PS4/orbis/w/e will be my main console MAYBE with Wii U if they release some interesting games on it.

          • I can’t say I disagree. I’m not very well-suited with Microsoft’s policies / methods, myself, but there are better ways to say things.

            Rather than go about and call Xbox 360 users “chums” or “Xchums,” you could instead say something like:

            “It’s unfortunate that, due to Microsoft’s policies, Xbox 360 owners don’t see updates as often / quick as PlayStation 3 owners are able to. In this case, it’s especially unfortunate, as the Xbox 360 version of Silent Hill HD Collection is still unfixed. I can’t say I agree with Microsoft’s policies in this area, which is one of the reasons I prefer PlayStation 3 over the console. Hmm, I wonder when / if Konami will be able to release an Xbox 360 update?”

            Obviously, you don’t have to be that formal. It was only an example.

            As far as “the chums” loving to “bash PSN and brag about getting what you pay for,” you’re referring to people who do the same thing you do (aka “fanboys”), but for an ‘opposing’ side (though, it’s not exactly a battle, consumer-wise). There isn’t usually any of that here (well, aside from your posts – maybe you should lighten up, ya? Look again above for an example of constructive criticism), so no need to bring it up.

  • xMCXx

    The missing sound effect is presumably the horn we hear while under Lake Toluca?
    Yep, still not getting this piece of shit.

  • rockman29

    Pics or it didn’t happen.