Battlefield 3 is two discs on Xbox 360
posted on 09.04.11 at 11:22 AM EDT by (@salromano)
You'll have to get up at least once.

We knew Battlefield 3 would be big, but we didn’t think it’d be two-discs big. A poster for the shooter, found in what we assume is a Japanese game shop, confirms the Xbox 360 version will ship on two DVDs.

The game goes on sale on November 2 in Japan, following a launch in western territories a few days earlier on October 25. It’ll run buyers 7,665 yen.

Thanks, Hachimaki.

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  • Sal you meant 25 Oct? :P

  • Aldridge517

    I laugh at Xbox now. After La Noire they’re just funny

    • Sal Romano

      @Aldridge517: I don’t see the problem with two discs. It’s no secret that DVDs have size limitations. Two discs just means that you can expect a good amount of content.

    • @Aldridge517: cross game chat > 2 discs.

      Yeah, I think I will take the ease of connecting with people and set up groups over switching a single disc. Don’t get me wrong. It sucks to have to two discs but your comment was pretty pathetic.

  • Blackmage456

    damn two discs? i’m guessing one will be single player and the other will be the multiplayer?

  • FaithlessMr

    Does anyone else find it ironic how we’re actually knowing about this from a japanese game store poster? ;P Ya know, Battlefield 3, western shootan game…. :3

    I find it really funny lol

  • I don’t see what the big deal with this is. One disc is nice, but two’s not that big of a deal. People are lazy now a days….I remember back in the day having to get up every 15 minutes or so to blow into my nintendo cause it froze.

  • Zohar127

    Back in my day the more discs you had for your game the BETTER! And we LIKED IT!

    • rockman29

      @Zohar127: That’s because CDs were the biggest thing around.

      I assume it will just be SP on one disc, and multiplayer on the other.

  • Zero

    The 2nd disc isn’t for DLC or bonus features or something?

    Seems sorta odd they would not have announced this by now.

  • I remember the days of the spectrum. I had to wait 1 hour for a tape to load to play utter cack. 2 discs aint that bad, considering how good this game is going to be.