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Dragon’s Dogma demo announced
posted on 02.29.12 at 08:12 PM EST by (@salromano)
Two-segment demo due pre-release.

Capcom will debut a pre-release demo for its upcoming open-world action RPG, Dragon’s Dogma, on PlayStation Network and Xbox LIVE.

The demo will offer two playable segments, each as a different class. As a Fighter, skilled in melee attacks and counterattacks, you will venture through underground tunnels and chambers, and ultimately battle a deadly Chimera in a quest set before the events of the main game. As a Strider, a swift and nimble fighter that utilizes a bow and daggers, you will fight the Griffin that appears in the open plains surrounding the capital city of Gransys.

A release date for the demo was not announced. The full game hits retail for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 on May 22 in North America and on May 25 in Europe.

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  • Malcolm Reynolds

    Hell YES!
    This is the game Skyrim shoulda been!

    • FinalFantasy_fangirl

      @Malcolm Reynolds:

      The Dragon’s Dogma dragon does look better than Skyrims.

      • KingKelloggTheWaffleHaggler
      • Malcolm Reynolds

        @FinalFantasy_fangirl: A lady with taste! I can respect that! I should be your brother as I too am a Final Fantasy Fangirl…..oops I mean boy….boy boy boy.

    • real

      @Malcolm Reynolds: huh? you guys are funny man, you havn’t played this, how can you compare it to one out already?

      It’s like saying the new girl you want or interest in “Pie hole” is juicer than your current wife/girlfriend one. you have to try both before making judgement

      • Malcolm Reynolds

        @real: That is a very poor analogy.

        I am happily married btw but wanted to offer a rebuttal.

        I have not tasted Megan Fox’s “pie hole” as you call it but can assure you that I would love to based on having seen her in pics and movies.

        To apply that here……I have not played Dragon’s Dogma, you are correct…..but I can assure you based on previews, pics, and vids….I would love to play Dragon’s Dogma.

        We already know how glitchy Skyrim is…..so yes…I can compare a game I have not played to one that is already proven to be broken.

        Hope that helps!

    • Locksus

      @Malcolm Reynolds:
      *facepalm* says the man who hasn’t played Skyrim.

      • Malcolm Reynolds

        @Locksus: yo man…..I don’t have to play Skyrim to know it is a glitchfest like all the other Bethesda games I have tried in the past. I have also read enough reviews, previews, and seen enough video’s as well as my xbox only buddy who loved the game until it ruined his 60+ hour save file and he had to start over. He chose to get rid of the game instead.

        Now please believe my love for Dragon’s supersedes my inability to stay awake while playing WRPG’s and I truly wanted this game to be amazing and finally suck me into becoming a fan of the genre….or in the very least…Bethesda.

        Capcom may milk everything they touch like a Cow with 1000 teets but you and I both know they won’t release a buggy, broken, glitchridden game knowingly on the masses and just figure on patching it later.

        If there is one thing Capcom does perfectly….its epic HUGE boss battles and I for one cannot wait to slay a Capcom Dragon! How about you?

  • howardmoonish

    Skyrim is what it is. I think it’s pretty great, but whatever.

    I am definitely looking forward to this game but mostly because of the director.

    Can’t wait for the demo.