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Rumor: Private presentation of Project Cafe leaked
posted on 05.18.11 at 08:30 AM EST by (@salromano)

A video of an internal presentation of Project Cafe, the codename for Nintendo’s new console, has appeared online, a few weeks before its official reveal at E3.

The soundless footage is a slide presentation. The first bit shows a controller, complete with a touchscreen in the center, somewhat reminiscent of of an Xbox 360 controller.

About 9 seconds in, it switches to hardware, showing the console’s front and sides, with textual details to the right. The words are small and blurry, thus hard to make out.

Around the 15 second mark, you’ll see the actual console running at the bottom of the screen. It’s pointed out for easy seeing.

The video’s legitimacy is unknown, and will probably remain so until it’s formally revealed next month.

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  • legendarydynasty1992

    looks pretty legit. about 90%. it could always be a fake. but to be honest. this would be a pretty damn good and well-put fake if it was true.

  • It looks very genuine to me. I mean, as legendarydynasty1992 said before me, putting a fake together of such quality would be a pretty difficuly feat.

    I think the controller look very interesting!

  • Finalshoryuken

    So, they took out motion control. I’m surprised.

    • AdamBoy64

      Part of the rumours I’ve read is that the console will have backwards support for Wii and Wii controllers. Which, if true, would help offset the cost of the console to users.

      The average user will be, “Oh, great, I can use my old Wii controllers for this game.”

      This thought worries me though. It lends itself to the Cafe controller costing a fortune.

  • aelmore1990

    Meh. I haven’t been excited by anything Nintendo has done in nearly ten years….and this does not change that….oh well…

  • Mukkinese

    I’m not so sure.

    If that controller really has a 6 inch screen, as one slide seems to indicate, the proportions shown here would make the whole thing about 10 inches across! Unlikely…

  • Zero

    Tough to tell.

  • Was thinking about this first thing thismorning. I wonder how big, as in physical size, the controller would be. I was looking at the 3DS bottom screen which seems like a sensible size, but that is only 3.5″ inch (i think). I personally have never minded big controllers (hey, I liked the ‘Duke’ on original XBOX), but I know some would complain. Theres also the issue of comfort, and of course durability.

    Still, Nintendo usually think of these things, most of their controllers have been very comfortable to use in the past. I do think that the idea of a ‘blank canvas’ on the controller itself is a brilliant idea for developer creativity though!

  • incredibilistic

    Nintendo does nothing if not set trends in the gaming industry and something tells me that they’ll be setting another with this screen on a gamepad thing. Something I’m not jazzed about but maybe I’ll change my mind when it’s actually released.

    So the million dollar question is now that Nintendo is basically treating motion control as a secondary option will Sony and Microsoft respond similarly and back off on pushing their respective motion control messages?

    For the 20 to 30-somethings in the group I’m sure you’ll remember the first system to actually put a screen on a controller was Sega with the Dreamcast. Obviously Cafe is lot more advanced but comparisons will be made.