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Final Fantasy XIV coming to PS3 in early 2013
posted on 10.14.11 at 06:16 AM EST by (@salromano)
Square Enix outlines PS3 beta and release.

Final Fantasy XIV is still coming to PlayStation 3. Square Enix announced today a beta will open for the console version sometime starting October and November 2012, the actual game scheduled to ship in January 2013.

The PlayStation 3 release is part of a schedule, or road map, leading to the game’s overall reboot, dubbed “Version 2.0.” In November or early December, the game will begin to charge monthly for PC players, but return to a free state late next year when the PlayStation 3 beta begins.

For more information, see the following PDFs:


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  • What ? WTH ! in 2013 ? is loooooong Time
    Whatever i Don’t Care I hope FFVXIII not coming to 2013

  • Kurai Warrior

    They better not push Versus back even further because of this or I will just have to give up on it.

  • whiteferrero

    wow. that sure is a long time to push back a game. I guess that just shows how much it needed a revamp, and how much the orig version suxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.

  • Sal Romano

    Square Enix is being very mature with Final Fantasy XIV. I really like the way they’ve addressed feedback on this one.

    Bravo, Square.

  • Zero

    The people currently playing will also get to experience a unique storyline that coincides with the changes to the game coming in 2.0.

    Since so much will be changed, the Garlean Empire, aka the villains of the game, will likely launch a full scale attack.

    The story has been hinting at this since launch, and the new developers have been adding to it with new story in the most recent patches.

    The player will likely be tossed into a full scale war scenario, the role the player will play in this has yet to be revealed. They have said it will be a one time thing, and will end leading up to 2.0.

    It’s a unique way of keeping the current player base active, and more importantly, willing to pay, as they updated and prepare for 2.0.

    If you want an example of the Empire in the game, you can watch this scene from the recent patch, its during part 1 of the Ifrit fight. (Towards the end.)

    For those saying, that fight was to easy, your right. That is the easy mode fight, you can enter at max level and make quick work. The Hard more fight is incredibly difficult, and only been cleared by a few linkshells in the game.

  • captainhowdy

    I hate paying monthly for online games. I’ll just stick to Guild Wars 2.

  • rockman29

    That picture is what I imagined FF XIII would look like. FF XII with next generation graphics and art.

    Too bad we got FF XIII. And too bad FF XIV doesn’t look anything like that either. Lmao @ SE. So fail. 2013? Late? Bahaha! The joke that is SE… it writes itself…