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Sony: PlayStation 4 games “are in development”
posted on 06.06.12 at 02:11 PM EST by (@salromano)
But they're "not talking about when the machine is coming out."

Sony Computer Entertainment America’s senior vice president Scott Rohde is a rather blunt man when it comes to answering questions, it seems.

Asked whether he anticipates PlayStation 4 coming out within the next couple of years, and if he can confirm whether games are in development for the platform, Rohde told GameTrailers: “We’re not talking about when the machine is coming out, but I think anyone on the planet knows that, of course, games are in development.”

Why didn’t Sony show PlayStation 4 this year?

“It’s just something that we didn’t feel was important to bring up this year,” he said. “We had probably five or ten other games that probably deserved stage time today that didn’t get it.”

With seemingly next-generation games appearing at the show (Star Wars 1313, Watch Dogs – although the latter is confirmed for current generation consoles, it could go next-gen), and this generation coming to an end, next year’s E3 may be one to remember.

Screenshot from Square Enix’s Luminous Studio tech demo.

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  • NCloud

    I wouldn’t count this gen out just yet….we still haven’t got Vs yet :P

  • LordKaiser

    AMD CPU = no buy.

    • ApathyIsKey

      @LordKaiser: Who cares if the CPU is AMD or Intel? Is one inherently better than the other?

      • AdamBoy64

        @ApathyIsKey: Well, Intel is on top at the moment. But that doesn’t mean an AMD CPU is going to be bad..

        It’ll probably just mean it can’t be the best processor on earth (which no console will ever have, anyhow – as that would unnecessarily blow out the cost and would destroy sales)

        He’s probably an Intel fanboy (not meaning that as an insult).

  • leokiko

    2013 an ps4 announcement and 2014 for it’s release, is what I’m guessing.

  • Locksus

    So, judging from the latest rumors, the PS4 and the NextBox will launch in 2014, which is fine as I’m happy with the current consoles I have.

  • Mmm..Good idea But Long long Time 2014

    i Wish There Something news About FFVX…

  • Kurai Warrior

    Okay so Versus XIII, The Last Guardian, Agent, and Beyond Good and Evil 2 are all running out of time to get their sh*t together. Next gen is coming.

  • hush404

    Another year with this gen is prob smart. Other wise they’d be scrambling like Nintendo is with the WiiU to pump out a system that’s not ready.

    • AdamBoy64

      @hush404: I wouldn’t say that Nintendo’s exactly scrambling with the Wii U.. it’s been in development for at least a year.

  • Gaara D. Dragon

    What he actually said was… nothing !

    Even with the PS4 out nothing says that games like the The Last Guardian can’t be released for the PS3, Sony continues to support their consoles for many years.

  • lordshihan

    Versus is going next gen…

    • Gaara D. Dragon


      I insist, some of you are confusing Sony with…perhaps Microsoft who kill off a console as soon as the next gen comes.

      Persona 4 came out in 2008 for the PS2, and thats a grand title. Don’t confuse the impulsive and blind amarican market with the rest of the world.

      The only reason Versus or the last guardian or whatever game skipping this gen is simply cause the development team fell apart. Especially Versus, now we know Square has far bigger plans for the next gen.

      I predict the PS3 will be ahead in sales by the time Versus comes out and it will probably be one of the very last big PS3 titles so it will sell easy more than 5 mil. Quote me on this !

  • rockman29

    If they announce it for E3 2013, they should hit the market at Holiday 2013.

    There’s just not enough excuses on Earth to miss the holiday season, seriously. Unless it’s heading for Holiday 2014, in which case that is simply too far away.

    • Kobracon

      @rockman29:Well….which holiday season of which country? Countries other than US have wildly different seasons (some don’t even have seasons) but if anything, I’m sure Sony would look at Japan’s seasons more than most.

  • rockman29

    Also… imagine Gran Turismo 6 as a launch title for PS4…………………………

    Ughhh………… the mind races… it’s starting again! Exciting stuff!

