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Persona 4 Golden: Rise’s Persona evolution, additional activities
posted on 05.09.12 at 02:55 PM EST by (@sqexgal)
Catch bugs and draw fortune slips.

A Famitsu leak last night revealed a new bug catching element and Persona evolution for Persona 4 Golden. The publication’s online preview today shares further details.

Rise’s Persona Evolution

The constantly evolving Persona of Rise Kujikawa is called “Kanzeon.” She acts as a navigator in battle, spontaneously providing various logistical support actions like analyzing the enemy’s stats at the beginning of a battle, healing your party members, or strengthening their stats.

Other abilities include “Assist” where she lends a hand when the main character is weak and it looks like you’ll lose the battle and “Cheer Up” where she’ll attack the enemies when they are weak.


Also revealed are a few everyday activities that your character can participate in, like fishing and taking a part time job. You can also spend time at a Shinto shrine catching bugs or drawing fortune slips.

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  • Kobracon

    Hmm…don’t remember Kanzeon’s evolved form looking like THAT…

    • whiteferrero

      @Kobracon: it’s new. says another article on the site. anyway, i’m not sure i like this one either. and i didn’t like the original one.

      • Kobracon

        @whiteferrero: lol Its the face isn’t it? She needs a face….