Gravity Rush 2008 concept movie - Gematsu
Gravity Rush 2008 concept movie
posted on 03.16.12 at 06:53 AM EST by (@salromano)
When Gravity Rush was Gravite.

Before Gravity Rush became the PlayStation Vita title it is today, it was a PlayStation 3 game called Gravite. Today, SCE Japan Studio shared a concept video of what it looked like in 2008, before development moved to Vita.

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  • ayman

    I can’t judge if it would be better on PS3 , but I’ll say the colors looks better on PS3 and the last scene of the video (which it’s pictured above) looks detailed

    anyway if the developer felt the decision of switching to Vita was right, I trust their decisions

    can’t wait for this game, I love anything by Keiichiro Toyama & Naoko Sato (she’s the writer), but the problem is I didn’t like any of PS vita titles so far (except Gravity Rush) it’s hard to buy a platform for one game

    • Sal Romano

      @ayman: What types of games are you into? There’s plenty coming in the near future.

      • ayman

        @Sal Romano: lol I remembered some great games by your comment, like Dragon’s crown (I love Vanillaware) & Time travelers…etc

        it’s not that “I didn’t like” I know there’s plenty of fun games, but I want something I love so much, and actually, I’m not that type who like the portable platforms

        so I’m gonna wait until E3 2012, and see what Sony has for PS Vita in the future, I believe it will be something great

  • thunderbear

    2008… wow. Great concept video. Sony was very smart to pick this up.

  • Genesis

    This game is definitely a beauty and a unique gem. The game still has me locked in so of course this will be a day one purchase