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Rumor: Sony “confident” PS4 out before next Xbox
posted on 04.02.12 at 02:35 PM EST by (@admeady)
Xbox Next to employ "always-on" DRM, says source.

Sony is “confident” that the PlayStation 4 will reach the market before Microsoft’s successor to the Xbox 360, according to a report by VG247

Citing an undisclosed source, the gaming enthusiast website was reportedly told that the system will launch before Christmas 2013 – the period in which Microsoft’s next console is rumored to launch.

The site was also told that Sony “are completely in the belief that they have the jump on Microsoft this time,” and that people should note the order of next-year’s E3 press briefings.

Another source told the site that all next-generation platforms will be released by 2014. They also said that “top line publishers already know about it,” referencing Ubisoft as an example, and that the majority of developers will be in the know by the end of this year.

Additional information will be disclosed to developers under a non-disclosure agreement in May.

It is also rumored that Sony will abandon a custom-built API for the platform, instead opting to use DirectX coupled with AMD hardware. The company is said to be creating a development environment similar to the PC and Xbox.

Sony reportedly intends for the PlayStation 4 and Vita to connect in a manner similar to the Wii-U and its touchscreen controller, with the company altering the handheld’s launch hardware for this very purpose.

Recent rumors have said the PlayStation 4 is codenamed “Orbis,” and would launch with an anti-used games system and require a net connection to play games.

Xbox Next specs

VG247 also reports that Microsoft’s next system is to have a Blu-ray drive and will require an “always-on” internet connection for anti-piracy measures.

Said to be powered by AMD hardware, according to a source, the console will have two GPUs and a “four or six” core CPU. Two of which will be reserved: one for the operating system; one for Kinect.

A next-gen iteration of Kinect will also be built into the system.

The report echoes a Kotaku rumor from late January.

Whilst one source claims that both platforms will be revealed at E3 2012, Microsoft’s Cedrick Delmas and Sony’s Kazuo Hirai have both denied the appearance of new hardware this year.

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  • vertical09

    Well damn >_>

  • Kougeru

    would be a good idea..considering the only reason 360 has more total sales then ps3 is because of the 1-year head-start 360 had over ps3.

    • AdamBoy64

      @Kougeru: And a lot of people repurchasing their 360’s because of the failure rate.

      • @AdamBoy64: not a good excuse. People like me got a replclacement free of charge as well thousands of other people. Besides that, itvwould have led the way for q shift for some to the PS3. Either way you look at it, it wasnt good for Sony. Getting beat by console who refuses to more reliable hardware and microsoft still outsells Sony in the States.

        • AdamBoy64

          @Keegs79: What was/is the warranty though? 1 Year?

          I would have thought that the PS3 would outsell the X360 in the end because of it’s longer lifespan. Hence why being a few mil down wasn’t such an issue.

          Perhaps the PS3 will have a far shorter lifetime than expected though.

  • FinalFantasy_fangirl

    More rumors are coming about the next systems so I wonder if the announcement will come this year at E3 or TGS. I hope the PS4 will have a good launch lineup from 3rd parties because Im really not into their first party games. I didnt get a PS3 until MGS4. The only bad thing with the upcoming new Xbox and PS4 is the ignorant fanboy wars will be reignited full blast.

    • Locksus

      I won’t be looking forward to the full-scale war :I I can wait for the new consoles though, I am in no hurry.

    • hush404

      @FinalFantasy_fangirl: Sadly yes. I’ve already seen fanboy stuff going on. Though, I see more PC vs Console stuff as PC gamers just dismiss consoles altogether.

      • FinalFantasy_fangirl


        The console wars die out but PC guys will always boast because the latest tech comes out every year. Im a PC gamer not like I use to be but I never got into that bs of whose better. I just like to play good games regardless of platform.

  • Zero

    I hope the negative reactions on the internet make them think twice about the rumored DRM both consoles might have.

    Having to be connected just to play offline games is garbage.

