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Namco: Tales of Vesperia exclusivity contract was “false information”
posted on 06.27.11 at 12:27 PM EST by (@salromano)

Namco Europe Junior Community Manager Charlotte Toci has retracted her statement from April, where she claimed a Microsoft exclusivity contract was preventing Tales of Vesperia from seeing a PlayStation 3 release in the west. Her statement, issued on Facebook, apologizes for wrongly “sharing a false information to fans.”

Here’s the thing in full:

A few months ago I replied to a fan who asked me why Tales of Vesperia wasn’t localized in Europe on my Facebook page. I replied that it was because of a Microsoft exclusivity, thinking that that was the reason why, even though I didn’t have any official information on that.

I was wrong to do so, and sadly my reply was relayed on many websites, thus sharing a false information to fans around the web.

I would like to send my sincere apologies to all the Tales Series fans I have wrongly informed, and Microsoft & Namco Bandai for any damage that might have been caused with this.

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  • talesoffan

    Just as I suspected. Now localize it Namco!

    • yoshinatsu

      @talesoffan: It’s already localized. Just not available for the PS3 in the US.

    • todr06

      @talesoffan: I’m thankful they’re not so fickle.

    • CaptainSchwann

      @talesoffan: This might have been all sketched to some degree…. Namco can NOT deny thousands of fans went nuts when the Microsoft exclusive announcement was posted, Maybe they wanted to see if we still wanted it because why bother if we didn’t? ….. Still they are in a bind. They have to be smart with this, Tales of Graces is coming out. Why would they want to publish ToV and ToGf at the same time. Imagine if you will you got Tov in one hand and ToGf in the other and only $59.99 + tax. You have to choose and basically that would make Bandai compete against ITSELF and lose some sells. Now, think of aaaalllllll that time in between publishing Graces and then Xilla what can Namco rely on to carry the “Tales” fever? Maybe…. Just Maybe, a localization, perhaps?

  • zerolegacy0

    This whole thing is one hell of roller coaster ride. I wouldn’t be surprised if they write a movie about it. lol

    “Tales of Localization” coming this fall.
    Let’s hope it has a happy ending. (^_ -)

  • manasword0

    Haha. This is outrageous. But hope still reigns true.

  • TalesOf_STI

    Still beating that ol dog huh sal

  • anime10121

    Kinda sounds to me that she’s just doing damage control for Namco-Bandai and Microsoft. These contracts are not supposed to be known to be customers, as it makes Microsoft look like they have to buy games for them to be released on 360 and it makes Namco look like they sell out their fans for these contracts. I believe that Microsoft may have had a hand in development but Namco doesn’t want to damage their own or Microsoft’s (or Sony’s for that matter-for being to cheap to “buy” the game) name.

    I hope that Vesperia will be eventually sold for PS3 in the US, I bought a 360 entirely for it and Mistwalker’s titles, though ended up selling the console when it started RROD’ing. I would love to have the newer version with more content on PS3 because imo it was the BEST JRPG released so far this gen.

    Alhough Lost Odyssey was great and the novels were to, I play games to play through the story and be apart of the world rather than read through a good 60% of the story and have no interaction besides the words and abstract pictures. People make fun of MGS because of its abundance of cutscenes to tell the story but I felt that Lost Odyssey did the same with the 1000 year stories but just used words instead, but don’t get me wrong I love both games.

    Back on-topic, hopefully this means ToVPS3 will be released eventually down the road, I mean it’s not like they have to voice ALL the cutscenes like in the Japanese version, just give us the extra content, dub Patty’s scenes and leave the rest of the new dialogue in text.


    Now this whole tales of vesperia localization is getting carried away. Does it even matter anymore? This game is 3 years old(for US) the ps3 is already getting tales of graces f and eventually tales of xillia. I highly doubt Namco is going to stop with tales of xillia or any of there future projects and go back to a 3 year old game to localize in the US.

  • DjangoRaijin

    GAMEMASTER you don’t even deserve that name for asking whether or not that matters anymore. A Sony system without a popular rpg like that is like a cheeseburger with no cheese. Still good but made for another group of people. Until we get the tales we deserve PS3 owners shall fight on.

  • todr06

    It’s still probably not going to come. Get over it already. Can’t you be grateful for the two Tales games we’re getting? We already got Vesperia, and it’s three years old.

    Again, have fun downvoting me. Enjoy ignoring the truth.

