Famitsu's Most Wanted: Issue 1214 - Gematsu
Famitsu’s Most Wanted: Issue 1214
posted on 03.08.12 at 08:07 PM EST by (@salromano)
No. 1: Resident Evil 6.

The Famitsu Top 30 surprises continue as yet another title not named Dragon Quest X takes the top spot. This week is Resident Evil 6‘s time to shine. It’s become number one with a total 647 votes. In second place is last week’s top-spotter, Persona 4: The Golden.

It’s worth noting that the overall vote count this week is very low compared to its normal high. When Persona 4: The Golden was on top last week, it had 1039 votes.

Get this week’s full Top 30 below. The second number in each ranking is the game’s position last week.

01/03. [PS3] Resident Evil 6 (Capcom) – 647 votes
02/01. [PSV] Persona 4: The Golden (Atlus) – 616 votes
03/04. [Wii] Dragon Quest X: Rise of the Five Tribes Online (Square Enix) – 602 votes
04/02. [PS3] Dragon’s Dogma (Capcom) – 578 votes
05/05. [3DS] Monster Hunter 4 (Capcom) – 523 votes
06/06. [PSP] Shining Blade (Konami) – 410 votes
07/08. [3DS] Animal Crossing (Nintendo) – 366 votes
08/11. [3DS] Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance (Square Enix) – 358 votes
09/07. [3DS] Fire Emblem: Awakening (Nintendo) – 347 votes
10/10. [PSP] 2nd Super Robot Wars Z Hakai Volume (Namco Bandai) – 260 votes
11/18. [PS3] Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City (Capcom) – 256 votes
12/13. [PS3] Final Fantasy Versus XIII (Square Enix) – 236 votes
13/20. [NDS] Pokemon + Nobunga’s Ambition (Nintendo) – 196 votes
14/12. [3DS] Dragon Quest Mosters: Terry’s Wonderland 3D (Square Enix) – 187 votes
15/14. [3DS] Kid Icarus: Uprising (Nintendo) – 179 votes
16/17. [3DS] Rune Factory 4 (Marvelous AQL) – 178 votes
17/25. [PS3] The Last Remnant (Square Enix) – 177 votes
18/27. [PSP] Yakuza: Black Panther 2 (Sega) – 175 votes
19/22. [PS3] Toki to Towa (Namco Bandai) – 159 votes
20/15. [3DS] Fantasy Life (Level-5) – 156 votes
21/23. [PS3] 2nd Super Robot Wars OG (Namco Bandai) – 145 votes
22/28. [PS3] Lollipop Chainsaw (Kadokawa Games) – 138 votes
23/—. [3DS] Etrian Odyssey IV (Atlus) – 130 votes
24/19. [PSP] God Eater 2 (Namco Bandai) – 124 votes
25/24. [PS3] Persona 4 Arena (Atlus) – 117 votes
26/21. [PS3] The Witch and the Hundred Soldiers (Nippon Ichi Software) – 109 votes
27/26. [PS3] The Last Guardian (SCEJ) – 99 votes
28/30. [PSV] Surge Concerto: Ciel no Suege (Gust Corporation) – 98 votes
29/—. [PS3] Robotics;notes (5pb.) – 95 votes
30/—. [PS3] Tokyo Jungle (SCEJ) – 90 votes

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  • rockman29

    Really looking forward to RE6 also, just had a blast playing a short burst of RE4 this afternoon :)

  • Sal Romano

    Some new Toki to Towa scans – still upset Namco Bandai / Imageepoch hasn’t released any HD screens, yet:

    Sorry for the level of darkness. I can’t find the charger to the camera I usually use for these things.

  • FinalFantasy_fangirl

    Few more weeks The Last Remnant will be at the top.

  • AdamBoy64

    Cool. Versus FFXIII is starting it’s ascent up the ladder again.
    Alas, so is The Last Remnant – in a big way.

  • I’m glad to see Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance up there.

    • FaithlessMr

      As we get closer to the game’s release in Japan, I believe it will keep going up on this list ;)

  • Zero

    I think the low vote count really messed up the list this time.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if the next list is different, if the vote count is back to normal.

    I wonder if the guy who makes this list up at Famitsu got bored? Or maybe he took a break this week and some new guy made up the list?

    I’ll put RE6 on the top this week, maybe capcom will send me cool stuff in the mail! I’ll be sure to send them an email, telling them I’m putting RE 6 at the top this week!

    While I’m at it, let me email Square-Enix, let’s see subject… “LOL TLR #17 :DDDDDDD”

    I’m only kidding. :P

    (I still wouldn’t be surprised if they just make up stuff to put on the list. It would be easy to do, just visit 2ch or something and see what people seem to be excited about.)