Rumor: Wii U to cost $299
posted on 07.28.12 at 12:20 AM EST by (@salromano)
According to sources of GameTrailers editor.

Wii U, Nintendo’s high-definition console with a tablet controller, will cost $299 when it launches this holiday season, according to sources of GameTrailers editor-in-chief Shane Satterfield.

“We’re going to assume that the Wii U is going to cost $299,” said Shatterfield in the latest episode of Invisible Walls. “And I have heard through certain channels that that is likely going to be the price of the system.”

Nintendo, of course, has yet to confirm a release date or price.

Thanks, NeoGAF.

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  • Nintendo needs to give us a price already. It’s getting ridiculous.

    The thing is supposed to be out before the end of the year…That’s not much time.

  • I’ll wait for the 60% price slash 6 months later.

  • Kougeru

    Really? Wow. I’d rather just get a top end video card for my PC at that price…especially considering they havnt shown any super exciting launch games

    • rockman29

      My 4 year old 9800 GTX just died on me…. *salute*

      • That sucks! Sorry to hear that. I never had a 9800 GTX, but I did have a pretty good 9800 GT. The PC I custom built in 2009 was my first, so I remember that 9800 GT quite fondly. It was a good card.

        You just going to get a replacement card? I hope it hasn’t shut you down completely. It sucks when you have to wait for a new part and you can’t use your pc at all.

  • Nintendo has just done some horrible early marketing for the Wii U. I hate to say it, but its the truth. They should have announced a launch window and the price at e3. I still think a big problem is explaining to casual consumers what exactly the Wii U is.

    A common misconception is that the Wii U is a peripheral for the Wii. I’m not kidding, this is a serious problem. They need to really start getting to work on marketing if the console is coming out in Q4 2012.

    • Revorse

      Is that really a concern? People don’t know Wii U is a system?

      • Well, a lot of the Wii’s install base is made up of people that aren’t as caught up in the gaming world as us. If they see the WiiU priced at $300 dollars, and think it’s just an accessory, then they’ll just pass it up, or just think they don’t need one.

        The 3DS had a similar problem when it first came out. People thought it was just another DS, like the DSi or DSi XL, so they just passed it up. It took almost a year, a price drop, and a Mario game just to get the sales to speed up.

        • hush404

          Yep, I’ve seen that. I’ve (no lie) hear people say “I dont need a 3D DS, I’ll just us my regular DS” … they’re just assuming it’s merely a 3D version of the DS. The casual gaming crowd (which is a huge part of Nintendo’s base) isn’t watching E3 or keeping up like us gamers.

          So I agree, the WiiU is stuck in that exact position. Couple that with the total mess that is actually presenting info to gamers about the machine and I can’t even imagine what the casual people think about it if they even know it exists. The fact that we’ve gone through 2 E3 showings of the system and they’re still holding back RD, Price and more solid details on it is just crazy.

          I think, simply, the thing isn’t ready. They’re not showing it in great detail because they don’t have it to a point to show it. They need more time and the previous showings were prob more for investors than they were for the gaming crowd.

      • I think so. You want people to be clear about what they are buying. I agree with @gematsu-182e6c2d3d78eef40e5dac7da77a748f:disqus Confusion can lead to poor sales.

        They should have changed the name to something else.
        Just watch most of the video on the thing, they almost never show the console itself, they always show the tablet controller. It would be easy to think the Wii U is just the tablet controller.
        Keep in mind, I’m talking about casual consumers, they played a big role in turning the Wii into a huge success. I’m not convinced Nintendo has done a great job selling the Wii U to that type of consumer, and they haven’t really sold it to the core gamer crowd very well either.
        When I think about all of that, I start to question if they can get people excited fast enough?

    • I feel like they also should have changed the name while they still had the chance. WiiU doesn’t make much of a distinction from the Wii. I feel that is really going to prove problematic when it launches.

