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Dragon Quest X requires consistent internet connection… for the most part
posted on 09.05.11 at 01:15 PM EST by (@salromano)
First few hours can be played offline.

During Dragon Quest X‘s announcement press conference in Tokyo this morning, producer Yosuke Saito noted that you’d be able to clear the game 100 percent on your own, without the help of other players. Though, that doesn’t mean you can play the entire game offline.

According to the official Dragon Quest X FAQ over at Square Enix support, the Wii / Wii U sequel requires a consistent internet connection… for the most part.

“When you start the game, the first few hours can be played offline,” reads the FAQ. “To play all of the game you will require an internet connection.”

Dragon Quest X: Rise of the Five Tribes Online is scheduled to release on Wii in 2012 with a Wii U release TBA.

Thanks, NeoGAF.

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  • TheronGuard00

    I wonder if Wii U DQX will have better graphics than the Wii version…seeing as how HD graphics (finally) is one of the major selling points

  • FaithlessMr

    Well, here’s hoping things will be different for the western release. The ideal would be to let the player decide whether he/she’d want to go online or stay offline, kinda like what happened with DQ IX.

    If not, life goes on and I’ll keep holding for the next numbered entry.

    • KingdomPersona

      @FaithlessMr: Well Good with that you can play with AI panthers and not play with people you know and other games make you have consistent internet connection and these games are Great don’t remember what they call but like I told you before just wait and see because the game is’t even out yet so good with waiting for DQ11.

      • FaithlessMr

        I don’t have a problem with it playing online, I have a problem with the possibility of having to pay monthly to keep playing it. That is the reason I don’t play mmorpgs, I just don’t play them because I disagree with that reasoning (even though I understand that the servers have to be kept up and running and someone has to pay for it).

        Not only that but games like this get obsolete after a while, unless they are EXTREMELY popular (lookin at you, WoW). Let’s say I buy this on release, love the story and after a couple of years,decide to go back to it, but won’t be able to play it because the servers are down…and there goes the chance to relive the game story. Assuming it does play like that off course, these are nothing but assumptions for now.

        I’m okay with this, some people prefer games this way others don’t, life goes on and there’s always enough games to keep us all busy for a while nowadays I guess :)

        • KingdomPersona

          @FaithlessMr: Hmm I see your point I’m hoping as well that the online does not Effect the story so you can’t play it anymore to and of course no monthly fee but hey Square can always can patch it(at least The Wii U version I’m not 100% sure about the Wii Version) but hey 2012 is coming soon of LOT of games coming from Fall 2011 to Spring 2012 so We see more of Dragon Quest 10 soon enough :)

        • Devoted

          @FaithlessMr: I’m not remotely happy with the whole MMO thing on DQX (even though there’s still lots left to be known) but if the game’s designed to be played online, even solo (for example, some quests being dependant on other events on the game world or a dynamic economy system if there’s crafting) than it will be much more mmorpg-like and, if so, there isn’t an easy way to simply “play the game offline”.

          Also, I think that development-wise it simply wouldn’t be feasible (or cost-effective) to allow the game to be played fully online or fully offline, even i fit’s just because the gameplay dynamic of a mmorpg, a classic rpg and/or a rpg with online elements (drop in/drop out co-op, per example) are severly different, and it wouldn’t be easy ti “switch” between them (or between the first two).

          If it’s fully online you can bet there will be a monthly subscription (we can hope it’s not too much, or at least that the full game story can be played with one or two subscriptions), simply because the server/new content costs would dictate it so, or even because it’s simply “the current standard”…

          You raise a central point to “digital” and “online” games/software (that maybe we should take to the forums or Sal should make an editorial about it) and that’s the fact that if the servers go offline or if digital rights change publisher we can no longer play the game or redownload our purchases… the main problem with finding a solution for this is that (1) it must be something different than simply saying “things should just stay the way they were” and (2) it must be something that’s equally valid for publishers, producers and consumers, and that’s never easy…

          Enough offtopic, if DQX becomes a full fleged MMO I’ll just do what I did with FFXI: skip it and be done with it…

          • FaithlessMr

            So all in all, a problem remains: If I ever decide to get this game, and feel like, after some time, to get back to it and enjoy the story it has for some weird reason, and the servers are down, I won’t be able to do it. I still understand that making the players pay is the only way to do it, but then again, this is the reason why most MMORPGS do not have epic stories to begin with; They’re usually made to be enjoyed while the servers last, until the next big thing pops up and everyone migrates elsewhere.

            While financially it may be better for a company like SE to have people paying up monthly to keep the game running (assuming the game does turn out to be a sucess and the income ends up covering up the servers maintenance and other expenses), it ends up hurting those expecting another game in this long running franchise which has got us used to it’s witty stories and characters.

            You see, that is why I don’t really appreciate it when long running franchises like Final Fantasy or Dragon Quest take detours like this using their core entry games. You end up expecting epic stories, and you get it (FF XI did it, the devs promised this game will also have them), but after a certain point in time, you end up not being able to relive them any time you want, when you paid for the game and supported it by paying it’s monthly fees ever since it was released or whatever. I wouldn’t mind if they did came up with a spin off game that would focus on the online components to it’s fullest and be a big ass, epic MMORPG; But doing it to a game which has been confirmed to have a big story, and not being able to enjoy it whenever you feel like, as with any other rpg or game you do get, is what’s annoying me.

            Again, to each their own, and at this point, anything can change. If you’d allow me to use internet slang to define my state of mind right now: “I ain’t even mad bro!” :P

            • Devoted

              @FaithlessMr: Agreed.

              But from a company’s point of view, a “Dragon Quest MMO” sells less than “Dragon Quest X”, hence the “easy” decision… and if take into account that FF11 was a moderate success (it became quite the cult game) maybe we’ll get lucky… now, if this goes anything like ff14… we’re doomed. :p

              • FaithlessMr

                I hadn’t thought of that just yet, makes a whole lot of sense. Well, at the end of the day, it’s just a videogame in a long time running franchise.

  • I am also not happy about this news. Personally speaking, I have never enjoyed MMO’s to begin with, so clearly my opinion here is clearly only my own, and not intended as a solid thesis.

    But anyway, there are many things I dislike about games which require a constant internet connection. The first of these is one of lastability – if the servers are down or even pulled completely, the game is rendered completely useless. This makes the game a temporary thing and lacking in the staying power of many offline or traditional games. Clearly this is not the case with things like WoW, but many other “online only” games have met this weary fate sooner, rather than later.

    This brings me to another annoying factor. MMO’s, and for me online gaming in general, is often ruined completely by other people in the room/game. I have never had the patience to put up with these people online, and frankly i don’t see why I should. When I play a game I want to sit and be immersed in the world and story; not have to depend on the actions and availability of others who are always, utlimately, unreliable.

    A game like this should, in my opinion, clearly have an option to be played offline or online. Even if just looking at arbitary matters (such as a player losing their internet connection due to line problems etc), being unable to play at all is ridiculous.

    I also agree with Devoted’s points that if the game is fully online it will clearly have a subscription service. This is garaunteed to put off a lot of people who would otherwise buy the game based soley on it’s stellar namesake.

    Oh, and I also agree that Sal should bring back Discussonist and let people give their detailed opinions on this culture of “online” and “digital” gaming. I’d certainlly have some things to discuss, ^^

  • Luccie85

    Not so happy. I still play FFVII or FFIX right now But I wonder if I can play DQX 10 or 15 years later even if i pay and have internet connection. First FFXI now this, fan doesn’t mean any for SquareEnix they burn down all most what make people love them.