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Atlus takes over Dragon’s Crown
posted on 04.19.12 at 09:45 PM EST by (@salromano)
Vanillaware PS3 and Vita action RPG now due in 2013.

Dragon’s Crown is still in production, but it’s no longer being published by Ignition Entertainment. Atlus have taken to the PlayStation Blog tonight to reveal that they’ve assumed publishing responsibility for the Vanillaware-developed PlayStation 3 and PS Vita action RPG. 

“Atlus is taking over publishing duties in Japan and North America,” said Atlus sales manager Aram Jabbari. “What’s more, key (and very talented) members of the Atlus internal development team will be involved with the project as producer(s). You know, some of the people who’ve worked on games in the critically acclaimed Persona series. Yeah, we know: we’re stoked, too!”

The game is now due in 2013. Atlus can not say much more at this point, but did add that the game will not retail for $29.99, as initially believed.

“We don’t know where that price point came from, but it is a logistical impossibility. We’re all gamers and we all wished it could be so, but it would have essentially destroyed any chance for profitability.”

Look out for more news “in the coming months.”

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  • FearMonkey

    1. I’m glad it’s still coming out, 2013 or no.

    2. So…is Ignition dead then?

    3. Also want Grand Knights History.

  • RyoonZ

    Atlus save the day!!!
    It’s okay Atlus as long as release a retail I’ll buy it at higher price. But if you release it for digital I won’t buy even it’s $9.99

    • Kougeru

      @RyoonZ: well, it seems those photos of the boxes are real (most obviously not final art tho) so retail is a high probability. Though…this game is coming out in 2013….even today digital-only release shouldnt be an issue for anyone that can even afford games to begin with

      • RyoonZ

        @Kougeru: I think the possibility of retail is high, from the video interview of Aram Jabbari on CGR, he stated that he loved retail games.

        If they’re going to make both physical retail and digital download, I won’t mind. But if its digital-only, I won’t buy.

  • Malcolm Reynolds

    I fecking love Atlus and I will buy both versions of this game, day 1 at full price.

    That is all.

  • Genesis


  • rockman29

    Barrringggg it Atlussssssssss.

    Luvz yuh :)

  • Zero

    This is a great example of why I love Atlus. :)

  • Kobracon

    Wouldn’t want anyone else doing it!

  • xMCXx

    Is this an indicator for the difficulty of the game? xD