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Halo 4 vidoc, screenshots
posted on 03.05.12 at 09:23 AM EST by (@salromano)
Debut footage of 343's FPS sequel.

Microsoft has gone live with the first look at Halo 4, releasing a four-minute video documentary and two screenshots following its spring showcase event.

The vidoc showcases the first-ever in-game footage of the 343-developed shooter sequel, and also reconfirms the game for a holiday 2012 release on Xbox 360.

Watch the trailer below. Check out the screenshots at the gallery.

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  • rockman29

    Someone should list and then count the buzzwords

    etc etc

    I’m still a Halo fan, but the selling of bigger videogames has gone so beyond the threshold of becoming just formulaic it’s frigging embarassing. Every teaser or video big game now from EA or MS or Activision has the exact same tone, background music, and etc etc…

    It’s just lame.

    • TercaLumireis

      @rockman29: It is embarrassing, but it is creating giant torrents of cash. If stuff like this fuels cool original concepts to go forward like Mirrors Edge 2 then oh well.
      Which I know they have Mirrors Edge 2 like on a hard drive somewhere, just release it guys COME ON

  • Zero

    I thought that was a very impressive ViDoc from 343.

    I’m probably not alone when I say I know very little about the studio and Halo 4’s development.

    This was a promising first look, that’s for sure. It gives me some faith that they can continue the great work Bungie was doing with the franchise.

    One of the only games coming out on the 360 that I’m interested in.

  • Zohar127

    I’m with Rockman. I hate these dev diary/vidoc things.

  • thunderbear

    Looks really good, much better than Halo 3. There’s a lot of aliasing though, that’s my only caveat.