Gematsu @ NYCC: The Outline
posted on 10.12.11 at 09:32 PM EST by (@salromano)
We're doing it big in the Big Apple.

Here’s the deal. We’re going to New York Comic-Con this year. More specifically, I am going to Comic-Con (I am ‘We,’ I guess). I’ve got the convenience of location with this event (I live here), and I’m hoping to make the best of it for our coverage.

I’ll be attending a lot of panels, checking out games, and relaying my thoughts online. It’s going full-scale. For real.

On The Schedule

Today (Wednesday, for those without calendars), I checked in with a couple of publishers before the event. For private appointments, publishers tend to hold pre-event meetings for a more concentrated and less noisy demonstration. Final Fantasy XIII-2 is on the list. I got a hands-on with the latest build and will report my thoughts soon.

Come the start of Comic-Con (tomorrow for sexy press people), I’ll spend some time with 2K, who will hopefully show me nothing other than BioShock Infinite. Okay, I’m joking. I’d appreciate some Darkness II and XCOM, as well.

Friday is when the good stuff begins. Square Enix is holding a Final Fantasy XIII-2 ‘East Meets West: Art Direction for a Worldwide Audience’ panel in the morning. Square Enix PR was nice enough to set us up with a spot on the floor to record the hour-long discussion, so expect that to appear online later in the day. A collaborative new art project is supposed to be revealed at the end of the panel. I’ll probably live blog it, so you’ll most likely hear from us about it as soon as it happens.

Skullgirls, that Reverge Labs-developed 2D fighter for download services, will be on the show floor. I’ve never once gotten a chance to check it out during the many events I’ve been to where it was there. Considering it won a multitude of ‘Best Fighting Game’ awards at E3 and some are calling it ‘the next big fighting game,’ I’ve set up an appointment with publisher Autumn Games to see what it’s all about. If you have any questions for Autumn, let me know in the comments.

Following female fighting, I’ll stop by Nintendo for an appointment to see their latest games. That includes The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, Super Mario 3D Land, and Mario Kart 7. If you’ve got any questions, throw ’em at me.

A Street Fighter X Tekken panel will be held later on in the day, headed by none other than the legendary Street Fighter producer Yoshinori Ono. We take it new character reveals will come out of it. Probably the ones teased here. We’re scheduled for a one-on-one with Ono-san the next day. If you have questions, ask ’em here.

Pulling away from Comic-Con for the night, I’ll be back home around 9pm to ready our coverage of the Level-5 Vision press conference, which starts at 10pm on the east coast. It will be live streamed.

It’s back to Comic-Con on Saturday, where I’m first checking in with Rockstar for a 30-minute gameplay demonstration of Max Payne 3. I’ll see if I can get any footage out of it, but if I know Rockstar, recording will be off limits. Regardless, expect a writeup by the end of the day.

At 2:45, Capcom will hold an Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 panel. Considering the entire roster leaked and we know everything we need to know about the game, I’m not going to go. If there are any Gematsu readers out there who are going and would like to submit a fan report of the panel (those Q&As could be interesting), feel free to shoot me an e-mail about it.

Continuing their big presence at the convention, Capcom will host a Resident Evil panel later on in the day, where they promise to talk Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City with producer Rey Jimenez, Resident Evil: Revelations for 3DS, and “some surprises.” I’m hoping that means Resident Evil 6, but after it failed to be revealed at the Tokyo Game Show, I kind of doubt it. Hope is good, though, so I’ll keep on having it.

Saturday will close with a Halo: Anniversary panel, where Dan Ayoub and others promise to talk “where Halo has been and where it is going.” I’m anticipating Halo 4 details.

Aside from the planned appointments, I’ll be checking out some of the various publishers on the show floor, including Ubisoft, Activision, and about every other game company at the event. I’ll try to score interviews and previews when possible.

Arranging a Meet-Up

I’ve received a couple inquiries about arranging a meet-up (see, mom! I told you there are some people that like me!). If you want to meet up, send me an e-mail and we’ll arrange a time. I definitely wouldn’t mind meeting some of the good guys and gals that keep this site alive. Srsly.

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  • Jrukia

    Me & my boy are going Sal.
    Were going to the UMvC3 panel as well.

  • Rafi

    Comic-Con !!, good luck Sal.

  • whiteferrero

    hey sal, appreciate it if you could go head to head with the east meets west art director and see where all this confused art style is going. thanks!

    hope you enjoy yourself.

    • Sal Romano

      @whiteferrero: Tried it. Square doesn’t have a translator available for the interview.

  • FinalFantasy_fangirl

    Awesome news Sal.. I look forward to your Comic Con coverage.

  • captainhowdy

    I would love to meet with Gematsu next year. This year I’m traveling a lot, next year should be better. I hope it all goes well in NYCC

  • punkmike

    Looking forward to your comic con coverage!