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tri-Ace helped develop Final Fantasy XIII-2
posted on 12.18.11 at 02:45 PM EST by (@salromano)
Tokyo-based dev helped in gameplay, art, and programming.

tri-Ace, developer of the Star Ocean and Valkyrie Profile franchises, aided Square Enix in development on Final Fantasy XIII-2.

A tweet from Yuichiro Kitao, lead programmer on Resonance of Fate and battle programmer on Valkyrie Profile 2 and Star Ocean: Till the End of Time, tweeted about tri-Ace’s involvement in the RPG sequel’s development earlier today. According to the developer, tri-Ace helped in the gameplay, art, and programming fields.

The Tokyo-based studio is listed under third-party contractors in the credits, right above Animaroid, who helped create the CG movie scenes in the first game.

Thanks, Duckroll.

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  • FearMonkey

    some of the comments in the thread you linked to are hilarious.

    my favorite from Ultros: “Maybe they’re the ones who did the HD towns. :P ”


  • Revorse

    I LOVE Star Ocean and Resonance of Fate(still hoping for a sequel) so I’m glad to see their involvement with XIII-2

  • Kougeru


  • leokiko

    Very nice!

  • hush404

    That actually makes me want the game more than if just square had their hands in it. I trust Tri-Ace like you wouldn’t believe. To hear they had a hand in some of it’s production is a big thing for me.

    • @hush404: Funny… I trust Square Enix’s top development studios, but I don’t really trust Tri-Ace. They’re awful storytellers, and I tend to grow bored playing their games. Their works under Square Enix are their best, of course. Resonance of Fate was awful, in my books.

  • zakou

    This explains everything, i love tri-ace.

    • @zakou: Explains everything? The main roles of the development were all Square Enix.

      • zakou


        It still explains everything :3 the little magic that Tri added made FFXIII Ugh FFXIII-2 a good game :P


    Sweet. Tri-Ace are masters of their craft. Now for a PS3/360 VALKYRIE PROFILE please!

  • Charlie

    Square Enix+Tri Ace=Recipe for success.

  • If the Tri-Ace collaboration represented 10% was very much

  • Tri-Ace are an excellent developer, and their influence is sure to have had a very positive effect on the game. Great news!

  • captainhowdy

    If they didn’t do the story, then I don’t care.

  • FaithlessMr

    I’m glad they did help out, as the game looks much better than the original gameplay wise.