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If Final Fantasy Versus XIII was a PSone game…
posted on 02.18.12 at 02:47 PM EST by (@salromano)
It would look something like this.

Wonder why Square Enix is taking so long developing Final Fantasy Versus XIII? Probably because it’s being scrapped and remade as a PSone game.

Obviously, Final Fantasy Versus XIII is not being recreated as a PSone game. I don’t think Sony would allow that, at this point. But NeoGAF member Spats‘ brilliant ‘what if’ rendering of what it would look like on the system shows that we’re all getting a little too tired of waiting, even on PSone, it would look pretty darn good.

Seriously. We’d play it.

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  • rockman29

    It’s not funny when the actually game doesn’t show its face ever.

    • Sal Romano

      @rockman29: This year’s defo the year, I think.


  • hush404

    Sadly, this is the first news we’ve gotten on the title in 6 years ;)

    • warrka

      @hush404: Must be blind because there has been a lot of info given out, and a gameplay trailer last year. They can take all the time in the world for all I care as long as it comes out amazing.

  • FaithlessMr

    If Final Fantasy Versus XIII actually existed…

    We’d know anything concrete about it after six years in the making :3

  • If Final Fantasy Versus XIII was a PSone game….it would probably still not be out yet!

    Seriously though, I like this. A lot.

  • vertical09


  • Blackmage456

    i honestly believe at this point they should scrap the name versus 13 and release this as FF15. The wait for this game is almost as ridiculous as the wait for Half Life 2 Episode 3

    • @Blackmage456: That’s actually a very good idea.

    • Andrew Smith

      @Blackmage456: They could also just release the game already. The idea of ‘rebranding’ or renaming the game has been beaten to death.


      • Sal Romano

        @Andrew Smith: Fixed! ;-)

        Nice to see you around, Andrew.

  • mye89

    I honestly would be 100% fine if SE went back to making PS1 game, at least we’d get a good one once in a while.

  • I will still play it. Versus XIII is my most anticipated game of all time!!!

  • KingKelloggTheWaffleHaggler

    If versus 13 was a ps1 game wed be talking about a remake ;D

  • vertical09

    I honestly wouldnt buy a ps1 game again, especially if that said game was marketed as the best looking jrpg yet and stuff =P
    @mye89 what makes a game good if its on the ps1?

  • Zero

    Hopefully the new engine is almost finished.

    We all agree they made a big mistake announcing it in 2006. They also took for granted what crystal tools could do, and like many Japanese developers and publishers, they highly underestimated HD gaming.

    Looking back at the past they were always quick to support new hardware, usually with a big time game like Final Fantasy #.

    Remember how amazing FF 10 was? one could go back to FF7 as well.

    This didn’t happen with the PS3/360, mainly because of the portable boom in Japan.

    I think the guys up stairs thought they could just ride crystal tools and so they announced the 13 games way early.

    Instead, they went to bat and struck out. Crystal Tools proved to be both good and bad. You can see the limitations and issues it has in the games that use it… 13, 13-2, 14.

    They spent 6 years making an engine that was dated and lacking upon completion.

    The issues with the engine put a huge delay on 13, and it didn’t release until late 09/10.

    What they focused on with crystal tools was successful for the most part, which is the visuals. Where it lacks, is mostly the small things that make up the gameplay department.

    Yoshi P, the new developer on 14, was quick to point out how limited it is with data, to be more specific, the amount of data on the screen at one time.

    It even shows in the console games. After 13 released, president wada said the game didn’t have many towns because making them in HD was to complicated or some crap.

    Which was basically saying, crystal tools has issues with towns, because if you think about it, most towns have lots of characters and stuff on the screen at once.

    What they did with 13-2 is pretty amazing. They took the monstrosity of an engine and using some tricks and polishing, managed to get more out of it.

    The time travel aspect in 13-2, allows them to reuse a crap ton of towns and character data, which was very crafty. They also sacrificed a bit of the visuals to give them more juice to play with.

    FF14 really hurt them, 13/13-2 has been received by fans and non fans with much criticism. The company probably failed to break even profit wise.

    (Which explains the quick release of 13-2 and trying to support it with lots of DLC. They are trying to refill the coffers.)

    They need to start seeing some profits, luckily they made a great move when they got Eidos in 2009.

    (Deus EX really helped.)

    On September 21, Nomura revealed the game’s lighting will be done using Square Enix’s new Luminous Studio engine, while the gameplay mechanics will be done by an engine developed specifically for the game.

    In other words, crystal tools could not handle Versus, and that really should not be a surprise.

    So, why did I type all of this? First, this is the short version of explaining this.

    I see people in every Square-Enix article on this site mention Versus. I’m also very annoyed by this long absurd development process.

    I understand why it is taking so long though.

    I’m not saying anyone should forgive Square-Enix for this, or give them a free pass. (Hell no!)

    We all want the damn game, and we know the developers would like to finally finish working on it. We also know the publishing side is hoping to make a substantial profit from the game.

    They are not delaying the game on purpose, no way in hell.

    I can bitch about it, but that won’t do me any good. I just have to stay positive and hope the new engine is almost done.

    That’s really all anyone can do.

    Once this new engine is finally complete, we should start to see more games. Having a new effective engine will reduce development time by a ton.

