A gameplay trailer for Anarchy Reigns - Gematsu
A gameplay trailer for Anarchy Reigns
posted on 02.08.11 at 04:14 PM EST by (@salromano)

As if we haven’t seen gameplay before! Even so, Sega is dubbing today’s new Anarchy Reigns trailer THE gameplay trailer, despite the fact that the past week of clips already showed off gameplay for each character.

Today’s clip combines the four character reveals we’ve seen and puts them all into one awesome trailer. Check it out below.

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    From a western gamer: PG* is the best developer in the world. VANQUISH & BAYONETTA are the pinnacle of perfect masterworks. I don’t do online, so I HOPE FOR A ‘STRONG SINGLE-PLAYER, CINEMATIC STORY FOCUS’ in ANARCHY REIGNS. It would be cool to play through each character’s origin story… & I am loving these characters! ZERO is straight up sick… A ninja exoskeleton with dual blades!!! It’s like a group of super heroes, which is really cool. I like the cyborg / humanoid fusions. I hope for more ‘environmental variety’ than what has been shown, & a JAPANESE VOICE TRACK OPTION PLEASE! This is like a blend of BAYONETTA, VANQUISH, & MADWORLD. & KAMIYA-SAN, PLEASE GIFT THE WORLD WITH A PS3/360 ‘OKAMI SPIRITUAL SUCCESSOR’ NEXT! I bow once again to the masters at PLATINUM*…

  • awesome :D

    hopefully we get at least 15-20 characters :)

    i cannot wait for this. i always wanted a DMC style brawler game :P

    i will definitely use the ninja guy :D

    • This made me wonder: do you think Bayonetta will make a guest appearance, too?

      • Kobracon

        Seeing as how Sasha is already suspiciously similar to her, I wouldn’t be surprised if her alternate costume or something made her look like Bayonetta. Would be very happy if they mad a fully fleshed out character for her though :D Although she might be a little overpowered :P