Source: Next Xbox has Blu-ray, Kinect, anti-used games system - Gematsu
Source: Next Xbox has Blu-ray, Kinect, anti-used games system
posted on 01.25.12 at 02:29 PM EST by (@salromano)
Also: a smaller controller.

Following yesterday’s rumors, “game industry sources” have told Kotaku that the next Xbox will support Blu-ray, ditching the DVD format.

Blu-ray discs can hold anywhere between 25 and 50 gigabytes of data, whereas DVDs can only hold 9 gigabytes. PlayStation 3 is the only console this generation to support the format.

The next Xbox will ship with the next version of Kinect, according to “one source familiar with Microsoft’s plans for the new Xbox.” It will feature an on-board processor, which would allow it to better track users’ actions.

Microsoft is also looking to include some sort of anti-used games system. The site’s source was not clear on how Microsoft intends to implement it. Theoretically, you could link the game to an Xbox LIVE account, but that would force you to be online every time you play; or it wouldn’t allow family members to play the same game.

Microsoft is also keen on making the controller smaller, according to the source.

The source also echoed yesterday’s IGN report, going as far to say that the next Xbox might even be eight times more powerful than Xbox 360. Though, another insider clarified that developers have yet to receive development kits and any current talk of specifications is purely hypothetical.

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  • wccrawford

    Anti-used games? Ouch. That sounds like suicide to me. If that happens, they can count me out for sure.

    • Malcolm Reynolds

      @wccrawford: I await the loyalists who will defend this as a good thing.

      P.S. I NEVER buy used outside of retro games on retro systems as those are not able to be purchased new anymore.

    • zerolegacy0

      @wccrawford: Sony’s Reaction:

  • rockman29

    PS4 and Xbox Next better be way more than 8 times more powerful than the current consoles. That’s garbage performance if it’s only that much of an increase. The current mid-range graphics cards are far beyond 8 times more powerful than the GPUs in a PS3/360.

    • FearMonkey

      @rockman29: Agreed. But I don’t expect them to be even close to the high-end GPUs. They’re pretty expensive and they’re gonna wanna keep the price of the next-gen consoles as low as possible.

      • L_kira

        @FearMonkey: They should take a risk then. Because at the rate GPUs and CPUs are improving, we will see a Skyrim-esque dumbed performance often if we reach the next generation.

        It’s not the graphics that is important because currently, I don’t think they can push the graphics far enough. What they need to focus on is the frame rate. A steady one.

        • AdamBoy64

          @L_kira: True that. There should be no excuse for frame rate drops on consoles, really – that’s just pathetic.

  • chinglee

    Don’t give a crap about the specs but not being able to play used games? Really? REALLY?

    lol, f**k that sh*t.

  • It is not often you will see me make angry comments, but I’m sorry…an ‘anti used games system’ is complete and utter bloody madness. From an economic standpoint it is total suicide, and from a philosophic stance it is propagandist and oppressive. Such a system would garauntee that I, and many thousands of gamers worldwide, would simply not buy the system.

    This anti-used games propaganda is often ridiculous in my opinion. I fully understand the concept behind it – that developers get no money from second hand sales, but that is not the point. I am a business owner and also a published author, and thus have a fair amount of knowledge about the world of enterprise. The developer/manufacturer is only entitled, legally, to income from the first sale of their product. For example if you buy a car, the manufacturer does not expect or demand income if you sell the vehicle second hand. When you buy a game, you own that copy of the game. Of course, you do not “own” the product content itself, but you certainlly do own the box, disc and manual. It is yours, and you can do what you please with it.

    Even ignoring these facts for a moment, an anti-used games system is frankly a bewildering addition (if true, of course). Game shops, at least in the UK, thrive on second hand games and things like Ebay are full of people buying and selling games. However, with an “Anti used games system”, such a thing could not happen. The whole console would fall flat on it’s face.

    Ugh…other than that, it all sounds good as well. Blegh. Rant over.

    • Malcolm Reynolds

      @TezChi: We can only dream MS take this anti-used game route as it would hopefully put them out of the games business and thus their intent on stifling the industry just to somehow hurt their number 1 competitors bottom line would come to an end.

      MS is the epitome of oppressive business practices so I don’t really see this as a big shock.

      Sadly…..even if they do implement this anti-used policy be it at a HW or SW level on their new machine….. the whole of the American populace is vapid enough that they will mindlessly flock to MS side showering MS with profits with the fervor of Lemmings.

      ANY OTHER COMPANY would have had to bail out of the games business if they launched a piece of HW with even half as many dependability issues as MS did with the 360, not to mention the shift in focus off of actual GAMES on their games console the last 2 years but MS still has a rabid following in the US.

      excuse me while I weep for my country and simultaneously pray the Mayans were right.

  • Locksus

    Keep in mind that these are only rumors and likely not true at all. It would be a huge mistake if they implemented the “anti-used games” -thing or whatever that is.

