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Platinum Games teases Bayonetta sequel
posted on 08.30.11 at 11:20 AM EST by (@salromano)
"This week in a game magazine."

Platinum Games director Hideki Kamiya is teasing a Bayonetta 2 announcement in this week’s gaming magazines. Responding to a fan on Twitter, who asked Kamiya if we’ll see a sequel, Kamiya responded with a tease.

“This week in a game magazine…” said Kamiya in the response.

Famitsu leaks every Tuesday night. If the announcement is in this week’s issue, we should hear about it tonight.

Thanks, NeoGAF.

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  • Chaos Raiden

    Hope it is an improved and better as a sequel, with improved storyline, better dialogue, etc.

  • Genesis

    Wonderful news! Bayonetta is the Queen of Hack N Slash

  • Capcomaniac

    You won’t be missed.

  • Excellent news. I’ve wanted more from Bayonetta every since I first started on the original game. A brilliant experience all round.

  • FinalFantasy_fangirl

    Hell yeh…. Bayonetta rocked…


    Kamiya-san is a true master of his craft. I really want a BAYONETTA prequel set in the ancient days (with playable Rodin please! He’s one of the most badass characters ever). But more than anything, I want a ‘PS3/360 spiritual-successor to OKAMI’. Please..

    • Genesis

      @FAUNA: I am dying for Okami but Capcom owns the rights to it :(

      • Sal Romano

        @Genesis: Lord knows when Capcom would dare give the fans what they want.

        • FaithlessMr

          @Sal Romano:
          Sad but oh-so-true. Capcom are on the top of the “developers/publishers who won’t give a rat’s ass about what their fans want”

      • Elvick

        @Genesis: He said “spirtual-successor” for a reason. ;3

        Sort of like how Xenosaga came to be.

  • Zero

    Such capcom hate, I can understand it though. It’s not like they are all unicorns and rainbows these days. While the developers and such try and keep the community alive, the business people who run the company, want to make us buy the same games over and over for small additions of dlc. Way to ruin a good thing! And, they have not treated many of the talented developers very well over the years.

    Remember the great keiji inafune? Yeah, I bet capcom will be pretty soon, I’m sure he will make something epic. Just like Kamiya has in his time after Capcom.

    Looking forward to the announcement, I bet its going to be awesome. :)