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Anarchy Reigns story mode detailed
posted on 02.23.11 at 07:44 AM EST by (@salromano)

This week’s issue of Famitsu brings first details on Anarchy Reigns‘ (known as Max Anarchy in Japan) story mode. The Platinum Games multiplayer title was announced late last month, with publisher Sega remaining quiet on the plot.

Set in the far future, the world of Anarchy Reigns is in a state of chaos. Nuclear, biological, and chemical wars have erupted, terrorism is on the rise, viruses are being spread, and all sense of security’s been lost. While humanity couldn’t break free from this chaos, they’ve managed to survive through the use of nano machines and the development of cybernetic organisms.

Players step into the boots of Jack Cayman, better known as the Jack from Wii’s hit title MadWorld. He takes the starring role in Anarchy Reigns, as well. You’ll start off in the city (or play area) of Altanbra, a city that will change in real time — natural disasters, collapsing buildings, and crashing trailers are just a few examples provided by the magazine. In Altanbra, Jack can freely take on several missions offered up by NPCs. Certain missions will advance the story.

A bit about Jack: he’s a battle expert and member of an organization called Chasers, who take up missions the police can’t solve. He uses a dual-bladed chainsaw called “Gator Tooth” to take care of his enemies. His body is 75 percent cyborg. He was once a heavy smoker.

After the game’s initial announcement, Sega began revealing several new playable characters for the game’s multiplayer mode. These include Sasha, Zero, and Big Bull. In story mode, these characters serve as rival’s to Jack. Each character has their own back-story.

Big Bull was injured four years prior to the events of the game. He got rid of his body and moved his brain to a new cyborg body to continue living. Zero, the stealth fighter, fights mutants and battle cyborgs to gather data for development of a new weapon. Zero is not his real name. Sasha is an agent for the first strike team at the maximum security area of the Bureau of Public Safety. She uses a Nano Machine Suit created by the Bureau.

More playable characters will be revealed in the future, Famitsu hints.

Anarchy Reigns is currently 75 percent complete. The game will launch for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 this fall.

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    From a western gamer: First of all, PLATINUM* is the best developer in the world, hands down. VANQUISH & BAYONETTA are 2 of the best games ever created. Everything PG* touches is simply pure perfection. I’ve been waiting to hear more about ANARCHY REIGNS’ single-player campaign because I’m anti multi-player / online (too repetitive & mindless / I don’t have the time / & I PREFER A STRONG SINGLE-PLAYER FOCUS). I love the nano / cybernetic modifications concept. I WAS HOPING THAT YOU PLAY THROUGH EACH CHARACTER’S ORIGIN STORY (…ZERO IS WICKED SICK!), & I’M PRAYING FOR MORE ENVIRONMENTAL VARIETY (instead of just ‘drab brown / gray post-apocalyptic cityscapes. Give us more sci-fi / fantasy / heavy stylization!) I know PG* won’t disappoint (they never do!) This is like a cool fusion of BAYONETTA, VANQUISH, MADWORLD, & P.N. 03. JAPANESE VOICE TRACK OPTION & ‘VERY EASY MODE’ PLEASE!…

    • Charlie

      Whenever I see your comments they always say From a Western gamer: to release a game with a Japanese voice track and other things.

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      Yeah man…I’m all for Platinum games but you gotta calm down. All your posts look the same to the point that I’m starting to think you’re a bot…..