Tales of Innocence R adds new combat element
posted on 10.20.11 at 11:48 AM EDT by (@salromano)
Release your best artes at once.

Tales of Innocence R will introduce a new element to combat not seen in the original Tales of Innocence. A “Rave Gauge” will allow you to fill in your favorite/most powerful arts and unleash them on your enemy all at once. This week’s Jump has the first look.

The first scan gives us a look at the gauge in action. The second gives us a look at the menu screen, where you’ll fill in your artes.

Thanks, Tokkurin.

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  • BizarreJelly

    Everytime I see media for this I can’t help but think they could have gave it a better makeover for the Vita, doesn’t even look like a high end psp game.

    But looks aren’t everything :P as long as they fix the horrible dungeon design of the original then all good! Hope for a localization, but would much rather have Xillia.

    • Sal Romano

      @BizarreJelly: Still, when compared to the DS version, it’s a pretty big upgrade.

  • FaithlessMr

    Glad to know they’re actually adding new features to the game instead of simply porting and updating the graphics.