    • zerolegacy0

      @todr06: I will down vote you with pleasure sir.

      I’d also like to know which part of your opinion is fact? Unless you work for Namco Bandai, or are privy information no one else has, you are just speculating.

      • todr06

        @zerolegacy0: And I’d like to see you post something out of your ass that says “Vesperia is a better choice than Graces F and Xillia to localize.” it’s comon sense, something you don’t seem to ahve.

        • zerolegacy0

          @todr06: lol I think you need a course in logic.
          You should probably google the “straw man argument”, because you’ve crafted a fine one there. Just in case you didn’t catch it the first time I’ll repeat myself, your opinion is not truth, nor common sense.
          If you’d like to have an adult discussion, I suggest you calm yourself down to a point where your comments are coherent and error free.

          • todr06

            @TalesOf_STI: @zerolegacy0: And I’d love to see your reasoning behind why Vesperia NEEDS to come out over here, and deserves precedence over Xillia, Graces F, and Abyss 3DS.

            • zerolegacy0

              @todr06: I’m sorry pal, but enough is enough.
              You must be trolling at this point.

              • AdamBoy64

                @zerolegacy0: Yes. He only posts on this site when there’s Vesperia PS3 news.. so you’re spot on there. He normally doesn’t go so far as to use personal attacks, so not sure what’s going on there.

                This is the second bit of hope for Vesperia PS3 this year – the first being when Rich used the Vesperia logo in those clues back in February.

                I was ready to give up all hope at years end of a Vesperia PS3 announcement. But now, seeing as Abyss will be re-released.. 5 years after the original US release.. I’m not so sure.

              • todr06

                @zerolegacy0: And how about you answer my question before calling me a troll.

                Also, Adam, you’ll be waiting forever. It’s not a profitable release. End of story. You cite Abyss 3DS as an example as to why Vesperia PS3 should still come over here. Abyss presents an opportunity for Namco to expand the fanbase. There’s relatively little RPG competition on the 3DS at this point in its life, and the game is entirely localized in English. Vesperia PS3, rather, is a port of a three-year-old game that had been released in English for a direct competitor of the system that it is on, that most fans have already played. The PS3 market is saturated with JRPGs at this point, and the amount of text that needs to be translated and the amount of voicework that needs to be recorded ultimately wouldn’t be worth the effort.

                • zerolegacy0

                  @todr06: I’ll start answering your questions as soon as you stop starting every sentence with “AND”.

                  First of all you ignored everything I asked you, then you proceeded to create straw men for the sake of argument. After all that you started demanding answers for questions that had nothing to do with anything I actually said.

                  If your last comment was a question at least use a question mark buddy.
                  (?_?) I also would like to know when I said Vesperia needed localization?
                  Hmm… I didn’t, I guess you just assumed.
                  Either way Obvious troll is obvious. -I’m out

                • AdamBoy64

                  @todr06: Yes, I think if Vesperia ‘PS3’ was released in a few years time, it probably wouldn’t be on PS3. Just like what happened with the Abyss release.

                  And yes, the ‘effort to profit’ ratio is quite important. What has to put into something to get a good result. Hopefully after the release of Graces F, they’ll still see Tales in the west as worthwhile.

                  Not sure what I make of that saturation thing though… all markets are ‘saturated’ with all types of games now – but games are still released, and some do quite well.

  • celestria

    just crack ur ps3 and get the fan translation patch its why i own 2 ps3’s

  • talesoffan


    You must be thinking of the Vanilla version of Vesperia. I, like everybody else want the complete version which is only on the PS3.


    DjangoRaijin……..what the hell does that name even mean? It’s just my opinon no one said you have to agree with and be all negative about it relax. Besides that, my question to you is was this the most popular rpg on ps3(JP) to the point everyone has to riot about it? Is it better than white knight chronicles? Disgaea 3?(obviously, ps3 seems to be running dry with rpgs if you have to) Btw, I played it already it almost felt like any other tales game with the knights, swords, colosseum etc.(I’m a tales fan as well) So my point is don’t worry about it, theres always gunna be another tales game-tales of graces f and tales of xillia, which in my opinon seems way better. No use crying over a 3 year old video game when we all know tales team will keep making new tales every year. Again no negativity on my end, just my honest opinon.

