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Eurogamer teases “top secret” game reveal
posted on 02.24.12 at 07:58 PM EST by (@salromano)
"The internet will go bananas."

Eurogamer editor Johnny Minkley knows about something we don’t. And it’s big, if his word is anything to go by.

“Amazing gaming week with Journey & Vita,” Minkey wrote on Twitter. “But the top, top secret thing I saw t’other day… The internet will go bananas when it’s shown.”

He added: “That is a very annoying tweet, I realise, it’s just that I’m SO EXCITED by what I saw. Shouldn’t be too long for you to wait.”

Another tweet reiterated: “The internet will go bananas at how impressive it is.”

Whatever it is, it won’t be long before its revealed. Keep an eye on those bananas.

Thanks, NeoGAF.

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  • Phoenix_Wings

    I’m allergic to bananas D:

    • Sal Romano

      @Phoenix_Wings: Dear God. Stay away from the internet!

  • hush404

    Ehh, I’ve learned to be skeptical of people who tweet like this. Oft times it ends up being something we’ve heard rumored for months or something silly like a DLC pack. :P

    • FaithlessMr

      Pretty much. This gen is all about twitter teases, and 90pcent of those turned out to be pretty underwhelming. And the more an announcement is hyped/teased, the more disappointing it does turn out to be in the end :P

  • Zero

    What in the heck? lol

  • narutomaki

    a new Ape Escape?

  • InternatlGamer3

    what an actual tease of Final Fantasy VII REMAKE for the PS3/PS Vita. better be a good announcement from Eurogamer or i’ll be super pissed.

  • vertical09

    “The internet will go bananas.”
    Yea, either in a positive way or a negative way, and when a game company says something is soooooo damn amazing, we jump to conclusions and if it doesnt end up being what we expected, bam, lost about 20% of your consumers =P