  • Bah. An anti-used game system would seriously hurt the chain of stores I work at. It’d most likely annoy a tonne of customers while they’re at it. Used games are cheaper and who doesn’t like saving money? It’s difficult enough to explain to customers why they need to buy an additional online pass when buying a used copy of Fifa (most detest the idea), this is going to be impossible.

    RIP many specialist game stores, if this happens. The reason we’re still going is thanks to pre-owned games and it’s not like we’re against selling the new stuff too. If it wasn’t for us talking about the Vita to customers, most would never have heard of it. Less than a month before release. Shocking imo.

  • Devoted

    The rumor mill has been crazy lately, and I really doubt this “anti-used games” thing… So until further confirmation, this is -for me- just rumor-mongering.

  • NCloud

    Anti-used Games System :(

    If this is true, I might skip the next Xbox.

  • howardmoonish

    Anti-used games = no sale.

  • I just say one thing: These rumors don’t make any sense

  • Zero

    First thoughts…

    Blu-ray support, so they finally decided to give sony a chance? I highly doubt it lol.

    I just can’t foresee MS openly giving competition a cut of sales each time a console is purchased.

    And I just don’t see how Sony would not demand like a small return % for each unit with the drive included, which according to the rumor would be all of them.

    I don’t know all the technical details on the business side of things, but sony makes money off Blu-Ray today, and not just with the PS3.

    This would only help them if the console was successful. Which is why I highly doubt it.

    It’s a tough choice though. The other option is to go the risky route and make a new disc format specifically for this consoles games.

    I don’t really have to go into detail of why that is so risky.

    Moving on…

    According to the rumor, once you purchase a game for this console, you will have to first log in and link it to your online account. Once you do that it will link your account to the games servers to record the data.

    This in return prevents someone from buying your game used (In this example you decide to sell the game after you finish it.) and being able to play it at all on the console.

    Even if you were to delete your xbox live account or whatever they call it, the games server would still have the game recorded as registered. And you would be unable to play.

    Ok, pretty much it would be new form of DRM for a console.

    Like others have said, this would be an awful idea. So many people would not purchase the console.

    The big problem is not that, but how this would create a nightmare for Microsoft.

    This would piss off the pirates and hackers, are whatever you would like to call these folks.

    One group would crack the code and allow people to bypass this with a flash drive or something.

    They would do it so customers could have the freedom to play a game without that DRM.

    I’m sure this group would likely not go any further, but the next group would tweak this program and allow everyone to just play pirated games for the console.

    I’m not saying the console would never be cracked if they didn’t include this DRM feature. I’m just saying it would happen much quicker, and would be easier for the average user to find and implement.

    It could even result in supporters of the console never going online at all, which would hurt xbox live.

    It would be piracy on a scale higher than we have ever seen for a console. ((Edit: And like all DRM, it would only be a problem for the consumer who is actually buying the games in the end. The folks who bypass it with a program and just pirate the games, would have a smooth gaming experience without losing much.)

    This is all my opinion, and it might not happen. Just the idea that could happen should be enough to make Microsoft abandon this idea, if the rumor is true.

    • Malcolm Reynolds

      @Zero: Perhaps you didn’t realize that DVD is also partially Sony tech and MS has licensed and used that Sony tech for two console generations?

      Sony is one of many companies who own rights to Blu Ray as no single company can fund a brand new format like that for the Movie and game industry and expect it to succeed without other financial backers.

      It is about time MS pull their heads from their colon’s and use the much superior Blu Ray tech to allow all dev’s the space they need to do whatever they want with their games.

  • DrForbidden

    Anti-used games system?

    [Insert derisive Bender laugh here]

    Yeah, great idea, Microsoft. Sony would like to thank you for letting them win the next-gen console war before it even begins (this is assuming Sony doesn’t try to do the same crap).

    Is such a system even legal in the first place?

  • Charlie

    M$ should just stop making gaming consoles because they obviously have no idea what the bloody hell they’re doing! This article is a prime example.

    • Locksus

      yes, just because it’s a rumor and they’ve confirmed nothing means they should jump out of the business.

  • camaro300zx

    What makes a used game used? Once you buy it new, play it once, its considered used right? So once you finish a game will the system say “Oh no a used game!!” System then shuts down? WOW. Anti used games absoultly makes no sense at all. But that’s MS for ya. I suppose all the games I currently bought NEW are now USED.

    • AdamBoy64

      @camaro300zx: I’m not really sure how they’d go about it.

      But, I’d say it could be similiar to – each game has a unique serial code. And the first time you play the game, details about the game, and your console are sent to Microsoft. From that point on, the game and your console are linked.

      A check would be performed each time a game starts to make sure you’re playing that game with the same system. Hence, the same game couldn’t be used by another system.

      All that would require an internet connection though. And if they made that mandatory to use their console, then that would be a joke.

      Well, however they’d want to implement it, it’s still a terrible idea.

  • AdamBoy64

    Also, making the controller smaller?

    The 360 is my least favourite console of the 3 – by a fair way, to be honest. But – the best part about it for me though is definitely the controller. It’s brilliant.

    I’m concerned they’re just going to mess it up.

  • gold163

    wait, so…

    basically it’s just a PC? I’m confused.