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Rumor: “Xbox 720” doc details 2013 launch, Kinect 2
posted on 06.16.12 at 01:04 PM EST by (@salromano)
Six times the power of Xbox 360; Fortazela Glasses.

A purported leaked document from Microsoft has provided first details on its Xbox 360 successor, or “Xbox 720,” as it’s referenced, and the successor to Kinect, if the source is accurate.

A 56-page, detailed report, the document lists a 2013 release for Xbox 720 and “Kinect V2,” which it claims is necessary due to the likelihood of declining Xbox 360 sales next year, the launch of “gen 8 consoles” from Sony and Nintendo, and “new threats” from Apple TV and Google TV.

It cites Xbox 360’s limitations as “no full fidelity AAA Games + Kinect V1 sensor,” no support for a full range of XTV platform scenarios, lacking modern entertainment capabilities (“Blu-ray, Native 3D,” and “2x1080p in/out”), and the inability to run “multiplexed or concurrent applications and services.”

As far as what Xbox 720 will include, it says it will boast six times the performance of Xbox 360, and have a “native XTV/video STB,” “V1/V2 Kinect sensor processing,” “connectivity for glassses/sensors/peripherals,” “dedicated resources for next gen gameing,” “dedicated resources for Xbox 360 gaming,” and “true 1080p and full 3D.”

In terms of specs, we’re looking at:

  • Core Architecture
    • Application
      • CPU Cores – 6-8x ARM/X86 @ 2GHz
      • GPU – 64ALU @ 1GHz
    • Back-Compat
      • CPU Cores – 3x PPC @ 3.2GHz
    • EDRAM – >32MB
    • Memory – 4GB, 128bit DDR4QoS for App Pool
    • Mass FLASH Storage – MLC
    • System
      • CPU Core – 2x ARM/X86 @ 2GHz
      • GPU – 48ALU @ 500MHz
    • Security System
    • Video/Audio Accel – 2HD Dec, 1HD Enc, DSP, XMA
    • Video Output – Flexible Resize / Compositing / 3D
    • NUI Offloal – Skeletal Tracking Accel.
    • Base IO – USB3.0, HDMI, DisplayPort, GigE,PCI-E, SATA, 802.11n
    • Device Specific IO – HSDPA, WiMAX, W-HDMI, ATSC,DisplayPort, LVDS

Its expected system cost is approximately $225. Compared to its competition, it expects Nintendo to launch what it labels as “Wii2” and Sony to launch “PS4” for “<$249” and “<$399,” respectively. It aims to make Xbox 720 “the ONLY box you need for premium living room entertainment.”

Kinect V2 is listed as including “improved voice recognition,” “better 3D play space recognition,” “four player concurrent tracking,” “dedicated HW processing,” and “better HD RGB camera.” That’s all in addition to “higher accuracy” and “stereo imaging vs mono.” It will also support four-person play.

Also mentioned in the document is “Fortaleza,” a pair of glasses to launch in 2014 that will allow players to “interact with the world in a revolutionary way.” Listed bulletpoints include:

  • Platform (Xbox 720) – breakthrough heads up and hands free device.
  • Sensors (Kinect) – seamless integration of the digital world with the physical world.
  • Content / Transitioning (Games and Movies) – contextual applications and experiences for your life.
  • Services (Xbox LIVE) – real time information on people, places and objects.
  • 3 Screen (Tablets and Phones) – largest and most immersive screen, in the living room and on the go.

The document also includes note of Xbox SmartGlass, which was just announced last week at E3, lending it some credibility. The fact that it’s 56 pages helps, as well. (Who would waste so much time creating a 56-page fake?) Even so, it could just as well be a dupe. Anyhow, there’s much more in the actual document. Read it in full here.

Thanks, NeoGAF.

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  • yurixtaka

    In my opinion by the look of this xbox 720 is stupid and should cancelled for life. Microsoft go die and stay making computers. Nintendo & Sony Forever. Microsoft is lame.

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    • rockman29

      @yurixtaka: Microsoft doesn’t make computers dood.

      • yurixtaka

        @rockman29: OMG REALLY?? YOU’RE SO SMART!!! NOT dude get your info right lol

        • Sal Romano

          @yurixtaka: They don’t make computers. They make operating systems for computers. You should probably get your info right.