  • Haruya

    I would first like to apologize for my “lack of knowledge” but, since I’m not familiar with how prices are outside of my country (México), I feel the need to ask:

    Is $299 a bad price for a console? How much does a PS3 or X360 usually cost?

    • DrForbidden

      If you want to have a rough idea of console prices in the US, you can check or other retailers that sell consoles online.

      Of course, launch prices are almost always higher than prices after a few years.

    • zakou

      PS3 is like 199 dorra, and 360 about 150$.

      It all depends, 299$ isn’t bad price, but since PS4 and 360 2 are around the corner with 500-599$ price tags then WiiU will have a good launch.

      Obviously all I said is one big speculation.

      • rockman29

        Since when is the PS4 and Loop gonna be 500 to 599. That is financial suicide.

        Crazy talk to think that’s going to happen again.

        • hush404

          Yeah, Sony tried the whole $599 launch price and fell on it’s face, you won’t see them do it again.

        • zakou

          The lower the cost, the Lower specs, im talking on behalf of developers like square enix and Rare, both wanting high specs on PS4.

          The higher the specs the higher the price.

    • syaznifaiq

      For me $299 is still cheap ..

  • Aldridge517

    Cheap price for a cheap console. I’ll stop bagging on the Wii U once Nintendo shows me something interesting.

  • KingOptimusOrigins111

    That’s a decent price range.

  • With the pad right?

    • Of course! I can’t see how anyone would sell a console without a controller. =P

  • xMCXx

    Seems reasonable, but we still do not know what that thing is even capable of.

    • Malcolm Reynolds

      Actually we do.
      Ninty said themselves Batman AC and NG3 as well as other multiplats look almost as good as the ps3 and xbox versions.
      When sending video to two controller screens instead of 1 the framerate will be halved to 30FPS.

      In other words, graphically the WiiU is on par with a 6 and 7 yr old console.

      By next year Ninty will be running HW a full generation behind yet again.

      Not unlike their handhelds.

      I’ll still buy it….but lets not kid ourselves into thinking once we are past the dual screen gimmick that the WiiU will have any real value to core gamers save for the occasional 1 off gem like Last Story or Xenoblade.

      • xMCXx

        Everything seems to point to that, yeah. The same fate as the Wii.
        But why would Nintendo change it? The Wii won this generation in terms of sales and, sadly, that’s what matters at the end of the day. For a company, at least.

        • Malcolm Reynolds

          Well they “won” in HW units sold but are only about 50% more units than PS3 or 360. At their price point this gen they would have had to double the units sold over PS3 and or 360 to actually beat them in revenue per unit sold.
          Add to that the fact that Nintendo has more shovel ware than the ios app store and android market combined and the only thing they won is worst game library this gen.
          I own a Wii and certainly dont feel like a winner :(

          • xMCXx

            Yeah, the library is pretty much shit. With the exception of the usual suspects, of course.
            I’m disappointed with the Wii, too.

            • Malcolm Reynolds

              Isnt it cool that without the need for moderation and hand holding, even after our disagreementsthe other day, you and I can have a perfectly civil conversation the next day?

              Gematsu would do well to learn to let the community work out their differences instead of taking every comment so seriously.

              Trying to rid a gaming website of people who have a console of choice seems ludicrous to me.

              xMCXx, thanks for the chat.

              • No, I agree with you 100%. It is very cool to see the community work out their differences. If it happened all the time, or even often, would we need to have commenting guidelines at all? I don’t think so, and I didn’t feel we needed them until recently. I don’t like to have guidelines or rules, I like to see people work things out. It just doesn’t happen enough, and you can’t expect everyone to be willing to. That is why we need the guidelines, and why we (mods) try to catch comments before things get out of hand.

                You want to give everyone the benefit of the doubt, well.. you do if you are like me. Sometimes…as a moderator, you just have to be the bad guy. Personally, I hate that about being a moderator.

