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Miyamoto addresses Project Cafe
posted on 04.21.11 at 11:44 AM EST by (@salromano)

Shigeru Miyamoto, manager of the Nintendo Entertainment Analysis and Development branch, has addressed recent rumors regarding the E3 announcement of a high-definition Nintendo console, supposedly codenamed Project Cafe.

During an interview with French games publication Gameblog.fr, Miyamoto was quizzed on the subject. When asked to speak of it, he responded (machine translated):

“Yes, I saw found rumors speak of “Coffee”. At the time I want to say it’s normal. You know Nintendo, like all other manufacturers, our job is to design new machines. We believe it takes 5 years to make the R & D interesting. Afterwards, I admit that there is no smoke without fire.

“We must realize that we spend our time developing in-house gaming consoles. Some of you will ever see. With us, as we do not know exactly where we are going and when do we get out our next console, we do not disclose publicly. But we should not believe everything we read …”

Perhaps some of the leaked rumors are false, then? Who knows, really? Either way, we’ll find out come E3.

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  • gold163

    All this hubub about Project Cafe is about rumors blown WAY out of proportion anyway. I wouldn’t be surprised if none of it was true.