More Tales of Hearts, Tempest artwork discovered in Tales of Innocence R
posted on 01.28.12 at 11:38 AM EST by (@salromano)
The suspense continues.

Following the discovery of Tales of Hearts and Tales of the Tempest artwork hidden in Tales of Innocence R yesterday, more artwork has surfaced today.

Here is the first, which shows Tales of Hearts protagonists Shing Meteoryte and Kohak Hearts admiring a full moon:

The second shows Tales of the Tempest characters Caius Qualls and Rubia Natwick standing back-to-back on some sort of balcony:

The end credits of Tales of Innocence R tease a new remake coming soon. If these hidden artworks are anything to go by, they may just be of Tales of Hearts or Tempest.

Thanks, Tokkurin.

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  • Kougeru

    or both, from the looks of it

  • FaithlessMr

    Awww yeah, they’re actually going to remake both games :D What if they bundle ’em together in the same cartridge? (Assuming this is gun be either a Vita or a 3DS game)

  • Devoted

    I’d say it either a two-pack or each game for a different system… Let’s see if handheld and/or home console…

  • LadyK

    I’ve never played these old(?)Tales games but from the looks of it, I hope they’ll announce something soon.

  • Seijien

    Dammit, Namco. You’re going to make me get a Vita for the Hearts remake aren’t you? They had to remake my favorite Tales game. xD