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PlayStation Vita sells 321,000 in first two days
posted on 12.19.11 at 11:45 PM EST by (@salromano)
Numbers compared to 3DS and PSP.

PlayStation Vita sold 321,407 units in its first two days of sales, according to a Famitsu report. It launched on Saturday, December 17 in Japan.

To compare, Nintendo 3DS sold 371,326 units in its first two days, while PSP sold 166,074 in its first day of sales.

PlayStation Vita launches in North America and Europe this February.

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  • rockman29

    Sighs February… to think I could’ve been holding this two days ago…

    • hush404

      @rockman29: Gahh… February can’t come soon enough.

    • ashlie

      @rockman29: @rockman29: Well if you want one, just order it at PIJ, I got mine there. It will take too long to get in Philippines, so I just got mine there. I cant wait any much more longer :) Here is a link, try it.

  • Rock Raiyu

    I guess that 700k shipment was false then.

    Either way, that’s pretty good. I’m surprised it sold that much.

    • @Rock Raiyu:

      They probably did ship 700k.

      Shipments and sales are separate figures. A lot of companies talk about shipments to make it sound better.

  • vertical09

    Compared to other game sales, this did relatively….bad.
    I think tales of Xillia passed that number in its first week (or day).

    • DjangoRaijin

      @vertical09: not to attack you or anything but last time I checked vita was a $250 handheld console not a $60 dollar game so if it sold what xillia did in a week in a day or matched it as you said then thats really good. Stop trying so hard to attack the vita it’s a great system and Sony deserves a congratulations for it.

  • FaithlessMr

    Impressive sales figure, taking on account this covers just two days of sales.

    Here’s hoping the sucess of the system leads to Sony reconsidering some of the policies they decided to enforce regarding the Vita such as the one account per memory card and the (sigh) forcing us to rebuy our psp games.

    • rockman29

      @FaithlessMr: I think I’m lucky, because I have no physical PSP games hehe.

      • FaithlessMr

        Lucky you, then. I have quite a few, and I’m still looking into buying some which I didn’t have a chance to get up until now, so I won’t be tackling the Vita anytime soon :P

  • vertical09

    I wasnt trying to attack the vita, if i was a wouldnt be in this section.
    I see that opinions arent welcome here, you either hail the vita or your a hater.

    • DjangoRaijin

      @vertical09: I already said I wasn’t attacking you so stop throwing names around. When it comes to sales figures there’s no room for opinion although you are welcome to yours whenever you wish to express them. This is cold hard business and looking at this from a business perspective the vita did a remarkable job for two days especially considering how popular any form of the DS is these days.

    • Sal Romano

      @vertical09: While I don’t think you’re trying to attack the system, Django has a point.

      You can’t compare game sales to console sales. Vita is a $250-300 console, whereas Tales of Xillia is a $60 game. The price difference makes the comparison unfair enough, but when you add on PlayStation 3’s 6.3 million user install base in Japan (as of this April), then it’s easy to see why there’s absolutely no comparison.

  • vertical09

    ehhh, im no good with sales figure but i guess i should have seen that a game and a system has no comparison T^T sorry.