    And with Nomura finally getting to finish Versus, he could move on to a Kingdom Hearts game using the new engine, and quite possibly release it in that same year.

    • KingKelloggTheWaffleHaggler

      @Zero: It wont be the same year with khs but it will be rushed,

      • Zero



        13 and 13-2 both almost released in the same year in Japan, 2010.

        Could be possible. I hope. :D

    • mye89


      Well the problem there, I think, is that SE doesn’t seems to even care about Vs.

      When all the negative backlash for 13 came out, they should have scrapped 13-2, accept there failure and move on to Vs (possibly re-naming it 15) instead they somehow decided to go ahead and finish 13-2.

      Then now that 13-2 is out, we’d all hope they’d focus on VS, nope there focusing on 10 remake (which is incredibly stupid imo, out of all the FF, 10 is the one that aged the best along with 6, those two really don’t need a remake)

      And at the same time there spitting out countless KH spin off, which probably keep delaying Vs.

      And about deus ex, am I the only one scared that SE will fail big time and end up closing eidos down al together?

      About my PS1 comment, it’s pretty simple take SE PS1 line up and compare it to this generation line up (heck compare SE PS1 line up to ALL JRPG of this generation) which one come on top? Yup clearly new hardware has an inverse relationship with quality for SE.

      • Zero


        I understand the concerns.

        You can put to bed any concerns with Eidos. The Japanese branch is really giving them a ton of freedom. Deus Ex was a huge success, and a possible sequel would not surprise anyone. The Tomb Raider game in development looks very promising, and the newly announced Sleeping Dogs could be good.

        Does the Japanese Branch of Square-Enix really not care about Versus? I’m not so sure, but I understand why many people would think that.

        I made some points above to defend my statement, the engine and how they need to make a big profit from the game.

        If you need to make a big profit from a game, you usually get it out soon as possible.

        They also learned a big lesson from the 14 debacle, and Nomura is one of the best developers at Square-Enix.

        Despite all of that, as a person I can’t help but think Nomura and the team involved would like to finish Versus.

        When you work on something for so many years, you want to see it completed. (Same thing with the last guardian and sony.)

        I recently learned that the new team working on FF14 is around 100 people give or take. The way it was explained, Yoshi P gave us a small idea of how the teams are formed.

        I can only imagine the Versus team to be around the same amount of people. All of them probably report to Nomura.

        The new engine really is a big question mark. Rumors tell us that the Japanese Branch has brought in a ton of people to help them polish it up, to make it effective and next gen capable.

        One of the main games that needs it is Versus, like I mentioned above. Nomura said it himself.

        Go back and read some of the stuff he promised about the game on this site.

        They want the player to have multiple choices in the game, you are in a town and a behemoth attacks, you can try and run above him and attack from a bridge, but by doing so he destroys the bridge, etc.

        Chaos like that requires something much better than crystal tools.

        After the last trailer we got from the game released, which was amazing. People pointed out how the character models looked different. We can’t be sure what engine that trailer was made from, but Nomura did say the next time we see the game, everything will look way better.

        This is likely because the new engine is almost finished, and the Versus team can finally achieve the level of detail they have wanted since 2006.

        What can the team do while the new engine is being made and polished up and tweaked? Most of them probably worked on Kingdom Hearts portable titles, others perhaps chipped in to help the 13 team.

        That doesn’t mean they didn’t care about Versus, but when the engine the game is going to run on is not complete, they can’t really move forward.

        Hopefully this is going to be a big lesson for the Japanese Branch. President Wada has mentioned how all of this, including 14 has hurt the FF brand.

        He didn’t mean just 13 and 14, but Versus as well. How they announced it in 2006 and still have yet to release it. It’s unacceptable, and the president admitted it.

        They are trying to right the ship here. I see signs of the Japanese Devs trying to connect with fans more worldwide.

        And like I mentioned above, they probably didn’t need anyone from the Versus team for 13-2. All the ground work was ready, they used crystal tools and a ton of content that never made it in 13.

        Say what you will about 13-2, but the way they listened to all the fans, and communicated with us, acknowledged that we do exist… That was a big step in the right direction in my opinion.

        If we as fans turn this down, and just stick out our tongue. That would not really be fair, considering the great games they have given us.

        What we can do is try to give them a chance to fix things. Which is going to take time.

  • anime10121

    The PS3 game does not exist, a M rated Final Fantasy with blood, shakesperian story, Kingdom Hearts combat, an overworld, flying airships over said overworld, a Yoko Shimomura OST, reasonable outfits that could belong in a real world, etc etc. Cant you people tell? Doesn’t it sound to good to be true! Then realize it was one cruel joke, just like Legends 3! Remember it too once had gameplay trailers and demos before it was “cancelled” (i.e never existed outside trailers).

    I’m just joking… Hopefully:(

  • xMCXx

    Ah, FF7 nostalgia….

    And yeah, hopefully we will see something concrete of Versus 13 in short time.

  • vertical09

    So everyoens in this TL;DR post frenzy all of a sudden?


    I know I’m late on this post, but is it bad if I was 15 when FFversus 13 was announced, and now I’m 20, and still waiting for this game after so many years later? Smh, what the hell is Tetsuya Nomura doing?!