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Guild Wars 2 coming to console
posted on 02.16.12 at 09:06 AM EST by (@salromano)
Not likely to launch beside PC version.

Guild Wars 2, NCSoft and ArenaNet’s long-awaited MMO sequel, is coming to console. An NCSoft representative confirmed its development during a conference call today.

“For the console game – when it comes to Guild Wars 2 – as we have announced already, we are in the preparation stage,” said NCSoft when asked of their plans for console development. “And also, for other titles we are in the preparation stage, but nothing has been finalized yet for me to make specific comments now.”

NCSoft added that the possibility of the console version launching alongside the PC version is not likely.

ArenaNet’s Martin Ketstein followed up with a comment on the Guild Wars 2 Guru Forums.

“We stated multiple times in public that we have a small team working on a console version, but that we are fully dedicated to make the most kickass game for PC.”

You may notice the “already” factor in both NCSoft and ArenaNet’s comments. Either way, it’s something we haven’t heard before and we figured it’d be news to a lot of people, considering the internet’s going abuzz with this, right now.

Thanks, Guild Wars Insider.

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  • Rafi

    Amazing and awesome news for console gamer and maybe Diablo III and Starcraft II will come to console as well.

    • RyoonZ

      @Rafi: I’ve heard Diablo III will come to console too, don’t know about Starcraft though

  • RyoonZ

    Awesome, but to be honest I’m more concerned about Blade and Soul from NCSoft, that game have amazing artstyle (Hyung Tae-Kim) I believe. Well, it’s awesome anyways that they consider to make Guild Wars 2 to console xD

    • Rafi

      Blade & Soul ?, its coming to PS3 if i’m not mistaken.
      Oh yeah almost forgot, also Kigdom Under Fire II will have console version, both PS3 and Xbox 360.

      It’s nice to heard that actually

    • Genesis

      @RyoonZ: It’s pretty refreshing to see another fan of Hyung Tae-Kim’s work. I think that his art and character design is some of the best I’ve seen. The characters actually are replicas of the art. I really hope that B&S makes it to the consoles because I’ve been following the game for ages and I mean AGES! lol

  • lordshihan

    Xbox360 and PS3?

  • Zero


    Good question!

    The common problem for MMORPGs on the 360 is the monthly fee’s and strict restrictions MS has for live.

    Chances are good for the PS3 though.

    Players on PS3/PC would not be paying any form of monthly fee to play the game online.

    360 users would likely be forced to be gold users to play, which might be a problem.

  • zakou

    Well Diablo 3 is coming out in 2013 to consoles or maybe late 2014? Guild wars probably 2013 or 2014 like diablo 3.

    So expect those to come to PS4 and xbox 720 because PS3/360 will not be capable of running Guild wars 2, maybe on low.