    I don’t think consoles need that crap. Hell, I’d rather keep the online pass system.

    Not that I like it either, but at least you can still buy a used (borrow a friends) game that way, the lesser of two evils.

    • FinalFantasy_fangirl


      DRM is suicide because not everybody has a internet connection because I know quite a few people who are not connected. Consoles arent ready to be always connected.

  • rockman29

    Still not happy that Sony is going with AMD.

    Sony made a mistake with the RSX with PS3. the 7000 series from Nvidia was nothing special, and behind their ATI counterparts. On top of that, the RSX on it’s own was a weak piece of silicon.

    Now Sony going to AMD is just making the worse graphics choice again… I assume the deal must be better financially… well… it better be. Something, and something very, very good, better be worth not going with the clearly better graphics architecture which is part of Nvidia’s 600 series GPUs. More performance, less heat, lower cost. I’m not sure who made the decision here, but it sucks really badly.

    I find the DirectX option more interesting than anything else though. To be honest, that is probably a good decision in the current scheme of things. At the same time… it’d still be better with Nvidia, DirectX or not. Nvidia’s technology for DX11.1 and tessellation, at least from my very uninformed opinion, seems just so much better than AMD’s current solution it is embarrassing. I hope AMD has some ace up their sleeve, or PS4 owners like myself are going to have to suffer another failed opportunity with the GPU. Nvidia’s tessellation performance is in the range of 3x better than AMD…

  • KingOptimus101

    They should release it first since xbox was being a pussy and decided to release xbox first this gen. I just hope they don’t rush it and have to deal with hardware problems.

  • KingKelloggTheWaffleHaggler

    The nextbox has the same rumors about anti used stguff too =\

  • LordKaiser

    LOL AMD CPU from the company who let Intel dominate fully by failing with the Bulldozer. I won’t support any console who makes me register a product. Or they make a product who satisfy my needs or I don’t buy. I hope stores like Gamestop Boycot this. It’s time for the second video game crash.

  • lordshihan

    Who cares… The PS3 has another 5-1o years. Leave the next gen to Microsoft and Nintendo. Long love the PS3!!

  • Malcolm Reynolds

    @Keegs and Adamboy:

    I personally bought 4 brand new xbox 360’s after each previous one died. I will never buy an MS product again b/c of this. My first 360 died 15 months after launch. Out of warranty and at that time MS still denied RRoD was even a problem. They retroacted the 3yr warranty months after I purchased my second unit.

    My friend who is a diehard xbox fan and will purchase 100 xbox’s if the first 99 die has also purchased 4 units at this point. He wont use the warranty either b/c like me he doesnt want another nasty fools refurbed unit sent back to him.

    Thats 8 sales for MS between two people. I know zero people on their first xbox. Everyone I know is on their 2nd but I know people in the double digits. The highest being 12. Not all were brand new replacement purchases but many were.

    Now either my circle of friends and aquaintences are suffering from aspergers or its quite possible that like most stupid people in America we are/were gluttons for punishment and played the battered wife and crawled back to MS, money in hand, many times over just to keep our achievements in tact and to stay connected to our friends on LIVE.

    Some of us walked away. Many still suffer from Stockholm syndrome. Lets not forget that the first 3 yrs of xboxes produced are now no longer covered by any warranty whatsoever. Those first 3 yrs being the worst xbox’s produced. A total of close to 30million+ units.
    Those people either can pay for a repair, buy used or buy new. Im betting most buy new. Adding to the overall HW sales total. Lets not discount that b/c some people cant afford a new unit and have to use the warranty.

    As for the PS3 having a shorter lifespan????
    Sony isnt going to pull a Ninty or MS and immediately cease production on the PS3 just b/c the Orbis has launched. The PS2 is still selling as is the psp although their successors are already on the market and in PS3’s case has been on the market for 5.5 yrs. The PS3 will eclipse the 360 in sales and will be the 3rd Sony home console to surpass 100 million units sold in its lifetime.