  • Zero

    According to the wall street journal article from a few weeks ago…

    “Sony is planning a 2013 release for the successor to its PlayStation 3 console.”

    Most folks agree that the wall street journal is a pretty reliable source.

    I think it is happening, they might even announce the new console before e3 next year. Perhaps at CES?

    I honestly felt like the PS4 was the big purple elephant in the room during the sony e3 conference this year. We could see it, but Sony just ignored it and avoided bringing it up.

    All of those future enhancements to PSN? We expected a bunch of that to come up. Sony more or less avoided a bunch of that, like it was meant for something else. They did talk a bit about PSN, but the streaming rumors for example were a no show. (Perhaps lots of that is for PS4.)

    I honestly believe they rehearsed two different conferences. If MS would have said anything about the next xbox, they would have went with Conference A, and talked more about the future. Instead that didn’t happen, so they went with Conference B.

    I said it before, I think the PS4 is coming soon. I more or less believe the wall street journal article.

    Sony had great success releasing the PS2 early before the competition, they hope to repeat that success with the PS4.

  • yurixtaka

    -clap- omg sony congrats on showing something that could be made on the ps3 wow i’m so surprise not -__- this looks like ps3 graphics

    • Sal Romano

      @yurixtaka: What are you talking about?

  • well, I’m happy witht the amazing end of the current gen, many blockbusters this year and early 2013

  • kiri25

    @zero the success of the ps2 was not an early launch. The 1st console out was the dream asst which sadly failed the moment ps2 came out. It’s not an early launch that grants success it’s correct marketing, pricing, and of course games. The reason the ps3 launch was so bad is because marketing the system was awful, the price way too high and the games at launch were not that great. it was not until around its 2nd or 3rd yr it really started putting out great games b/c dev. Had started to get use the console. Its not an early launch that grants success it’s correct marketing, pricing and games

    • Zero


      I suppose…

      I think the early launch helped turn the PS2 into a success. I could have said it better.

      The PS2 also was bought heavily because of its ability to play DVDs, believe it or not.

      I still own my Dreamcast, I love that console! With that said, it never had a chance, regardless of when the PS2 released.

      I agree, the PS3 had a terrible launch on all accounts. The price was way to high, but it kinda started with Sony going the cell route.

      Like you said, the great games were late because developers struggled to figure out the PS3. (Some are still having problems today!)

      The 360 benefited from being the first console out, no one can deny that. I think they were trying to copy what sony did with the PS2 back then. Get the hardware out and build a fan-base while the competition catches up.

      I still think if PS3 had launched first, it would have won the console war this generation.

      (Nice post, thanks for the reply.)

      • AdamBoy64

        @Zero: It’s semi-related to what you’re saying. But things I’ve learned from this generation of consoles:

        Sony – Buy their console right away before they start downgrading it to cheapen it up and get more sales.

        Microsoft – Wait a year or two so you get a console you know will function.

        Nintendo – No point waiting around as it’ll be years before they have a price drop.

  • kiri25

    @zero: I agree an early launch can help a system, buts its not the reason a system becomes #1.

    I’ll give 2 examples one is the dreamcast like i mentioned earlier it got outa year before PS2, Xbox and gamecube yet it failed. The second example the Wii was released around the same time as the PS3 and yet it became the #1 selling system outselling both PS3 and 360 despite the fact it was no where near as powerful.

    Another point to look at is the PS2 was still very much alive, so people could wait on the PS3 since the PS2 was still delivering great games. This is also something that helped 360’s early lauch because unlike Sony, MS pulled the plug on the Xbox as soon as the 360 hit forcing ppl to upgrade if they wanted to play an new games.

    With this in mind we know Sony is not going to stop support on the PS3 once the PS4 hits so there really is no need to rush it, and just as the Wii proves, if the PS4’s price is correct, it offers something fresh and never before seen, and provides a strong launch of great games it can afford to be released a year after the new box and still come out on top. Who knows it could even possibly kill the new box like the PS2 did with dreamcast.

    • Zero


      Very true. What you said also kinda leads into some of the mistakes each of the big 3 made this generation.