          • yurixtaka

            @Sal Romano: LOL You guys are idiots omg you’re acting like if i don’t do that anyways dude are you sure you’re not gay ? you’re like disturbing me so why not do yourself a favor and get a life instead of replying some random dude opinion

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            • zerolegacy0

              @yurixtaka: You DO realize Sal is the owner of this site, right?

    • BizarreJelly

      @yurixtaka: Careful, your retarded fanboyisms are showing.

      • yurixtaka

        @BizarreJelly: Retarded fanboyisms? By that you mean you right lol idiot get a life and i don’t care about you, so like no need to reply to my opinions.

        • Sal Romano

          @yurixtaka: Sigh.

          “By that you mean you right.”

          I think, considering he replied to your comment, that he was actually talking about you.

          “Microsoft go die and stay making computers.”

          Yeah, he was talking about you.

          Try not to comment if you’re going to post things like that. You don’t have to like anyone or anything, but be constructive, and start a healthy discussion. What about “the look” (what look? there aren’t any pictures of the device) don’t you like? Why is it “stupid” and “should be cancelled for life?”

          • yurixtaka

            @Sal Romano: Aww look at you trying to be smart cool story man but why waste your time on me?

            • Locksus

              You really need to show people some respect and grow up.

          • rockman29

            @Sal Romano: Sal, I think you should probably make a bit of an example here…

            Calling people ‘gay’ in a derogatory form and stupid and such is probably prima facie enough to think of post deletion or even a temp ban.

            Even just using the eff word in general towards other posters is not cool. Not something I want to see on this nice site.

            Just saying. You’re the admin, so it’s up to you.

            • zerolegacy0

              @rockman29: I think public mockery is a better deterrent against trolling. Unless this guy is serious, in which case a ban might be more effective.

            • Sal Romano

              @rockman29: Yeah, that comment pushed it over the edge quite a bit. It’s even more disrespectful when you’re trying to be rational with someone, and you get a response like that.

              I’ve gone ahead and banned his e-mail/IP (first ban of the site).

              The situation’s making me consider looking into an alternative comment system for the site – one where users can moderate and force-hide comments like these. I’m thinking of Disqus – their new 2012 update looks gorgeous – but I want to see if I’d be able to integrate it with registration on the site.

    • @yurixtaka: shut up please

    • @yurixtaka: Microsoft is lame? How? What did you get from them that is lame? The only thing negative about them is not having an extensive portfolio of first party exclusives compared to Sony and Nintendo. What they do right is stand out in different ways though and still push some quality first party titles. I can tell you wont care since you seem to have a blind hatred toward Microsoft.

  • kiri25

    MS knows the 360 is dead which is why they are not showing up at Gamescon and TGS. I suspect once the 720 releases MS will abandon the 360 just like they did with the xbox in order to force ppl to upgrade and also they need the “what new” hype in order to sell their crap.

    I know Japan will ignore it, EU i believe will mostly ignore it, but sadly my country the US will buy into it :(

    • BizarreJelly

      @kiri25: The 360 is in no danger of dying actually, not in America or Europe at least. Microsoft are on profit, the only company that is suffering from financial losses currently is Sony. And as much as we all hate it, putting focus on media instead of games attracts alot of the casual non-gaming audience, which is generating big $$$ 360s are cheap and come with all those media apps. If the next Xbox has big game support as well as all the entertainment support then they’re not going anywhere.

    • hush404

      @kiri25: The graphic of the family bowling says it all. :(

  • Rafi

    Just waiting for an Xbox vs PS3 vs Wii U fanboy civil war to break out…

    • rockman29

      @Rafi: But fanboyism is like nationality, so technically it’s not a civil war. The other countries/console kingdoms must be crushed!

      Hail to the Empire!

  • I’m no fan of Microsoft, but I would never say this looks like a bad system. I’m just looking forward to seeing if Sony will actually release the PS4 before this new Xbox. The next gen is going to be epic! :D

  • big drew

    I have the PS3, 360, and Nintendo Wii. I love the consoles, they are all great. Each console has its own uniqueness so comparing them among each other, in my opinion, is pointless. The industry is competitive and the concept of “fanboy,” which is basically the term “preference,” is used to make these consoles sell. If your preference is 360, PS3 or the Wii, that is fine. But do not use your preferences as a tool to condescend a new idea of another company you may not be to fond of. Anyway, my preference is the PS3, i just like to see what Microsoft has planned for the future. lol that is why i am on this page. No offense to anyone.

