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First Look: Ys Celceta’s visual improvement
posted on 06.20.12 at 11:36 AM EST by (@salromano)
Ys IV toned up for PlayStation Vita remake. has gone live with its online preview of Ys Celceta: Sea of Trees, which is the first we’ve seen of the game since its Tokyo Game Show reveal last year.

Shown in the site’s low-res, watermarked shots is the town, a forest field, drama scenario, and battle. In the field, players will experience a morning, noon, and evening time cycle. In the forest, specifically, players will hear noises such as birds chirping to gain a sense of actual presence. In battle, players can attack using the face buttons, and direct party members by use of the touch screen. You will also be able to launch your opponent into the air and perform a group “Aerial Combo,” as well.

Ys Celceta is due for PlayStation Vita on September 27 in Japan. View the Famitsu shots below. To see what it looked like last year, see this story.


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  • chinglee

    Not a fan of Red’s new design but everything else looks great ^_^

  • RyoonZ

    Another work for Xseed.
    Xseed you could take your time honestly, I can wait 2 year for this game. (No sarcasm)

  • Wow, stunning! Looking forward to seeing this in other platforms, though.

    • KingOptimus111

      You know its not going to happen.

  • LordKaiser

    It looks better and I hope they keep improvement to the point it looks fully HD.

  • Skelter

    Link’s eternal rival… that design for Adol! I can’t wait to hear the remastered soundtrack….Oath in Felghana’s remaster was LETHAL ! and let’s not even mention Y’s Seven’s soundtrack :O……my ears are ready.

  • LordKaiser

    So this is the Canon Ys IV finally.

  • KingOptimus111

    Looks good, hope it comes to North America.

  • Zero

    Website has gone live in Japan.

    Google translate tells me something is written on the site about a special version of the game.

    Edit: They changed the name to Ys Foliage Ocean in Celceta ? Guess so.
    Edit 2: Seems like they did, according to a few other websites.