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Resident Evil: Revelations price cut to $40
posted on 01.27.12 at 09:03 PM EST by (@salromano)
Now the price of a standard 3DS release.

Back in November, Capcom said Resident Evil: Revelations would cost $50, due to the game being on a 4 gigabyte cartridge (which we assume costs more to manufacture). However, after consumer backlash, the company today announced it was able to drop the price to $40 – the standard price for 3DS titles. 

“Since the announcement of the $49.99 price point, we’ve spent weeks looking for a way to bring your cost down to standard 3DS pricing,” Capcom said. “Today we can finally confirm we were successful in this, and hope the reduced price encourages even more people to check out this strong entry in the Resident Evil canon.”

Resident Evil: Revelations is due for 3DS on February 7.

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  • FaithlessMr

    What a typo in the spine of the game won’t do to you, uh? :P Enjoy UsBros. Still waiting for my copy to arrive on the mail :x

    • Devoted

      @FaithlessMr: I’m not sure the price cut was typo-related… the way it’s written I’d say it was due to the higher price to begin with?

      Was the US street date yesterday as well? If so, what about those who bought it on relase?

      • Sal Romano

        @Devoted: It’s Feb 7 here.

        • Devoted

          @Sal Romano: No problem on that front, then… tks Sal!

          Hope they’ll lowerd the price here, too… but since the game has already launched I don’t know…

          Can’t complain, though, I pre-orded the circle pad version from the UK for 31£ with shipping, so…. :p

          • Sal Romano

            @Devoted: I still need a 3DS, myself.

            Anxiously awaiting the inevitable lite version.

            • RedWolfe

              @Sal Romano: Ditto.

              If they don’t show a revision at E3 this year, however, I might cave in and pick one up in the second half of the year because I REALLY wanna play this.

            • Devoted

              @Sal Romano: Perfectly reasonable ;) I traded in a DS Lite and a DSI so I got the sexy Zelda edition for about 50€, give or take, so I’m not worried about an impending redesign.

              *unless* they get the second slide pad built-in, which I doubt…

              Enough offtopic, let’s see what namco bandai says about the territories where the game has already launched…

              • FaithlessMr

                “Enough offtopic, let’s see what namco bandai says about the territories where the game has already launched…”

                I’m sure you meant to say Capcom now, didn’t ya? Yah, a remodeled version will not most likely feature the second slide pad built in, as Nintendo has made it clear already that they want every game released on the system to be perfectly playable without the second slide pad, which they prefer to be seen as an enhancment rather than a necessary add-on to fully enjoy the system. So a lite/remodeled version should not feature the second slide pad built in.

                Or so I think, let’s wait and see.