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Uncharted 3 goes gold, includes Starhawk beta
posted on 10.11.11 at 09:53 PM EST by (@salromano)
Disc includes behind-the-scenes videos, too.

Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception is gold. Complete. Finished. Done development. Ready to ship. It’s coming, baby.

All retail copies of Uncharted 3 will include early access to the upcoming Starhawk public beta, which will launch in early 2012.

Additionally, four behind-the-scenes development videos of Naughty Dog at work will be included on the Uncharted 3 Blu-ray disc.

The PlayStation 3 threequel is out on November 1. Two new screenshots were released earlier today.

Thanks, PlayStation Blog.

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  • Rafi

    Let’s do it.

  • captainhowdy

    Man that sounds awesome that the Starhawk beta comes with it. That game looks incredible. I hope it surprises everyone.

  • i’m waiting baby !!!!!

  • whiteferrero

    anyone recommend this for an rpg lover like me? only action game i;ve tried is something along the lines of ratcher and clank lol

    • Rafi

      This game have strong storyline and gameplay, of course it’s not an rpg but if you like awesome storytelling then you may like it and i wont spoil it. The basic gameplay is mix of shooting, platforming and puzzle. The visual is superb.

      For easy take:
      Uncharted 3= mix of gears of war, prince of persia, and tomb raider

      Get it ?……

      You dont have to buy UC1 and UC2 to understand the whole story. Your call then.
      Maybe Sal will review this game…… (i hope)

      • whiteferrero

        @Rafi: tnx rafi! i might check out 3 after all. :) i remembered from your description, that i did play prince of persia, and enjoyed it. might just enjoy this one too.

  • day 1