Gematsu @ PS Vita launch: Ask Don Mesa - Gematsu
Gematsu @ PS Vita launch: Ask Don Mesa
posted on 02.21.12 at 12:34 PM EST by (@salromano)
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At tonight’s PlayStation Vita launch event in New York City, I will be sitting down for a chat with Don Mesa, Senior Product Marketing Manager for Sony Computer Entertainment America.

Considering I love you guys, I’m opening the comments to any questions you may have for Mesa. Ask in the comments, and we’ll try to get it answered. But be haste, as we’ll be doing the interview in just about nine hours from press time.

Submit away.

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  • FaithlessMr

    My only question is:

    Is it reasonable to expect some of the rpgs announced/released for the Vita in Japan to make their way into the west?

    I know Sony doesn’t publish some/most of these games I’m talking about, but I also believe they can very well try and convince the companies to bring out their games in order to push sales for the system. Anyway, this is the only thing I’d honestly ask the guy, can’t think of anything else.

  • anime10121

    Yeah mines in the same ball park as FaithlessMr. I’d just like to know if their going to try and help bring publishers JRPGS to the west considering that was the main reason I bought the PSP,PS2, and PS3. So far their haven’t been many announced besides ports like Persona or Disgaea, but I’d like to know if they would try and get games like Tales of Innocence or Ragnorok released in the west.

  • FinalFantasy_fangirl

    My question is the same as anime and faithless. Another question is will we see more new exclusive games like Gravity Rush.

  • A lot of their unique titles such as Pixeljunk titles, Flow, Flower, and a majority of third party titles are great for portable play. Is it a possibility they would be making those future PSN titles playable both on the PS3 and Vita?

    In some way I want Sony to know that Near needs Ad-hoc support. Needing internet access limits its use. The 3DS can connect with another without this hindrance. There are many apps on the 3DS. What can we expect Sony to have in store? Swap Note is a popular app on the 3DS. Is there a chance for Sony to come up with something similar.

    Lastly when can we see are Vita trophies on the PS3?

    Looking forward to checking out your interview!

  • RyoonZ

    Tell him we love JRPG

  • Kage

    Tell them that if they want to be successful in Japan they need to capitalize on Monster Hunter franchise and JRPGs.
    They just must do this.

    Also tell them that they need to keep the steam going by dropping announcements.

    It’s all about games, everything else is optional.

  • InternatlGamer3

    I have a question about the PS Vita will there be any PS Vita titles that will be remade for the PS3. It would sell the Vita and PS3 more if you bundled the PS3/Vita versions for extra in fact I feel that you could sell more by bundling the PS3/Vita versions together.

    I feel that PS Vita needs games, and by allowing for import PS Vita titles on the SEN. It would allow people to download import PS Vita titles or if you can’t do that why not have a downloadable PS2 imports section.

  • FaithlessMr

    Oh, and thanks for taking in your questions! I wanted to edit my post to write this out but for some reason I can’t edit my posts after a while has passed since I post ’em :/

  • Malcolm Reynolds

    My question is… all Vita games including downloads like Escape plan have trophies and if I use my same PSN account as the one on PS3, do those trophies also transfer back and forth and add to my overall score/level?

    Also….like many many others have said……WHEN will the onslaught of JRPG’s begin?

    • @Malcolm Reynolds: Yes, Escape Plan has trophies. I am playing that game and so does Welcome Park that introduces you to what you go do with Vita via many little mini games.

  • DjangoRaijin

    Can we expect to see dissidia and birth by sleep. Also what are they gonna do with final fantasy type 0. I realize these are geared more towards square but he should have a little something to tell us. Before I forget how strong is the vita exactly, I know it can run ps2 games no problem but could we see open world Grand Theft Auto IV level games or maybe Far Cry 2 level. How far can the Vita be pushed before we have a Skyrim lagfest is basically what I wanna know. This system can single handedly revive jrpgs if they use it right imho.

    • DjangoRaijin

      @DjangoRaijin: Not dissidia I meant crisis core sorry.

  • lordshihan

    I want to know, like the poster above me, if they’ll have KH Birth By Sleep or Final Fantasy Type O on the Vita? I heard Disney was being annoying with getting Birth By Sleep on the Vita.

  • Zero

    Tough questions from me.

    Does sony have any plans in the works to help solve the UMD issue?

    The PSP passport program they had in Japan, would likely have never worked in the west.

    Do they have any plans to try and start up a better program?

    Or any other solutions they might be working on?

    Next question is about the Taco Bell vita contest. Many people have read the news about it online, how people are trying to cheat to win a vita. And how other people are claiming they did not cheat and are still getting denied.


    (If my questions are not to late, perhaps ask them at the end lol. Tough questions might sour the mood.)

  • rockman29

    What is the story with the cost of the memory cards for Vita?

    When will we be able to play Playstation 1 classics on the system?

    What is the prognosis for PSP compatibility for games which currently aren’t reported to be working (e.g. Killzone: Liberation, LittleBigPlanet)?

    How does Sony see the value of cross-platform play on Vita and PS3 as a value for their own games, third party publishers, and consumers?

    How is Sony going to address game prices and facilitate bringing games in all prices ranges to the Vita (SSHD @ 9.99 USD to Uncharted: GA @ 49.99 USD)?

    What code base does Vita’s internet browser use? Were any other code bases considered? When will the device get HTML5 and/or Flash support?

    Will Sony ever the idea of user-made applets a la Google Android for the device? Does Sony ever plan on supporting applets from other operating systems?

    When will we see more custom-made applications for the device like the announced Twitter and Skype applications? Will similar programs for Google services or Facebook services be considered?

    When is the price drop coming? :D