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posted on 03.30.11 at 05:26 PM EST by (@salromano)

Screenshots are great to look at, sometimes even great to collect. That’s what we do here at Scrawl — we collect. Longtime visitors of the site have probably already come across our self-dubbed ‘mega-gallery’, but first-time visitors might not be aware.

Since we believe our screenshot gallery is one of the site’s finer features, we wanted to put it out there for our readers. I mean — who else do you know that hosts an image gallery of over 29,000 non-watermarked high-resolution images (and counting), all organized properly by date?

Facts of the matter are: 1) watermarks suck and 2) nobody likes viewing sub-HD images of a high-definition video game. It kind of defeats the purpose. So we give them to you in their original state. Sony released a new 5120×2880 image of inFAMOUS 2? Of course, we have it!

To highlight a few (personal favorite) game franchises from the gallery, I’ve compiled a small list. These examples are all Japanese, as I’m just that type of gamer, but rest assured we have image galleries for nearly every game we cover. Like The Darkness II, Silent Hill: Downpour, Alice: Madness Returns, Dead Island or L.A. Noire.

These examples are just to highlight the number of images you’ll find using our gallery. 417 screenshots for Atelier Rorona; 1042 for Final Fantasy XIV; the list goes on.

Check out the gallery for screenshots of every game.

Atelier Alchemist of Arland Series – 653 screenshots

Final Fantasy Franchise – 1538 screenshots

Tales of Franchise – 991 screenshots

Yakuza Franchise – 1060 screenshots

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  • whiteferrero

    wow. i actually did not know about this. haha

  • Rezar

    This is what makes this site awesome compared to other sites out there even Gamespot and IGN. I just have one request for the screenshots though, I haven’t seen any for 3DS games.

  • rockman29

    That’s really cool Sal, it looks great!

    • rockman29


      That’s just too win.

      If you get a nice search function and a list of games by alphabet or something, it’d be just perfect.

      It’s quite perfect already though. Seriously, good job.

  • I’ve always found the screenshot galleries to be very high quality and a stellar feature of the site. As stated, it’s archived perfectly and the image quality is top notch!