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Bethesda hiring for “future-generation” development
posted on 02.27.12 at 03:16 PM EST by (@salromano)
"Experience with DirectX 11 is a plus."

Bethesda Softworks is looking for experienced programmers to work on “an unnannounced game on future-generation consoles,” according to a job listing on its website.

Potential hires are expected to work out of Bethesda’s Rockville studio, using “cutting-edge technology.” Experience with DirectX 11 is “a plus,” as well as experience playing past Bethesa releases.

The next generation draws ever closer.

Thanks, NeoGAF.

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  • Malcolm Reynolds

    Sadly after reading over their job postings on another website I saw a distinct lack of requests for bug testers.

    Same ol’Bethesda, same ol’glitches for a NEW GENERATION!

  • Malcolm Reynolds

    We have disagreed in the past over MS and I am guessing you are a Bethesda fan so my comment may have struck a nerve.

    No, I cannot SEE into the future but their current SW (Skyrim) and past SW (Fallout 3, Elder Scrolls, etc) are all a buggy mess and CLEARLY indicative of what we can expect from their future SW so I guess in a sense….Yes, I can indeed see into the future but guess what…so can you and everyone else once you remove your Bethesda Biased Goggles.

    The Great American Media would have us believe that the future of the RPG lies in the west but I can say without a doubt that is not the case and never will be. Americans are stupid and love to buy broken products but the rest of the world tends to air on the side of caution before plunking down their hard earned monies.

    Bethesda are always given a free pass b/c “Well they made a huge open world” and truthfully it is a tired excuse for a developer who always seems to skip QA and a genre that has thus far has only caused me to see a doctor about possibly being Narcoleptic.
    Sadly as I am a sucker for word of mouth I always try every heavily praised WRPG and I have never been impressed as much as I truly wish I could be.

    How many times must I fall for people crying wolf?

    If you can point me in the direction of GOOD Bethesda game that is also free of most (not all) of their typical bugs and glitches I would be both greatful and happy to recant my statements.