  • rewpbertt

    I think the real butthurt is coming from people who throughly enjoyed the game, maybe even bought 360 consoles for it, and even claim it as their favorite game ever. Then finding out it was for the most part a beta. It kinda sucks, even if it is old news, especially with Rich putting it in their recent Tales Of Graces F promo, its just pewpy

  • BizarreJelly

    There’s an insane amount of thumbs down going on here, it’s riduculous. The thumbs system is the worst thing to ever grace a comments section. It’s just stepping on what someone has to say.

    Anyway, while it would be amazing to get the PS3 version of Vesperia, a version of it already made it over and while it’s not got the content of the PS3 version, it still made it over which is a feat in itself for the Tales series. I’d much rather see Xillia get a chance of coming over, it’s new and it adds another main title to the list.

    I honestly think it’s time to give up on Vesperia. It’s just been too long. While Abyss 3D is coming over, it’s a recent port. But you never know, stranger things have happened. When you reflect on this series it really hurts when you think how simple it could all be if Atlus or NISA had them…

    • Sal Romano

      @BizarreJelly: I may have to reevaluate the whole “thumbs” thing. Does a better system come to mind, Jelly?

      • BizarreJelly

        @Sal Romano: Can’t really think of anything Sal, pretty much everywhere uses the thumbs stuff now lol it’s a horribly abused system though. I remember it used to just be a “mark as spam” thing, it worked out alot better.

        • Sal Romano

          @BizarreJelly: I’ll do some research and see if I can find anything better. If not, the least I’ll do is make it so badly-rated comments aren’t auto-hidden.

          Everyone should be allowed to have a say.

          • AdamBoy64

            @Sal Romano: Some sites use a method of just having ‘thumbs up’ rather than both ‘up and down’.

            If you like a comment, you vote it up. If you don’t, it’s left alone.
            So ‘good’ comments are encouraged, rather than just having unpopular comments discouraged.

            But yes, as BizarreJelly has pointed out – that system probably needs to have some sort of ‘Alert mod as Spam/Inappropriate’ for it to be complete.
            Something you may or may not think is worth adding to the thinking pot.

            • Sal Romano

              @AdamBoy64: I like your idea. It’s going into effect now.

              Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like the already down-voted comments will be de-reded (it’s just the way the system works) (edit: scratch that, got it), but from now on, we’ll only be able to up-vote.

              It’s kind of like Facebook’s “Like” button now.

              • AdamBoy64

                @Sal Romano: Some sites make the highest ranked posts appear first, as sort of a reward for a ‘good’ comment. The up-ranked comments are first, and then the rest follow. Not saying that that’s necessary here though. (EDIT: Doubt it’s necessary here, as you’ve already got that green border appear around highly-ranked comments, which is heaps good.)

                I know a fair few won’t like this system, and it’ll take sometime to get used to – but I think it is a really good idea.

                Nicely done, Sal.

              • zerolegacy0

                @Sal Romano: Hey Sal, sorry I know this off topic,but you should really check out “Operation Rainfall”. These guys are making some amazing progress in the localization of JRPGs.


              • Zero

                @Sal Romano:

                Thanks for the new system. I was sorta getting used to all my comments getting a thumb down xD

                That’s just part of speaking your mind, and trying to create interesting levels of discussion in the comments. If you don’t post something like:

                “Can’t wait, looks awesome!”

                Then you can expect someone to thumb you down, 5+ words might be to much to read, or, because you don’t like the call of duty elite service, they think you suck or something. -_-

  • Zero

    I’m not surprised in the least by this. And here is a little message for all the people that keep posting the same junk, every time we get a bit of news about the PS3 vesperia.

    Sure, the fans could move on, as you say. The 360 version holds a special place in my heart, and I would love to play the superior version. You can compare it to a number of movies a few years ago, that finally were released on Bluray. Sure, it was the same film, but a superior version, and the real fans had waited quite some time for it. Thus, they went out and purchased it.

    I understand some of you might get tired of reading about vesperia, and it annoys you everytime it comes up. Newsflash, this isn’t the fans fault, don’t blame us, your fellow gamers, this is Namco Bandai’s fault!

    Just when we haven’t talked about Vesperia anymore, Namco manages to bring it back into the spotlight again. They could end all of this by releasing an official statement, but they don’t seem to really give a shit. So, Junior Community Manager, Charlotte Toci, who is trying to do her job, goes out to find an answer about Vesperia on PS3. She runs into a brick wall and has to use the internet as a source? Seriously?

