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The Last of Us details, screenshots
posted on 12.10.11 at 10:35 PM EST by (@salromano)
A world decimated by modern plague.

Following it’s Video Game Awards announcement, Sony detailed Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us. A “genre-defining experience,” the game promises to blend “survival and action elements” in a “character driven story” surrounding survivors Joel and Ellie, who must work together to journey across a United States destroyed by plague and reclaimed by nature.

Here’s the full description, courtesy of Naughty Dog:

The Last of Us is a genre-defining experience that blends survival and action elements to tell a character driven story about a population decimated by a modern plague. Abandoned cities are being reclaimed by nature and the remaining survivors are killing each other for food, weapons and whatever they can get their hands on. Joel, a ruthless survivor, and Ellie, a brave teenage girl who is wise beyond her years, must work together to survive their journey across what remains of the United States.

“We are excited to finally unveil The Last of Us, a project the team has been working hard on for some time,” said Evan Wells, Co-President of Naughty Dog. “Naughty Dog’s mission is to change the way people experience videogames. We are confident The Last of Us will take a leap forward in cinematic gaming and storytelling, providing gamers with an experience unlike anything else in the industry.”

New screenshots of The Last of Us can be seen at the gallery. If you missed the trailer, watch it here.

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  • Kougeru

    I wish she wasn’t wearing red lol. Reminds me of Zoey from L4d1. Hopefully they will do right what RE5 did wrong, in terms of co-op. Assuming there’s co-op.

  • Devoted

    @Kougeru, I also got that L4D vibe, lol..

    So, mutated humans from ant germs, I’ve read around? Different flavour of zombies, but still zombie-ish.

    Curious about this one.

    • SlashZaku

      @Devoted: Cordyceps. A parasitic fungi that targets insects but I guess it adapts to humans in this game and starts knocking down the population for nature to start taking back over.

      I do like the idea of having to scavenge for supplies and having to deal with other survivors/scavengers (and stealing from them). Now if they just make encounters really ‘life or death’ and ammo that much scarce (where it’s a Godsend to actually find ammo and you ration every bullet), then the game idea will be that much better.

      They said in the press release travel across the US so I wonder how many cities there will be in this game and if we can go to them at our own leisure. Maybe even have an in-game counter that keeps track of how many days we survived?

      Gah, need more details.

      • @SlashZaku: The scavenging for ammo, weapons, and food can make for good competitive multiplayer. Why get food? What if you have to find food regulary or you get weaker and of course then you get morsome vunerable to other players, nature itself, and such. It could be pretty cool.

        I know its pretty crazy to already think something like multiplayer but it could be pretty cool.

      • Devoted

        @SlashZaku: Thanks for the info!!

        I hope they make ammo scarce, a RE1/2 feeling or even less weapons/ammo, so that weapons are really a last resort..

        I want more details too… :|

        @Keegs79: I’m really not keen on adding multiplayer “just because” (and I’m not saying that you suggested so) but I think one possible scenario is a infected vs humans mode. Anything involving a lot of humans would depend (in my opinion) how many are effectively “the last of us”…. if it’s just the two from the trailer, I’d rather have them scratch MP from the list… if it makes sense in the gameworld, then sure, fine :p

        The possibilities are pretty much amazing…

  • Sal Romano

    From Naughty Dog creative director Neil Druckmann on Twitter: “#thelastofus of is Naughty Dog’s 4th franchise and the game I’ve been working on for the last two years.”!/Neil_Druckmann/status/145710993157275648

    • @Sal Romano: Oh? It’s been 2 years already? Oh wow. Will we expect to see this game be ready by next year?

  • rockman29

    Is Nolan North doing the acting? I hope so!!! Looks great!

    • NCloud

      I hope not. There are lots of great voice actors out there.

    • SlashZaku

      @rockman29: Ashley Johnson said that Troy Baker has taken on the role of Joel (and she is doing Ellie’s for the VA and mocap).

  • milramyah

    Well goodbye Unkarted ;D

  • Charlie

    I never liked Uncharted an awful lot, but….. HOLY CRAP! This looks bloody amazing. I can’t wait to see how the story plays out, also,I love the father-daughter relationship.