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Tales of Innocence R screenshots
posted on 12.06.11 at 12:28 AM EST by (@salromano)
New dungeon showcased in latest screenshots.

Namco Bandai released new screenshots of Tales of Innocence R today, showing off new locations and mystic artes battle abilities.

Locations showcased in the shots include Port Garamu, Sad Forest, and an all-new dungeon, the Forest of Furufi. Mystic artes are shown for each of the game’s eight party members.

View the screenshots at the gallery.

Tales of Innocence R is due for PlayStation Vita in Japan on January 26.

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  • This better get localised…

    • L_kira

      @DarthXehanort: Sony better cheapen their memory cards…

      • NCloud

        What do Sony memory cards have to do with Namco localizing the game ?

        • L_kira

          @NCloud: Nothing. Other than the fact that this is on Vita, right? Before you actually buy the game, you need the platform first. And well..the steep memory cards are not appealing, in addition to actually buying the game. Which if it adds up, is costly. This, of course, is me speaking for myself. Not for anyone else.

          • NCloud


            Not all games require memory cards. You should see the price of memory cards where I live :(

            • L_kira

              @NCloud: Wait, how much does it cost there?

              • NCloud

                A 16gb memory card cost around $100.

                • L_kira

                  @NCloud: Lol. Highway robbery. Well, if I have to guess, this game isn’t an exception and will still need that memory card instead. Its like, selling the unit cheap, but add a mandatory expensive accessory.

                  Here’s hoping for the translation and the price cut of the memory card.

      • @L_kira: Eventually, I imagine. I am buying my PSVita at launch, with Uncharted: Golden Abyss, Gravity Rush, and a memory card. Little Deviants is rather tempting, as well…

        • L_kira

          @DarthXehanort: I’ll probably pass the launch and wait for P4:G. That, and probably if this is translated, are the games that I’m only looking for as a platform seller at the moment.

  • whiteferrero

    wow looking great. hope they improved the dungeon designs.(structure)

  • FaithlessMr

    The only game that would make me get a Vita like right now. Here’s hoping NB brings this over to Europe.

    Also, here’s hoping that if they do, they actually send out enough copies of the game to each shop in Europe, because Tales of the Abyss 3D was released on the 25th of November, not even two weeks have passed and it’s sold out EVERYWHERE already. They should know that the tales fan community in the west is hungry for any tales game, so they shouldn’t be that cautious :P

  • chinglee

    None of the shops where I live even have Tales of The Abyss 3DS in stock T_T