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343 hiring for ‘groundbreaking new Halo experience’
posted on 06.13.12 at 01:21 PM EST by (@salromano)
Halo 5 already in development?

Halo developer 343 Industries went live with an interesting job advert yesterday.

“343 Industries is looking for an experienced Creative Director to lead and deliver a groundbreaking new AAA entertainment experience set in the Halo universe,” it reads. “This is an exciting and rare opportunity to impact the future of one of the industry’s most successful franchises.

“The Creative Director will be part of the core team that defines and drives the vision while providing a source of inspiration, leadership, creative focus, and most importantly, a guiding light for the project team.”

What could the team be creating? Halo 5? It’s possible. Halo 4 was announced as the start of a new trilogy. Though, we wouldn’t expect work on the title to begin even before Halo 4 is out the door. A new Halo spinoff? Possible. We haven’t seen one of those since Halo Wars in 2009 (though, ODST and Reach may also be considered spinoffs).

We’ll just have to stay tuned to find out!

Thanks, NowGamer.

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  • Halo: ODST 2?

    I’d be okay with that. I thoroughly enjoyed Halo: ODST.

  • kiri25

    Milk it to death MS and once no cares for it anymore your system can finally die because with out Halo the xbox is nothing.

  • Malcolm Reynolds

    Halo: Now Better With Kinect!

    • @Malcolm Reynolds:

      That reminds me! Microsoft said that all of their first party games will use Kinect in some way, yet Halo 4’s use of Kinect hasn’t been outed yet.

      I wonder what it will be…probably just switching weapons like in Anniversary.

      • Kevin Grismore

        @Acidicsam: Halo 4 will not use Kinect.

  • Zero

    Hmmmm? Are they finally trying to replace Ryan Payton? Sounds like it.

    This might also be a project for the nextbox.

  • KingKelloggTheWaffleHaggler

    How about you leave halo alone and cancel 4 >:| seriously this game looks like crap