    That sounds absurd, and when you stop to think about it, its a perfect description of what the fans have been getting since the question was first asked, the good ol run around.

  • Sal Romano

    I ordered the JP PS3 vers. yesterday. I’ll play it and if it ever comes out in English, I’ll buy it and play it again.

    • FinalFantasy_fangirl

      Where did you order from and has the price dropped ? I only import from play-asia.

      • Sal Romano

        @FinalFantasy_fangirl: eBay. I got it for around $80. You could either order now or wait. They might release a budget 15th Anniversary Edition like they’re doing with Graces F.

    • RyougaZell

      @Sal Romano: Ordered mine a few days ago too! But I didn’t play it on 360 though =(


    Exactly! @BizarreJelly your my hero, and your the only one that makes common sense.

    • Red-X


      I do understand what you are trying to say, but still, I want to play Vesperia on my ps3 since my 360 broke before I even got a chance to play it and I can’t afford to buy another one though.

      p.s. Namco!! When will you annouce Xillia to the WEST!!!!!!!

  • FinalFantasy_fangirl

    It’s time for Namco to make a statement about this issue. I wish they would release Vesperia and Graces F as a bundle.

  • rewpbertt

    @GAMEMASTER Yeah, word guys, i get it. it’s old news at this point. It’s been how long that we’ve been fighting about this old canard? It’s getting ridiculous. But your stepping on people as if it isn’t an issue, condescending statements are equally as disheartening.

    I mean look at what these kids over in “Operation Rainfall” are doing to nintendo. This is just fans wanting their voice to be heard by a company that by and large ignores them, no matter what contributions they make to them.

    While i understand your frustration completely i cannot say it isn’t a little unnecessary.

  • Charlie

    Can I hear an Hallelujah.

  • DarthXehanort

    I will consider this a cover-up until I can play a localised PS3 version of Tales of Vesperia.

  • CaptainSchwann

    This might have been all sketched to some degree…. Namco can NOT deny thousands of fans went nuts when the Microsoft exclusive announcement was posted, Maybe they wanted to see if we still wanted it because why bother if we didn’t? ….. Still they are in a bind. They have to be smart with this, Tales of Graces is coming out. Why would they want to publish ToV and ToGf at the same time. Imagine if you will you got Tov in one hand and ToGf in the other and only $59.99 + tax. You have to choose and basically that would make Bandai compete against ITSELF and lose some sells. Now, think of aaaalllllll that time in between publishing Graces and then Xilla what can Namco rely on to carry the “Tales” fever? Maybe…. Just Maybe, a localization, perhaps?

  • @BizarreJelly I agree with you. It’s too long. I’m not sure if I would purchase the PS3 version of Vesperia. I love the series. But It’s the same thing as the XBox version (with additions). I would rather have a localized Xillia.

    She could also mean that ToV did not get localized in Europe because of another real reason, instead of the exclusivity contract. But the exclusivity contract could still be true. Namco has to make another statement to confirm this.

  • Yuri4prez

    there have been many good points and some bad ones on this topic.

    the way I feel about it is, TOV is an undisputed champ this gen for rpg’s. This game should have come to the PS3 when it came out in the west in the first place.

    i want this game to come out here as much as everybody else. Will it? I truley believe it will is some form or another.

    Think about it: You got Abyss coming out on the 3ds right? Can somebody say “Vita”? I’m sure that thing is capable of playing TOV with no problems.

    You never know.

    As far as seeing it on the PS3. It is STILL possible that we can see it, but for all of their faults, Bamco is not stupid. They are not going to waste the little money they have if they are not going to come out smelling like a rose.

    I am sure that Graces F is a sort of test for them. We fans begged, bitched, pleaded, threatened, etc for a chance at Tales games to come to the west more frequently, and Graces is our chance. Maybe our last chance.

    If Graces doesn’t simply shock Bamco with sales numbers, we just might be kissing the Tales series goodbye in other regions besides Japan.

  • Faize RoughKnightz

    Everyone do not give up hope! Please support the localization of Tales Of Vesperia PS3 in North America and Europe!!/vesperiaps3

    • AdamBoy64

      @Faize RoughKnightz: Will do.

      But, like Yuri4prez.. I’ve been thinking about Vita.
      ‘ToV PS3’ on Vita… Hmm..