PlayStation Network to be fully available by May 31 - Gematsu
PlayStation Network to be fully available by May 31
posted on 05.09.11 at 07:44 AM EST by (@salromano)

PlayStation Network and Qriocity services will be fully restored by May 31, said Tokyo-based Sony spokesperson Shigenori Yoshida in a statement today.

On May 1, Sony said it planned to partially restore services — including access to online gaming, account management, and other features — within a week’s time. A following update four days later said the firm was in its “final stages” of restoring the network.

Hopefully, Sony will provide a firm restoration date soon.

Thanks, Bloomberg. Image.

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  • whiteferrero

    wh0a. that;s still a long way. i was just getting to know my psn too. _TT

  • dart2087

    WTF!?… Noooooooo. :(

  • narutomaki

    in case people are reading this wrong they said the same thing at their conference, that online play will come before the PSN store

    • This.

      Notice the words “fully” and “partially.”

  • sheppard00

    Oh yes and thanks to our huge patience, they forgot to say.

    I’m afraid man, because they will make us to install some kind of upgrade in the firmware of ps3 that could mess all damn system once again.

  • maikel19


  • go-go-boy

    i knew it was gonna happen man this blows but hey i got a outside life to worry about i have a girlfriend and not to mention my graduations coming up so i guess i won’t buy no new games for my ps3 until psn is back up

    • go-go-boy

      man who is just giving me thumbs down for nothing wow some people i guess u guys must live eat drink and sleep with your ps3’s or something

  • awesome :D

    does this mean we can have our store now? i want to buy tons of PSN, PS1, PSP games not to mention play online fames like Uncharted 2 :P

  • Kobracon

    May 31st couldn’t come sooner…..i want to go on PSN and get the Jap voice DLC for Dynasty Warriors 7 already! My ears…they bleeeeeed….T_T