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The Final Fantasy XIV Chronicles: Life in Limsa Lominsa
posted on 04.14.11 at 06:49 PM EST by (@admeady)

A city that dares to defy land’s reach, Limsa Lominsa is populated by towers far beyond the eye’s imagination. Guarded by spirals of steel and stone, this vast abode is one of Eorzea’s keystone settlements – a place where the land, the sea and the sky meet through the arbitration of its people.

A pretty, unpopulated place

It was also here that my journey began. It was here where my birthing moments of freedom where shackled by a torrent of confusion and frustration. It’s also a place I will undoubtedly return to, if only to accept an endless stream of tedious and repetitive quests. Limsa, like other settlements similar, is also the home to a market ward – a place of unspeakable user-interface horrors.

Much like the land surrounding the stalwart city, however, Lominsa is largely a collection of wonderfully constructed pixels with little life to inhabit them. To encounter another player on its vast and wide walkways is an extraordinarily rare and unexciting occurrence – at present, they may as well be ‘non-playable characters’.

Still, Limsa is a place for the world’s populous to exchange goods, conversation and company. Shopping, both in the form of player run bizarre and city controlled (and, rather expensive, it would seem) shops. An aspiring player such as myself won’t struggle to find the basic necessities. Affording them, though, is another problem entirely.

Whilst it’s still unclear as to whether this is reflective of the city’s contents, or lack there-of, or representative of the fact that Final Fantasy XIV’s draw lie elsewhere within its world. Perhaps, then, its cities are merely glorified spawn points for which all players eventually abandon. Of course, it may also equally testify to the game’s lack of popularity.

From here, an adventurer is expected to venture beyond the city’s walls to one of the numerous camps sprinkled throughout Eorzea. Besides acting as a temporary home in the face of death, such camps are used to activate Guildleves.

And the greater the distance the camp is, the more experienced players are expected to be. Each camp represents an increase in rank, encouraging players to explore as they gradually learn to manipulate the games mechanics. And speaking of great distances, Final Fantasy XIV lacks of any substantial form of transportation.

‘Teleport’ and ‘Return’ commands enable players to warp between previously explored zones. Chocobos and Airships, however, are incomprehensibly absent, with former’s absence excused by a mysterious illness.

If you happen to be on ‘Palamecia’ server, look up ‘Reddybrek Scrawler’.

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    The market wards are so much better now than they were in, even, let’s say, November 2010. At one time, they did not include a search feature of any kind, and the names of wards were even more confusing than they are now. Without a crystal ward, you can only imagine how many retainers you would check to find they are only selling crystals, regardless of the ward.

    It was a lot like Rolanberry Field in FF11, if that would have been the main source of buying/selling/trading items, rather than having an Auction House.

    I can say, as an active player, most of the towns excluding Uldah are usually empty. Gridania is usually a ghost town. Time zones play a big part, during 4-9am pst, you might see more players in the other towns, when the JP community logs in, but not always.

    The main reason Gridania is such a ghost town has to do with what you mentioned above. “Chocobos and Airships, however, are incomprehensibly absent…”

    With the town itself, being out of the way, far from the other two towns, and lacking a form of quick transport, besides anima… Most players simply choose to ignore it. Which is a shame, considering it is a very pretty zone. I enjoy it far more than the other two towns, not the outside zones as much though. The real shame is the lack of tying in the other two zones, Coerthas & Mor Dhona. They are above and beyond, the best zones in the game. The music, visuals, everything about them is a level above the other zones in the game.

    Despite that, they are largely unused, and have very little connection to the game right now. Ishgard lies in Coerthas, which is supposed to be the 14 version of Jeuno from FFXI. You can approach the gates, but they are closed, as the developers have yet to do anything with it. Such a shame…