    • BizarreJelly

      @big drew: Well said! :)

    • rockman29

      @big drew: You can’t sit on the fence. You must take sides and FIGHT TO THE DEATH FOR CONSOLE HONOUR!

  • KingOptimus111

    I bet if Microsoft announce the next xbox next monday ( Sony will announce the next Playstation at Gamescom or TGS 2012

  • howardmoonish

    225 is nowhere near realistic for that, imo.

  • Malcolm Reynolds

    I have been known to ruffle some feathers here quite often.

    I too hate MS.

    But seriously, Sal Ramano runs this site. Show him a LITTLE respect and stop being a douche.

    Why not try English when posting instead of that pitiful bastardization of language that you have been using.

    Fricking noobs. If you’re gonna troll, at least try a little harder. My God must I do everything?!?

    • Locksus

      @Malcolm Reynolds:
      Lol well at least you can be taken seriously whereas he cannot :D You’re really my favourite troll ever =D

      No, seriously, I love you.

  • JTX09

    Well this is just messed up.

  • Zero

    I started to read some of the comments for this article when…

    Edit: Staying on topic. This document leak is interesting. My guess is that a portion of it is indeed true. I still question the suggested release date and price point.

  • Malcolm Reynolds


    Thanks man. I love you too!

    /runs in slow motion towards Locksus, arms outstretched while chariots of fire plays in the background.

  • I just wanna play Agnis Philosophy Final Fantasy ok? Don’t matter where, but next gen for me is on Playstation 4, not Xbox Whatever

    • Miranda Lawson

      @mateuspradosousa: I agree, Agnis Philosophy looks really cool!

  • barklight

    I couldn’t careless about the premium living room entertainment or motion gaming etc, i just want to sit down in my comfy couch playing good games with my controller.

  • Malcolm Reynolds

    @barklight: then based honestly at the actions of MS as it pertains to securing and releasing good exclusive games for their consoles since Nov 2001, you would do well to seek GAMING elsewhere next gen.

  • Rydak

    I’d say it looks pretty legitimate, but wow, they said it themselves: “no full fidelity AAA Games.” That’s not necessarily a hardware problem that warrants a new console, though. Does this mean that next E3 and they announce it, there’s actually going to be a lot of GAMES to be shown? Don’t get me wrong, I think the concept of SmartGlass is neat, but I don’t think that belongs at E3. I’m a gamer, and I want to see what new games are coming out. I don’t care if this and the PS4 end up having almost the same specs, I’m going to lean toward whatever console shows me games that would warrant my purchase of that console. And in my opinion, I’d say that ball is in Sony’s court.

    Let’s take a look at Nintendo’s conference with the Wii U. I was interested in seeing what kind of games or possible system seller they were going to present, but Reggie took up a lot of time saying how they have so much to show and they don’t have enough time to show everything, and then we got NintendoLand.

    These types of things can be neat and fun to mess around with, but I’m not sold on that stuff. I just want my games. T_T

    At least it seems the developers have the devkits and will be able to show games along with the announcement of the new consoles… hopefully.

    • Zero


      I couldn’t agree more, you real life buddy of mine you. +1

  • incredibilistic

    Noticed there’s no mention of a Blu-ray in the specs but I really don’t see a way around this.

    Uncharted 3 is stated as filling an entire dual-layer 50GB Blu-ray disc. Goes without saying that games will have even better graphics, more complex animations, physics, increased AI intelligence, effects, etc. That takes up space which means games that will eclipse Uncharted 3 in the next generation.

    So, does anyone really want to download a 90GB game? Don’t forget that your ISP is watching the amount of bandwidth you’re using and in most cases setting up hard and fast data caps.

    Even being conservative at 40GB imagine having an entire library of full-retail games (15 games at 40GB would be approximately 600GB), a handful of smaller XBL games (averaging 3GB), demos, movies (1080p, lossy sound, 3D), full albums, pictures, apps; the HDD in this sucker would have to be no less than 10 to 20 terabytes with the ability to expand the memory to a petabyte.

    Hell, maybe an exabyte (million terabytes for those keeping count) if we’re talking about a 10-year lifecycle. Maybe I’m overestimating but if the average game is 90GB instead of 40GB then you’ll need insane amounts of space.

    Almost forgot about map packs and add-ons. Yeah, definitely an exabyte.

  • vertical09

    LMFAO I cant believe i missed this XD