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Yoshida: Cross-game chat not possible on PS3
posted on 08.19.11 at 09:35 AM EST by (@salromano)
Low RAM prevents system from capability

Cross-game chat, the most requested feature for PlayStation 3, is not possible on the platform, Sony has revealed.

Speaking to Eurogamer at Gamescom this week, Sony Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida said that PlayStation 3’s lack of RAM prevents cross-game chat from materializing.

“Once a game gets RAM we never give it back,” said Yoshida. “It’s not possible to retrofit something like that after the fact.”

PlayStation Vita actually has more RAM than PlayStation 3. Vita has 512MB of RAM and 128MB of video RAM. PlayStation 3 has 256MB of RAM and 2565MB of video RAM. Vita’s higher capacity allows features such as cross-game chat, a confirmed feature for the portable, to run in the background while playing games. On PlayStation 3, however, it’s just not possible.

“The game has to use its own memory to do [in-game voice chat]. There’s always voice chat in the game. But it’s a part of a game feature. It’s not a part of an OS feature. That’s the reason in terms of the ability to have voice chat across different games.”

According to Yoshida, voice chat is better on Vita than it is on PlayStation 3.

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  • Sal Romano

    Would’ve been cool if they said that before everyone went all petitioning and PS.Blog.Sharing for it.

  • Yuri4prez

    Yes, quite sad. The 360 was released before the PS3, and they had no problem with cross game chat.

    I love my PS3 very much, but there are dozens of features I would give up just to have cross game chat. Very dissapointing.

    I hope at least, with the fan outcry and the steps on Vita (ugh I hate that name lol) that it will be impossible NOT to have cross game chat on Sony’s next console..

    I could be wrong, but better not be.

  • hush404

    Yet again the RAM bites them in the ass. Hope they smarten up come time for PS4.

  • TruTrini4LYFE

    Fuck you Sony you hide this all along and know we could never ever get voice chat….but yet you made us look stupid by begging for it and petitioning….I guess I should of been smart enough to know if they never done it after all these years it means they never planned to do it

    • Yuri4prez


      They could have told us, but why spoil the illusion? They must have known all along that cross game chat would/could never be implimented, but like the old saying goes:
      “no news is good news”

      Sony just trolled 95% of it’s user base at least lol!

      So, so very sad…

  • FinalFantasy_fangirl

    Why wait so long to tell ppl about this.

  • rockman29

    He didn’t actually say that… I thought we weren’t doing inflammatory titles here…

    But yea, it’s not happening.

    I think everyone is obsessing over asking for everything. I think all the clues were there that it wasn’t gonna happen. Pining for a nice feature is great and all, but not if it isn’t realistic.

    Time to clue in is now I guess…

    “Sony just trolled 95% of it’s user base at least lol!”

    Where do people invent these numbers??? 95% of vocal internetz people, maybe I’d agree with that.

  • go-go-boy

    i would complain but i see alot ppl here already have. but yea why wait this long wow sony this stunts u been pullin make microsoft look like hello kitty.

  • Sony will have it in their next system. It was a blow but likely Sony had and has a huge arsenal of exclusives to negate that mistake. The next systems better have at least 1 gig considering how flexible the console are becoming.

    • @Keegs79:

      If the next consoles only have a gig, I am calling bull.

      Especially with Microsoft wanting to make the xbox an entertainment system.

      • @Acidicsam: I said at least a gig not only a gig. Are you intentionally trying to argue?

        • @Keegs79:

          Sorry, I spend a good amount of time on gamefaqs. It becomes a habit.

          My apologies.

  • Kougeru

    Everyone here is funny. Acting like cross-game voice chat is a big issue. It’s not. MS themselves said even regular voice chat is not used by a MAJORITY of their user base…and they get free microphones with their system! Consoles have crappy voice quality and codecs anyway…just get a laptop or nearby Pc, or psp, or whatever..and use skype or ventrillo or something that is made SPECIFICALLY for voice chat..it will sound 100 times clearer and lag far less than your console, people that aren’t your friends wont listen to you anyway in-game.

    • rockman29

      @Kougeru: Totally agree. I think it’s amazing people are comparing the importance of this feature to actual games…

      I’m shocked too.

      • TruTrini4LYFE

        @rockman29: I taught PS3 famous motto is
        It Only Does Everything

        That should be change from now on…It Only does Everything except Cross Game Chat

    • Yuri4prez

      @Kougeru: That is all opinion. You can’t answer for the huge numbers of people who have whatever reasons to want cross game chat.

      it doesn’t matter that there are alternitives, the fact is it’s 2000F’ing11 and Sony can’t have a feature that another console had more of less 5 years ago.

      As for Rockman, my 95% user base comment was a joke. You seem like a smart person, how can you look at that comment and think it was even an attempt at a factual statement.

      Whatever the case, I wasn’t trying to throw exact numbers.

      • TruTrini4LYFE

        @Yuri4prez: There just trying to reassure them-self….I guess they can’t see a huge F*** up when they see it….Unless you don’t have No friends or can’t talk I could see why you guys would say Cross Voice chat is not important. Not everyone plays the same games at the same time or like the same games…sometimes you just wanna talk to your friend while playing your own game.

      • @Yuri4prez: I play both my PS3 and 360 extensively and if I get a game that is heavily multiplayer based, I am going to easily go with the 360. Cross game chat simply makes things easier. I prefer to use my PS3 since it has the majority of the games I buy I have no choice. I simply like the ease and use of cross game chat and how it lets you make lobbies to talk to anyone regardless if what game your playing. It is a bigger deal than you think when its the NUMBER 1 thing people want on PSN!

    • TruTrini4LYFE

      @TruTrini4LYFE: @Kougeru: By the way don’t get me wrong. …Yes I understand that the system can’t do it…But they very well knew they could of never done it yet the choose to lead us on all this time. Now that is very deceitful. You have to be in some strong denial to not see that or a major fan boy that just can’t understand bullshit when you see it

  • rockman29

    OK chill people, sheesh. And sorry, Yuri4Prez, just responding to hyperbole with more hyperbole. Where you were exaggerating, I was just responding in the same way to mean ‘it’s not as big of a deal to as many people as some of us think.’ Neither of us are taking the direct face value.

    Just saying… not everyone plays as many games as some of us probably do. Just being realistic. There are a lot more people who own PS3s, especially now, and don’t even game that much. Young people own the system. Old people own the system. People our age own the system. There’s people of all of those age groups who don’t even know what the hell Home is, or what a Firmware update is, or *shock and awe* what Cross-Game Chat is.

    That group is just going to increase in size after this price drop.

    And I’m just being realistic when I was saying that none of us should have even expected the feature.

    I mean seriously… how long ago was in-game XMB added? Don’t you guys think if cross-game chat was coming, it would’ve come maybe in the last two years sometimes?

    The PS3 launched five years ago. If it was gonna happen… yeah… I thought more people realized that a while ago… but I guess I was wrong…

    But I think it is so, so very silly to act as if this is a huge strategic planning error on the part of the Playstation family to have PS3 lacking this feature. It is not a calamity. It is not a catastrophe. This is just what it is: there’s no cross-game chat. It wasn’t here yesterday, and it isn’t here today, and it’s not going to be here tomorrow.

    Just remember: On the internet: EVERYTHING IS A BIG DEAL. IN CAPS, NO LESS.

    And no, I’m not trying to defend Sony. And no, I’m not blind. Yes, I think it would’ve been nice to have Cross-Game Chat, but hey, if life gives you a lemon… get some fish to squeeze it on. The sun will still rise tomorrow guys (let’s hope).