Tales of Xillia: new screenshots
posted on 01.13.11 at 11:26 AM EST by (@salromano)

A batch of 18 new Tales of Xillia screenshots have been sent out by Namco Bandai today. Additionally, the publisher’s released the debut trailer for public download on the Japanese PlayStation Network.

The PlayStation 3 RPG features new additions for the Tales series, including a behind-the-back camera and two main characters. The game was detailed in-depth back in December.

It’s out in Japan this year. Check out the new screenshots at the gallery.

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  • Revorse

    My only concerns are will the US get it, and will there only be two party members.

  • Yuri4prez

    The US getting it? At this rate, I am not getting my hopes up. I’m tired of Namco dangling these awesome games in front of us, only to give the US Splatterhouse instead.

    • With Namco’s recent shift back to Japan and their opening up to hear out fans, it might just happen.

      • Yuri4prez

        Oh Sal, I really hope you are right. If I were to quess which Tales title we even had a samall chance of getting, it would be this one..

        Till any actual word from Namco promising a US release comes out, consider this “Same Song and Dance”

    • Revorse

      I know what you mean..Namco has been shafting the US.

  • AdamBoy64

    Yes, I know what you mean, Revorse. There is a chance that there is only two.
    I’m confident the Tales Studio (with the effort they’re putting in) won’t make a bad game – If there is only two party members, I’m sure they’d make it work.

    But yes, localisation is .. a concern. a big one.

  • BizarreJelly

    There will definetly be more than two party members. They always do this when they announce a new tales. With Abyss they only showed Luke & Tear for a while and with Graces – the same with Asbel & Sophie.

    As for Tales games getting localized… They’d be idiots to ignore the fans pleas after all the recent uproars about it. Seriously, taking chances with games like Enslaved and Splatterhouse that didn’t even sell a fringe of what Abyss made and saying Tales games don’t get localized due to lack of interest is pretty moronic.

    Being optimistic though, I do think we will end up getting Graces F and Xillia. I really hope so anyway lol


    From a western gamer: Awesome! The 2 things I wanted from TALES is a MANUAL ROTATABLE CAMERA & A JAPANESE VOICE TRACK OPTION. ‘XILLIA’ will be a visionary art masterwork…


    I love how these games look like paintings…

  • whiteferrero

    huh. anytime i see the girl’s chracter design. i’m like.. . WOW! :D

    • AdamBoy64

      “WOW” – as in… her character design is really good… or… she looks really cute?

  • Tmillyo88

    This game looks pretty interesting. I wonder why Namco hasn’t been releasing their Tales games as there has been a lack of good or heck any JRPGs in the last few years. They could have been really cleaning up back then.

  • talesoffan

    Just downloaded the trailer off the psn and it looks amazing on my PS3. Some of the environments are simply stunning. Very cool designs and details throughout.