                If it takes 2 users 30 different articles, with 10 or more hate filled comments in each of them, to works out their differences, that just isn’t acceptable.
                It’s like getting invited to your friends house for dinner every Friday night. And for 3 weeks in a row, he and his wife fight like cats and dogs the entire time. You start to question if you want to go have dinner with them ever again, right? Even if they apologize and say, we are working it out, things are getting better. You still think about just avoiding the entire thing.
                That is kinda how the other readers on the site feel, when they go to comment and nearly every article is a few people having comment wars, or whatever you want to call it.

                It just hurts the community overall. We didn’t want to censor people though, which is why we have the open forum.

                I hope this helps explain things.

                • Malcolm Reynolds

                  Zero: Youre a good guy. I have no issue with you.

                  My issue is really that Sal has zeroed in on me and while I certainly am the type to “poke the bear” and likely deserve some of his focus, I think his focus on my comments clouds his judgement a bit and he sees what he wants to see which is me causing trouble and everyone else the innocent victim.
                  I simply dish out what is dealt but I choose to do it in a more snarky way.

                  I said this so you would know I have no problem with you and honestly I like Sal. Its just how things seem lately.
                  I dont expect you to speak dfor him or on his behalf. He has no problem handling that himself.
                  We’ll either work it through or he’ll ban me.

                  Guess we’ll see.

              • xMCXx

                Yeah, I’m not one to bear a grudge over a little argument.^^

                • Malcolm Reynolds

                  Nor am I.
                  Take care dude.

  • Buy it :)

  • Malcolm Reynolds

    Although they have shown zero games, a graphically worse batman AC, an ugly console design, the dumbest name in console history until Ouya, and no official release date or price point…….for $299 I may pick this thing up.

    • xMCXx

      Rayman Legends and ZombiU. Two games. : P

    • “Zero games” is a bit of an exaggeration. They have shown some games worth picking up. They just haven’t shown enough games. Obviously, Pikmin 3 is one of the system’s selling points right now, but that alone doesn’t make it worth the purchase. New Super Mario Bros. U looks great, as does any Mario, but 2D Mario titles typically, for me at least, don’t get me excited for a console. If it was a 3D Mario, something like Sunshine or Galaxy, I’d be drooling at the thought of playing it in high-definition. As far as games I want go, there’s Pikmin 3, ZombiU, Rayman Legends, Project P-100, and New Super Smash Bros. (but you know, that’s nowhere near launch, or anything). But yeah, hopefully Nintendo announces more games before they launch the console. They really need to boost themselves after their messy E3.

      • Malcolm Reynolds

        Didnt enjoy Pikmin 1 or 2 on the GC.
        I am so very much over Zombie games in general.
        And opposite of you, I really enjoy the 2-D mario’s and have hated all the 3-D mario’s except Sunshine!
        Rayman Legends looks sweet but outside of the fantastic demo for Origins I have yet to play it and I own the PS3 and Vita versions.
        Although I really enjoy 2D mario, NSMB2 is by no means a system seller to me.
        Like I said, so far Ninty has shown ZERO games. (for me).

        I do want Tank!Tank!Tank! Though. The arcade game is fun!

        • TerrenceG9

          When exactly did you become my gaming twin? I agree with everything you said…

          • Malcolm Reynolds

            Not sure TerrenceG9 but weshould share our soon to be 837 digit WiiU friend codes so we can play Tank!(cubed) together sometime!

      • Also, Scribblenauts Unlimited! Still not much, but it is a game worth noting.

        • Malcolm Reynolds

          If you say so.

  • rockman29

    Good price point. Impulse buys are welcome, and the appeal of the dual screen is there.

    Great stuff, Ninty. Well played.

  • hush404

    I’ve been assuming this from day one… because you’re going to have a hard sell at anything higher than that.

  • $300s is a pretty good price for a new console. It still is a lot though, I am going to wait and see if any cool JRPGs get released on the Wii U before I decide to get it or not.