Journey beta code giveaway winners - Gematsu
Journey beta code giveaway winners
posted on 06.29.11 at 05:55 PM EST by (@salromano)

Journey beta giveaway contestants, read on; we’ve chosen the five winners, who will each receive a Journey multiplayer beta code.

Chosen for their interesting departure from the conventional, our five winners are:

The beta runs through July 12, so you’ve plenty of time to give it a go. You should get your code by e-mail within the next half-hour.

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  • Gyrosash

    Awesome! :D Thank you so much!

  • Permafry_42

    great… i’ve missed the facebook giveaway, i lost this giveaway, and even though thatgamecompany themselves wishes for me to be in the beta i’ve yet to get a code for it or an invite. =C major congrats to the winners though; really hope you guys enjoy it. any chance any of you could gameshare the beta?

  • Revorse

    Congrats to the winners. Have fun

  • BizarreJelly

    Ahh awesome :) thankyou very much! Wasn’t expecting to be a winner so it’s quite a pleasent surprise! A congrats to the other winners to :D

    • YAY! *o*

      Congrats to you too and all the other winners! And thanks to Gematsu for running the comp in the first place and everyone else that took part, some very interesting entries.
      Like yourself I really didn’t expect to win though, the last time I won a competition my prize was a Cyber City Oedo 808 VHS box set (dubbed), one of those ‘phone in’ comps.

      Yup, VHS… it’s been a loooooooooong time, but I’m not complaining! ^_^

  • whiteferrero

    i didn’t know there was a contest T_T

  • BizarreJelly

    Some impressions: Very unique game! Beautiful to look at and very atmospheric. Beta seems like it’s a prelude to something much bigger. Gameplay is about exploring and solving little puzzles by using the circle button(chant) you’re also able to jump and float at times. There’s also multiplayer! I ran into another person exploring and we followed flying scrolls till the end of the beta. Seems like it’s gonna be a pretty awesome game :D

    • Sal Romano

      @BizarreJelly: So… is there actually a goal? I’m not in the beta myself so I’m not sure. What are these scrolls you mention?

      • BizarreJelly

        @Sal Romano: Kind of… It’s like once you solve the puzzle of the area there’s a little cutscene with a big sage like character that shows you a little story on a stone tablet, I think the goal will be to reach a huge mountain in the distance, it’s always in the background looking all mystical lol The scrolls give you the jump power and solve puzzles, they float around everywhere and recharge your magic. It’s quite a quirky little game.

        • Yeah, it’s quite embarrassing if you do what I did and get so carried away moving forward you don’t collect as many scrolls as you’re supposed to though. I met up with another player towards the end of the game and he was permanently glowing and everything. I got extra flying ability every time he chanted at me! :P
          A bit like going to a race in a Mini Cooper and the guy next to you turns up in a Murcielago SV! But instead of leaving you for dust he offers you free nitrous boosts! @[email protected]

          It’s really fun and very beautiful like Bizarre Jelly said, yet with a sombre undertone. It gets REALLY menacing just before the end, myself and the other guy (I’ve decided his name is Glowy!) were standing there looking up at this very dark and foreboding structure! It felt like suddenly I was in an epic anime adventure, with Glowy and I just getting to the first scary bit!!! O_O
          In that respect it’s very much like Flower, in terms of the changing mood and so on.

          Also, I actually had a sharp intake of breath when I found myself interacting with the floaty self aware scroll ‘creatures’ towards the end, they freaking rock!!! I even managed to ride one of them through the air for a little bit, man they’re AWESOME. I’d buy the game just to play with those things. It’s hard to explain but, if you ever wanted to have a flying creature as a (very random and independent) pet, it’s a bit like that! ^_^

          I was actually a bit gutted when it ended, and though it’s short, it’s nonetheless VERY hard to put down once you start playing. Essentially, if you liked the spirit of Flower, I’m quite confident you will love this. I’m so playing it again tomorrow, and this time I’m going to collect more scrolls!!! :P

    • whiteferrero

      @BizarreJelly: that does sound like my cup of tea. :P