Skyrim 'Dawnguard' DLC arrives this summer - Gematsu
Skyrim ‘Dawnguard’ DLC arrives this summer
posted on 05.01.12 at 02:42 PM EST by (@salromano)
More details at E3 next month.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim‘s first piece of download content, ‘Dawnguard’, will arrive first on Xbox 360 this summer, Bethesda has teased.

The publisher released the above teaser image today, and said to expect more details at E3 next month.

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  • DjangoRaijin

    Like I said before two words “dragon riding” nuff said.

    • Rafi

      You will riding dragon ?. Ok fine…, then i will bring you down with “JOOR ZAH FRUL”.

  • DjangoRaijin

    @Rafi lol I comepletly forgot about that but since no one besides me and the graybeards can use shouts in my game those kneeless guards are mine and ohdaviings.

    • Rafi

      Nooo !!………, ODAHVIING ?. Damn it, now i must beat Alduin ?….., crap !!

  • lordshihan

    I want to be excited about this, but I know in some way or another Bethesda will screw this up. Especially for PS3 owners, we always get the shaft…

  • sicksniper256

    I would have been more excited about this, but then I took a dragonslayer arrow to the face. Now I have to go touch my bloodstain.

  • Dystopiq

    One, I am glad. More of Skyrim is always an amazing thing. Two, I can understand the lack of a date for PS3 due to the difference in programming and architecture for that platform, which we all know is slightly fickle and tricky, but nothing for PC? Seriously? This lack of info better mean a PC version of the DLC that’s soul crushingly amazing. Also, I hope they fix the current issues with 1.5 like unable to load some saves that are outside and the crashes. Lastly, I can’t wait!