      I agree an early launch can help a system, buts its not the reason a system becomes #1.

      I couldn’t agree more. You made me realize something about he point I’m trying to make. It kinda scares me to be honest….

      I think what we are discussing is a great way to explain how video games have changed.

      In the past, great software was the reason a system dominated and took the top spot.

      It was still true last generation, and what you said about the PS2 proves that. With its amazing diverse library of games, people didn’t feel the need to upgrade to the expensive PS3 at launch.

      So what gives? How did Microsoft manage to more or less take the #1 spot? Why did Nintendo take over for a small bit of time, only to see the Wii die out quickly?

      In the early parts of the 360 life cycle, did it have dominant software? Great exclusive games? Not really… The first one that comes to mind is Dead Rising from Capcom. That was not a system seller. Gears of War was the first big system selling game for the 360. Followed by Halo 3.

      Despite how good those games did… they didn’t really make MS a dominant number one. Everyone felt like Sony could easily come back and overcome them.

      Nintendo announces the Wii, it becomes a success over night more or less. Motion gaming was hot, everyone wanted this new exciting experience. It was supposed to change gaming. The console was released and achieved great success out of the gate. Core gamers got a slap in the face more or less, most of the “games” were just awful. Motion gaming was very gimmicky. The word “fad” started to be tossed around, and sure enough the Wii started to lose its spark, the firework fizzled.

      Meanwhile, Sony is trying to figure out how to get back into the console war. They do something smart, the thing long time fans expect them to do. Stick to their guns. Great games won them the console wars in the past, it will work again.

      They see how 3rd party developers are going multi-platform, the day of exclusives from them is long gone. They secure talent, and build an amazing line up of first party studios. They reach out and help developers unlock the power of the cell.

      They do everything right. And yet, they still find themselves in last place… why? What happened? What changed?

      Video games changed. Everyone plays games now, everyone is a “gamer” now. All the new consumers turned gaming into a business. What used to be about crafting new artistic like experiences, turned into pumping out new versions of whatever thing is selling well.

      This has changed the console war… no! It has just changed video games. Everything is different… what worked before doesn’t really apply here.

      It’s something I’ve been trying to deny… Video Games are changing is what I say. Wrong! Video Games have already changed, the wheels are already turning.

      This is why I think whoever releases first is going to win. If it turns into the hot new cool thing, people will race out to buy it. Gamers, sure… we will be skeptical about a new console. What games does it have?

      The average consumer? Not so much. It has cool media features! All my friends have it!

      Microsoft more or less has found great success because of that. It released first, it turned into the cool thing to buy.

      Sony watched this happen. The best thing about Sony is, they still care about making those great games. If they continue doing that, but release before the competition. I think it is the right recipe for success in this era of video games.

  • kiri25

    @zero: I agreee with you but i will add one point and that region.

    If your talking about America i’d say an early lead for Sony could help assuming the points i listed earlier are met, but if say your talking about Japan the PS4 could release 2 yrs after the tne box and outsell it in week.

    So how did MS beat Sony? Its because it released 1st and because the PS2 was very a strong console. By releasing a year before Sony ppl got to see the new shiny graphics and what the next gen could do causing ppl to want it, so because ppl could get the newest graphics b4 PS3 they bought it (very similar to how the dreamcast worked “new pretty graphics i want!”). The second part to this was as i mentioned aboved the strength of the PS2. Its because the PS2 was still releasing great games a good 2 or 3 yrs after the PS3 that ppl didnt feel the need to hurry out and get the PS3.

    I think for MS a 1st strike option is a must for them as they have no real exclusives and need the “what’s new” to help drive them to success, where Sony on the other hand can wait, as they have so many exclusives that it can afford to let MS release its hardware 1st. I have no doubt that the PS3 will still have a good amount of strength in it to compete against the new Box just as the PS2 was able to hold its on against the 360.

    Anyway i hope Sony does release 1st because if they do they can take away that “what’s new” from MS and force them to either get off their butts and makes games or get out of the game!

    • Zero


      Nice having a fun discussion with you. :)