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Rumor: Wii U boasts Quad Core 3GHz CPU, 768 MB of RAM
posted on 12.02.11 at 07:30 PM EST by (@salromano)
Japanese PS3 game supposedly being ported to Wii U.

Wii U will have a quad core 3GHz CPU and 768 MB of RAM, if claims from a Wii U Daily source are to be believed.

The site claims an unnamed Japanese developer, who is currently working on porting a PlayStation 3 game to Wii U, tipped off the information. According to the source, the Wii U will boast:

  • A Quad Core, 3 GHz PowerPC-based 45nm CPU, very similar to the Xbox 360 chip.
  • 768 MB of DRAM “embedded” with the CPU, and shared between CPU and GPU.
  • Unknown, 40nm ATI-based GPU.

The source also mentioned Nintendo is testing two versions of the console: one with 768 MB of RAM, the other with 1 GB.

These specs were shown off in March this year, said the tipster, so it’s unknown how much has changed since then.

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  • Kougeru

    That last sentence is very important. Everything still subject to change. Though simply saying “A quad core 3 Ghz” and “# amount of RAM” doesn’t really give a good way to compare to other things. GPU will be the huge factor I think.

    • L_kira

      @Kougeru: For every PC, GPU is always the primary part to invest on. The same can be said to GPU. So yeah, the processor and RAM is secondary to that.

      • rockman29

        @L_kira: That’s… not true at all. Having a poor CPU or RAM can rob you of a lot of performance benefits regardless of your GPU, including framerate.

        The good news is that PS4 and next Xbox will probably blow the specs of the WiiU out of the water (re: I hope to God we are getting more RAM than the WiiU) when they come. Looking forward to the tech specs on those guys much more.

        • L_kira

          @rockman29: I’m not saying a good processor and RAM are not important. I’m just complementing Kougeru’s comment about the unknown GPU. Because if you want godly graphics, GPU will always be the primary hardware to look at first, at least, in a PC gaming perspective. And I suppose the same can be said on consoles.

          Besides, the primary reason of Nintendo releasing Wii U in the first place is to go HD. And I don’t think the processor and RAM will bolster the graphics inasmuch as that of its performance. Ergo, GPU is very important relative to the other two considering that notion.

  • It might be true, using a Quad Core CPU is reasonable if Nintendo wants to fight against Sony and Microsoft’s next gen consoles.

    • @EspadaKiller: This shouldn’t really be able to fight against those… This is really fighting PS3/360 tech.

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